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As I sit here thinking back over this season and I enjoy the success this 2012 Buckeye team has enjoyed, I have to think, "What is the historical significance of this team?"  I started thinking about schools and programs who had success while on probation, or had a beloved team that m...
24 Nov 2012
by btalbert25

November 23, 2002

It's been ten years and I still remember the date of the most memorable game I never went to.  On November 22, 2002 my 21 year old drunk self decided at about 2am I'd be making the 100 mile drive to Columbus for The Game.  My beloved Buckeyes were 12-0 and a win assured them a trip...
22 Nov 2012
by btalbert25

My Top Five Buckeye Highlights on YouTube

Last week's drive and the amazing comeback was awesome, and it's been a lot of fun comparing the drive to Holy Buckeye.  Just thinking back on Holy Buckeye and the emotions that came with that play, as well as the emotions Saturday led me to start thinking about other plays over the yea...
23 Oct 2012
by btalbert25

Enjoy the Ride

Logging onto ElevenWarriors today after the game I expected there to be a lot of really exicted Buckeye fans out commenting.  Instead, I see forum topics about how many losses we'll have and how bad the D is etc.  To be fair, there were a lot of really happy campers out there just like...
20 Oct 2012
by btalbert25

Hurting ESPN

After reading the post about ESPN's lawsuit against Ohio State, I started mulling over creative ways ESPN would be impacted by Ohio State fans being pissed off.  I read the comments after the post and have to say, simply avoiding ESPN is not the answer.  Maybe the ratings take a sma...
12 Jul 2011
by btalbert25


As referenced by Luke in today's skull session it will be 2926 days since Michigan beat our beloved Buckeyes when the two old rivals square off next season.  2926 days, roughly 8 years, is a lot of time.  So I wanted to make a post to give us a little perspective here.  -Th...
29 Nov 2010
by btalbert25