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Gordon Gee is Ohio State's Joe Paterno

I grew up in Cleveland. I have always been a big Buckeye sports fan. I'm known in the Maine theater community as the guy who brought a TV into the dressing room if I had a rehearsal during an important Buckeye game. When our team won that was as it should be. When we lost I felt as if it were my...
31 May 2013
by baddogmaine

End of Basketball Season - Five Thoughts

1. I would rather have an appendectomy without anesthetic than root for AACC. Thank you Louisville! Why didn't you do that last year, Kansas? 2. What I take away from the tournament as a whole is the role of three point shooting. There are many reasons why teams win or lose but what struck me t...
09 Apr 2013
by baddogmaine

About Thad Matta - Can we Talk Seriously?

I had some time to kill before the Fiesta Bowl so put on ESPN2 hoping to see the Wildcats make a basketball game of it. All during the early portions of the broadcast - which was as long as I could bear to watch AACC cruising - the announcers were absolutely gushing over the scUM sophomore point gua...

Wisconsin - My Five Thoughts

1. We Won!!! 11-0. Way to go Buckeyes! 2. Since a lot of 11W readers mistake any criticism for total rejection I'll say it again - this was a great win against a very good team that wanted to beat us. Terrific, terrific result! 3. Our pass defense stinks. It wasn't just letting a guy who h...
17 Nov 2012
by baddogmaine

Illinois - Five Thoughts

ONE. Illinois is a bad team. We have faced other bad teams and struggled - we beat UAB by only 14 and their second win just came against a team that hasn't won yet. We recently struggled against a Purdue who aren't very good. So in that sense cruising as we did is really nice to see. But IL ...
04 Nov 2012
by baddogmaine

What Can We Really Expect Against Illinois?

On paper this is the best in the B1G against the worst. This should be a complete, total mismatch. And yet . . . The 2012 Buckeyes have faced several other teams they were much, much better than, and only played dominant football in the second half of the first game of the year. As much as any other...
01 Nov 2012
by baddogmaine

PSU - My Own 5 Things

Blog style so I don't have to worry about length.   One. Great job Buckeyes. That was the most complete performance of the year, under possibly the harshest circumstances. There is only one 9-0 FCS team and it resides in Cbus, and #9 was no fluke. Way. To. Go. Two. What happened yesterda...
28 Oct 2012
by baddogmaine

How Well Coached Is This Team?

First, best hopes for Braxton. Nothing else matters more than avoiding serious injury for anyone. Second, I know there is wide support for 8-0. I like that more than any other alternative record at this point, but if you just ENJOY THE RIDE as another 11W blogger put it you should stop reading now,...
20 Oct 2012
by baddogmaine

Purdue - Will It Be More Of a Grind Than Expected?

Before the Indiana game I posted a blog asking if the Hoosiers really could win. Ignoring the "what are you, an idiot? for asking that question" kind of responses the weight of opinion was : yes, of course, on any given day a weaker team can win, but it will take a perfect storm for it to ...
19 Oct 2012
by baddogmaine

Could we really lose to Indiana?

In his Wednesday skull session Chad observes:  YARRRGH IT'S A TRAP. Meyer spoke briefly about his concerns for Indiana this week during the B1G teleconference:     Meyer said he's concerned about execution on defense and stopping Indiana because Hoosiers do things o...
10 Oct 2012
by baddogmaine

Why Aren't We Baylor?

Holy cow did you see the Baylor - WV game? The Bears scored 63 points. Amazingly that is less than 10 over their season average - they've been lighting up the scoreboard all year. That might not have surprised us last year when RG3 was runing the show, but this year they're scoring 54 a game...
30 Sep 2012
by baddogmaine