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What to Root For: Week 12

Week 9 here.  Week 10 here.  Week 11 here. Welcome back sports fans.  Another cruel bye week in the books, and we have Buckeye football for at least 3, hopefully 4, Saturdays in a row.  I did better than I expected last week after calling for 3 upsets, clocking in at 2-2.  ...
13 Nov 2013
by BED

What to Root For: Week 11

Week 9 here.  Week 10 here. The Buckeyes sit idle this week while all four other title contenders play.  Hopefully it's the week for upsets and for chaos! I was 3-0 last week, which puts me at 10-1 on the year by result (not score).  Last week's predictions and results ...
07 Nov 2013
by BED

What to Root For: Week 10

Last week's list here. Well, I was astonishingly close on some games, and WAY off on a few in terms of the score.  I did a surprisingly impressive 7-1 in terms of result.  Last week's predictions and results (with scores as away-home): Wake Forest at #7 Miami (FL): Predict...
28 Oct 2013
by BED

What to Root For: Week 9

Now that the BCS standings have been published, I thought it would be interesting to start a weekly blogpost of what upsets Buckeye fans should be rooting for.  (*Reminder Buckeye Nation, the '02 team started at #6 in the BCS standings, we win and history says we'll be in.  Breathe...
24 Oct 2013
by BED