PSU - My Own 5 Things

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October 28, 2012 at 12:13 pm

Blog style so I don't have to worry about length.
One. Great job Buckeyes. That was the most complete performance of the year, under possibly the harshest circumstances. There is only one 9-0 FCS team and it resides in Cbus, and #9 was no fluke. Way. To. Go.
Two. What happened yesterday in our game and other B1G games only confirms to me not only that I was right before but that Urban has done some rethinking. Braxton did more sliding and going out of bounds yesterday than he has all year, and my feeling is that very little was his own fear. I suspect strongly that Meyer told Miller both to run when he can, and avoid unnecessary hits. QBs are valuable commodities, injuries occur enough under normal play, there is good reason to avoid unnecessary hits. Guiton did really well in the Purdue game, but I bet AACC's Bellomy had been doing well in practice too and we saw what he did in the game. WIS is probably going to represent the Legends Div in the B1G title game by default but winning that or a bowl game is no sure thing without Stavi. What this means for us - I hope - is that we don't unnecessarily increase the chances of needing Kenny. When we need yards we call on Miller,  but when the odds are against us and it isn't a need, just a want (like being at least 40 yards from FG range with 17 seconds left in the first half in a close low scoring game), we do what PSU did at the end of the first half AND WHAT MEYER DID AT THE END OF THE GAME and take the victory formation to save Miller for when we need him.
Three. Where has this defense been? We had definite problems with the double move wheel route, nothing is perfect, but though McGloin got a lot of yards this was the first time all year that I felt that even with those yards his drives ended because we ended them, not because his own team self-destructed. And what we did to their ground game was nasty. If we can continue to play this way the AP voters may have to give us some thought. (Though as long as AL and/or OR and/or KSU and/or ND continue to play as they are playing we have no realistic chance at a split title)
Four. Lots of good to be said. On the other side: Miller's passing has to improve. Other than the Stoneburner TD which was not a 72 yard pass though that is what it covered Miller's passing was inadequate. Missing an open guy deep early. Throwing Bauserbombs 15 feet over the heads of receivers. Other than the TD he was 6 of 18 for 72 yards. Against a defense that was packing the box and should have been vulnerable to the pass. He was excited? No excuse at this level of ball. I'm frankly shocked that PSU did not do a better job on Miller's zone reads - I really thought that if PUR culd do it PSU could do it - and if they had Miller's pasing would have hurt us. Progress every day but serious progress needs to be made in our air game if we don't want the 2013 NC to end as the 2006 and 2007 did. I think Meyer quoted someone to the effect that if one doesn'tt learn from wins one will learn from losses. Let's learn from this win.
Five. I don't know what the difference was between the halves. If it was Meyer making offensive adjustments than that's the coaching I've been looking for. If not, if it was just things working that had not been - it is OK to make adjustments at half time, Urban. Game plans are really good, changing the plan when it is not working is just as good. So, again, if you did things at halftime on Saturday I give you a standing O Urban.

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