What to Root For: Week 9

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October 24, 2013 at 11:48 am

Now that the BCS standings have been published, I thought it would be interesting to start a weekly blogpost of what upsets Buckeye fans should be rooting for.  (*Reminder Buckeye Nation, the '02 team started at #6 in the BCS standings, we win and history says we'll be in.  Breathe, people.*)  A couple of points: 

  1. I am working under the assumption that no one-loss team will jump Ohio State.  This is true, regardless of what the morons at the four-letter want to say about the SEC and strength of schedule.  (As an aside, the SEC isn't even really that good, top to bottom, this year.   The upsets we've seen show that.  Bama is good.  Unless B1G teams upsetting other B1G teams is also showing how "dominant" our conference is...)
  2. Our strength of schedule will go up by our opponents' winning.  (Looking at you Cal...)
  3. I will not ever say I or anyone should root for TTUN.  We can just not actively root against them.  If they happen to lose, enjoy the schadenfreunde.
  4. I will post what I think will happen in the game after the description.  Feel free to tell me I'm an idiot and why in the comments.

Without further ado, this week's important match-ups:

  1. Wake Forest at #7 Miami (FL): Noon, ESPN-U.  What we want: Down with ThugU!  Any undefeated is a threat at this point.  Miami really has yet to play anyone really good, save Florida, whose status as “good” is debatable.  Miami enters this game 6-0 against a decent Wake team who has good wins over Maryland and NC State.  Prediction: Miami wins a close one, 24-17.
  2. Tennessee at #1 Alabama: 3:30, CBS.  What we want: Roll damn Vols.  Tennessee travels to Bryant-Denny Stadium on the heels of an upset against the OBC last week, hoping to repeat against Nicky Sabes.  If Rocky Top can play solid football, they have a shot.  The Tide lost their starting Safety to injury, but absolutely blew the doors off of Bert’s Razorbacks last week.  However, Bama is usually good for dropping a stupid game every year, and they may be caught sleeping here.  Prediction:  Alabama loses in a shoot-out, 42-38.
  3. NC State at #2 Florida State: 3:30, ABC or ESPN2.  What we want: A Wolfpack victory.  The ‘Noles are the best team in the ACC, led by the electric freshmen Winston.  They’ve pounded Maryland and Clemson in their last two games.  NC State is at .500 with losses to Clemson, Wake, and Syracuse.  Prediction: FSU in a blowout, 52-10.
  4. #10 Texas Tech at #15 Oklahoma: 3:30, Fox.  What we want: Boomer Sooner.  Though they have the most annoying fight song on the planet (barely edging out So. Cal), we want a Sooner win to knock the Red Raiders out of the title race.  Since Mike Leach was fired (CJK5H), no one should like Tech any more.  Prediction: Since the Big XII plays no defense, Oklahoma in a shoot-out, 52-50.
  5. #12 UCLA at #3 Oregon: 7:00, ESPN.  What we want: Bears > Ducks.  The Pac-12 is probably the best overall conference this season.  UCLA is a good team.  Oregon is great.  With only Stanford and UCLA as their remaining challenges on the schedule, we need the Ducks to drop one here.  Prediction: Oregon in close, low scoring (for the Pac-12) game, 34-31.
  6. #21 South Carolina at #6 Missouri: 7:00, ESPN2.  What we want: A win from the OBC.  Mizzou’s injury at the QB position makes me doubt they can win out.  South Carolina is a decent team that plays good defense for the SEC in a down defensive year.  Prediction: The OBC rights the ship in a close game, 21-17.
  7. #8 Baylor at Kansas: 7:00, ESPN-U.  What we want: Rock Chalk Jayhawk.  An upset by Charlie Weis would help crush the hopes and dreams of the Big XII.  Keep in mind that Kansas led Oklahoma for almost 26 minutes last week, and this could be a interesting game.  Prediction: Baylor wins, mostly due to lack of any defense with a pulse in the Big XII, 55-40.

Other match-ups to watch:

  1. #24 Nebraska at Minnesota: Noon, ESPN.
  2. Northwestern at Iowa: Noon, BTN.
  3. Vanderbilt at #16 Texas A&M: 12:21, ESPN3.
  4. Miami (OH) at Ohio: 2:00, ESPN3.
  5. #9 Clemson at Maryland: 3:30 ESPN.
  6. Michigan State at Illinois: 3:30, ABC or ESPN2.
  7. California at Washington: 11:00, FS1.
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