Best Twitter Profile Ever, Random Question

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October 16, 2012 at 3:46 am
I found this twitter profile today, & I thought it was pretty good. I figured some people on this site would really enjoy this, & that the world in general just needs to know about it. In order to post this, I have to have a minimum of atleast 200 words. So, since I can't think of anything good to say & pressing the same key 200 times would make me look crazy, I'll just make up a random question:
How does Brady Hoke spend his free time?
A) Eating while he continues an intense poke war with Denard Robinson on Facebook (Denard has to poke back, or he's off the team)
B) Calling Rich Rodriguez to talk about his feelings & the latest episode of Glee
C) Posing for photos in the mirror with his stomach fat rolled up to resemble celebrity faces. (While he wears sunglasses of course)
D) Other (Feel free to post below)
I realize this could just be the most pointless blog post anyone on this site will ever see, but I guess we all need a way to lighten up a bit after this weeks poor defensive performance at Indiana. Seems to me like everyone's a bit on edge about that lately, although for good reason.

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