Enjoy the Ride

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October 20, 2012 at 4:27 pm

Logging onto ElevenWarriors today after the game I expected there to be a lot of really exicted Buckeye fans out commenting.  Instead, I see forum topics about how many losses we'll have and how bad the D is etc.  To be fair, there were a lot of really happy campers out there just like me, but I was surprised how many "realists" there were out there.  It's like folks are scared to buy in or get totally behind this group because they are destined to be disappointed.  Maybe people just want to constantly point out the negative so when they finally do lose they can be right.  I don't know, I just don't get it. 
I'm definitely not saying everyone smile and say everything is great all game every game.  Lord knows I was cussing and yelling at the TV many times today, and have much of the season.  We know this team has problems on defense, and haven't played perfect football so why keep talking about it???  Instead of getting upset about all the imperfections why not celebrate the perfect record?  I don't know that this team will go undefeated, but I'm never counting them out of a game again after today.  I have enjoyed each and every one of these 8 wins so far.  I'd say at least 3 maybe 4 of the wins this year would of absolutely been losses last year.  We have a new coaching staff, a new offense, a TE playing RT, a TE converted to WR, and a senior full back converted to LB which he hasn't played since high school.  One of the top players in the nation went down and this team fell behind 8 points and looked dead in the water with under a minute to go and found a way to win.  That is something to celebrate. 
This team may lose multiple games when all is said and done, but that doesn't take anything away from how much fun it's been in winning these first 8.  I know we expect greatness and awesome football all the time, but this isn't an elite team this year.  It's a good team with an awesome bunch of seniors, that constantly guts out tough wins.  It's a flawed bunch, but a tough group of kids that refuse to fail.  I wish as a group we could celebrate and enjoy this bunch a lot more.  I heard a great line last week after the Reds lost their playoff series.  Someone said, "In the long run most of the time a pessimist is probably going to be proven right, but the optimist will enjoy the ride.  How true that statement is!

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