tOSU vs. Oregon - Offensive Comparison against Cal

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September 29, 2013 at 11:15 pm

Since everyone in the national media is impressed with Oregon's offense. I thought it would be interesting to compare tOSU offensive performance and Oregon's offensive performance against a common opponent -- Cal.
Here are the numbers.
Ohio State vs Cal
52 points
608 total yards
276 passing - 8.6 yards per play
332 rushing - 6.0 yards per play
27 - 1st downs
33:55 T.O.P.
Oregon vs. Cal
55 points
381 total yards
117 passing - 4.5 yards per play
264 rushing 5.5 yards per play
21 - 1st downs
27:59 T.O.P.
tOSU performed better from an overall offensive standpoint. Oregon had a plus 3 in points but tOSU put up better numbers in all other categories albeit with our backup QB & back up RB. ( Kenny G & J. Hall ) 
Understanding that Cal's QB was injured early in the Oregon game...comparing defensive stats seemed like an inconsistent comparison. With Jared Goff removed from early the game, Oregon had better defensive stats with about 150 less yards than tOSU against a common opponent. Oregon also had 5 turnovers which helped reduced Cal's offensive performance / stats. Also to note: the weather in the Oregon / Cal probably reduced the passing stats, but tOSU still held the rushing advantage in yards and average yards per carry. 
A dangerous thought is that tOSU still seems like is has yet to peak regarding the offensive potential. With Braxton Miller and Carlos Hyde back in as starters and the continued development of D. Wilson...this could be one of the most dangerous offenses in the country. The folks at the AP, ESPN, media etc..., put Oregon as the most dangerous offense. I doubt anyone in those circles will analyze the comparison, and even if the did probably would not report it. They tend to forget that  tOSU beat Chip Kelley's Oregon just a few years ago with Tressel & J. Bollman directing the offense. 
tOSU offensive should be peaking by the time the bowl games are played and that could and should be a scary to any opponent with Urban Meyer and Tom Herman combining there offensive Jedi powers. Go Bucks. 

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