My Top Five Buckeye Highlights on YouTube

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October 23, 2012 at 11:12 pm

Last week's drive and the amazing comeback was awesome, and it's been a lot of fun comparing the drive to Holy Buckeye.  Just thinking back on Holy Buckeye and the emotions that came with that play, as well as the emotions Saturday led me to start thinking about other plays over the years that were amazing and got me fired up.  It's actually been a lot of fun going back and looking at YouTube videos, and remembering the high fives and hugs I've shared (sometimes with complete strangers) after these plays. So, the last day or two I've  come up with a top 5 list.  Here is my list and I'm curious to see what everyone else comes up with.  
5) Beanie Hurdling the Illinois defender. The game didn't mean much, Bucks were winning, but man oh man was that awesome.  Just in case everyone forgot it.
4) Teddy Ginn returning the opening kick off against Florida for a TD.  It all went down hill after that, but man when he returned that kick I was so pumped.  I thought the route was on from that point, and I'm not sure I've ever been so excited about a play.  Ultimately, I guess that play made what happened next extremely disappointing.
3) Will Allen's INT in the 2002 version of The Game.  I made the trip to Columbus that day with a friend.  We didn't have tickets, but we stood and watched from the Game Day set.  When Allen made that INT to seal the deal, I'll never forget the Roar that the whole city of Columbus made.  It was like 2 million people screaming at one time.  It was an amazing scene.
2) Clarett's strip.  What a key play, and probably a championship saver.  The duded always played with intensity and anger, this play emodied the effort and emotion he always gave on the field.  I will always remember that play.
1) HOLY BUCKEYE.  We've been talking about it a lot the last few days, but I just don't think one single play in a Buckeye game has ever pumped me up so much.  I was still living with my parents then, and I was in their living room cheering, screaming, and acting a fool.  My mom thought I may be having some sort of mental breakdown.  It was amazing and looking at it now still gets me jacked.  I love the view of the crowd afterward too, awesome play in Buckeye History.

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