Hurting ESPN

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July 12, 2011 at 9:49 am

After reading the post about ESPN's lawsuit against Ohio State, I started mulling over creative ways ESPN would be impacted by Ohio State fans being pissed off.  I read the comments after the post and have to say, simply avoiding ESPN is not the answer.  Maybe the ratings take a small blip one day, but overall they won't feel the impact at all.  Let's face it, we're pretty much all going to watch a game that is broadcast on ABC or any of ESPN's family of networks.  The way to hit ESPN where it hurts is the same way you hit anyone where it hurts, threaten their revenue. 

Ratings are important to any network to be sure, however they make their money off of advertising.  Find sponsors for certain ESPN shows and game coverage and write to them.  Tell them you will not buy any of their products as long as they continue to support ESPN and detail why.  The fan base of Ohio State is large enough that if people take this kind of action, as crack pot and hair brained as it may seem, the sponsors will have to lean on ESPN.  You can write the local ESPN radio affiliate too.  You can write the local ABC affilliate and your local cable provider. 

You don't think this can work?  Let me tell you, it will.  I used to love a show called Ed, which was on NBC.  It was on for 3 seasons and NBC basically said they were pulling the plug.  Well, there was a blog about the show, and a girl on there basically outlined this same strategy. She said everyone take the time to write a couple of letters, one to your local affiliate and one to a sponsor. Tell them how you love the show, and you tune in to their network or buy their product because you've seen on the show and you, and that if the show is gone you won't support them any longer.  It sounded really stupid to me, but the show got a 4th season. 

Buckeye fans are all over the USA and in many large markets.  There's a significant enough population that if even a fraction take this kind of action ESPN will feel some pressure.  Combine this with everyone tuning out one day and Ohio State fans can actually make ESPN feel it.  You may have to do a little homework to figure out who to send the letters too, but if enough people did this, it wouldn't just be dismissed I can guarrenttee it.

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