Will be at Media Day at the Super Bowl Tomorrow

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January 28, 2013 at 2:39 pm

Greetings and salutations fellow 11dubbers. I'm an Art Director for the NFL's Digital Media department, and will be walking amongst all the players tomorrow for Media Day. I thought I'd alert the 11dub nation since, as we all know, no fewer than 4 former Buckeyes(Larry Grant, Alex Boone, Teddy Ginn and Donte Whitner) will be there and available for me to talk to, ask questions, pose for photographs, etc. I am not sure as to how much time or to what level I’ll have access to our favorite ex-Buckeyes, but this may be my only shot ever to do this.

Of course I am planning on getting some pictures taken with the aforementioned players holding up a sign that will mention, by name, my old best friend and college roommate who, as it happens, is a lifelong 49er and unfortunately, Michigan fan, and telling them they still suck.

My question to you all is A) what should the sign say (his name is Robert Williams), and B) Is there anything else I should ask/pictures-taken etc for all of 11 Warrior nation?
An early possibility:
“Scarlet and gray then, Scarlet and Gold now, it doesn’t matter Robert Williams, Michigan still sucks”

Thanks for the feedback, and as always, Go Bucks!

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