Are teams going to be ready for our hurry up offense?

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August 6, 2012 at 7:19 am

I've been watching some replays recently (big10 & espnu networks) and one thing that seems to stand out is how long plays take to develop/pace of play (especially in big10/especially us).  
Does anyone know how many div 1 and/or elite teams run some form of no huddle?  
From what I've read while we have the option to slow things down, for the most part we'll be quite speedy.  I'm wondering if this will be one of our biggest advantages over other teams or are there enough teams doing some version of no huddle that the elite teams get their practice in?  As a side note, whose job will it be to notice the mismatches - Braxton or the coaches in the booth?
It'll be amazing if we have something in the same vain as Oregon, but with a stacked o-line and bullets on d.
Just daydreaming : ).

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