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November 24, 2012 at 10:16 pm

As I sit here thinking back over this season and I enjoy the success this 2012 Buckeye team has enjoyed, I have to think, "What is the historical significance of this team?"  I started thinking about schools and programs who had success while on probation, or had a beloved team that maybe wasn't the best team in school history but was perhaps the fan's favorite team.  This thinking brought me back to 1 team in particular.  This 2012 Ohio State football team reminds me a lot of the 1992 UK basketball program(Yeah, the team that lost to Laettner's shot). 
How so? The 92 Kentucky team had 4 seniors who came from towns like Paintsville and Maysville Kentucky.  They were guys who grew up loving the school and gave their heart and souls to the name on the front of the jersey.  Also, the team had a hot shot coach(although at the time Pitino was NOT established like Urban is right now), who always said the right things infront of the camera, could recruit like a madman, and was a brilliant motivators.  Most importantly, they were coming off of the hardest time in their program's modern history.  One thing that made that UK team legendary was the iconic game they lost in the postseason, but I didn't say they were identical!
What's this have to do with anything?  That 92 UK Wildcat team is perhaps the most beloved team in the history of their program.  They weren't a champion, and they weren't a Final Four Team.  Think about that, a storied program like that's favorite team wasn't a champ.  Arguably, the biggest names in that program's history are Farmer and Pelphrey not Riley and Mashburn.  They were the guys who against all odds brought the program back from the wilderness and they'll be forever endeared to that fanbase.  
I know people talk about 12-0 and realize it's a big deal, and many love this senior class, but my point for this whole post is to say we just witnessed history.  This season is going to go down in Buckeye Lore.  We'll tell our grandkids about Kenny Guiton's comeback and Philly's punt return against Wisconsin.  What UK's crazy fanbase has taught me is, a season like this one can and probably should have this group elevated to the same level or perhaps even higher than some of the championship teams.  Guys like John Simon and Boren will be remembered and talked about more than All Americans and first round NFL picks.  Most of us know how special these guys are, but for goodness sake just talking about the group MADE URBAN MEYER BREAK DOWN CRYING!!!! Admittedly, I don't know a lot about Urban at Florida, but I have never seen the man shed a tear.  
UK fans call the 92 team The Unforgettables and the name is really fitting.  To me, the 2012 Buckeyes are the Unbelievables.  They weren't supposed to be 12-0, and we've heard all the reasons why over and again, yet here were are. Unbelievable.  It's been a season of Unbelievable comebacks, Unbelievable plays, and Unbelievable seniors.  I hope Buckeye Nation, a far superior fan base to those fools in Lexington, honor this team and love this team the way UK fans love that 92 team.  12-0. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!

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