Will be visiting C-bus for the 1st time ever..so where are the bars??

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September 7, 2012 at 10:26 am

Hello my fellow Buckeyes... Later this year i will be going to the OSU/sh!tigian game...its my first ohio state game ever... actually its my first time ever in Ohio. I will be in town for almost the whole week and i was wondering what are some of the best bars Columbus has to offer.. especially in and around campus.. i want to soak up as much as i can from the school... it was my dream school but I never had the chance to go.. i am coming all the way from NY and i want to make my trip epic... so where do you all suggest I go?..what do u suggest i do?..id also want to walk around a visit historical places around campus... im totally lost haha.. help a brother out... Go Bucks/Nooo Blue!!!!!

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