Worst places to live if your a Buckeyes fan.

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November 8, 2013 at 2:11 pm

9-0 is a great feeling gentlemen!! This bye weekend the Bucks will be getting some well deserved rest. I wanted to share my story of what I feel is the worst place in the country to live if you are a Bucks fan. I grew up in Cleveland so I know its biased for me to say that it is one of the greatest sports towns in the world. Theres great high school football, three professional sports teams, pretty knowledgeable fans (though Browns fans can be a little off their rockers but thats for another blog) and my beloved Buckeyes. I currently live in the Seattle area and I mostly deal with Oregon fans who are pretty harmless IMO. My best friend here is a Ducks "fan". When I asked him to name the Ducks coach and 1 player not named Mariota or DAT he just kept yelling "where are you guys ranked?" so I clearly won that exchange. I have lived in Minnesota (friendliest people I have ever encountered) and unfortunately Pennsylvania, about an hour outside of Pittsburgh and Christ does that place smell like hot dog water!! But the place I feel like is the worst place in the world for a Buckeyes fan is this giant truck stop they call Fort Wayne IN!!! Before moving to Seattle I lived there for about 8 years and it was FRUSTRATING. Fort Wayne is the dumbest city in the world according to Mens Health magazine and that was what I had to work with when it came to sports fans. I was one of a very few OSU fans and we are hated in this area!! The worst people I had to deal with on a regular basis were the geniuses that were ND fans during football season and then switched their loyalties to IU during basketball. It was so god damn annoying!! Most of my friends at the time were in their early 20's and their great grandparents weren't even around when ND was relevant! Going to a high school football game in IN is like going to a wake.  I understand IU basketball has had more success recently, but when I would tell the IU diehards that Bob Knight is a native son of OH and an OSU grad, they would look at me like I just tried to steal their tractor! There is also a smattering of SCUM fans and they are the worst!! Their not really from meatchicken so they don't really have a vested interest in the players. They just like the colors and the stripes on the helmet. This is what I feel sets Bucks fans apart... I love HS football as much as I do college. I follow the HS game religiously and I know the players, especially the local OH kids before they even get to college. When a kid I've been aware of gets to OSU and becomes successful it just fills me with pride.  OHIO pride is something that I cant explain, its not really a tangible thing but it exists. Other states with fairweather fanbases will never experience the joy I do as a Bucks fan. In closing, I hope everyone has a good weekend, Bama loses, and I wanted to just share my story and get some feedback from other Bucks fans who may be living in a less than desirable sports area.  Disclaimer: Rod Smith gets a pass from me for being from Ft Wayne.


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