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Should OSU Reveiw Iowa Tape?

The greatest week of the year has arrived. While many current Buckeyes (players and students) were fairly young when Michigan last dominated Ohio State, it’s important for everyone to remember – this is the most important game of the year. Jim Tressel does his part each year to let th...
22 Nov 2010
by Buckeye

Buckeye Basketball - Get on the Bus!

Nationally, people seem to recognize how good OSU basketball is. Locally, it will always play second fiddle to football. That's fine, and it's understandable. I just wonder when people will recognize that OSU has premier talent and premier coaching. Thad Matta has never won fewer than 20 ...
17 Nov 2010
by Buckeye

Pryor by the Numbers

There are more than a few Terrelle Pryor detractors out there, but consider the numbers:   According to ESPN.com, Pryor is on pace for: 2,563 yards passing with 26 TDs and 10 interceptions, and a completion percentage of 67%. That would put his QB rating at 166.4. Additionally, P...
16 Nov 2010
by Buckeye

Donatos Throws Another Buckeye Pizza Party

Donatos Throws Another Buckeye Pizza Party - GO BUCKS! The last time Donatos threw a city-wide pizza party, it was to celebrate the Buckeye season opener against Marshall. OSU won that matchup 45-7, so has Donatos decided to do it again for the Penn State game. On Thursday, November 11 from 5...
04 Nov 2010
by Buckeye