Trolling in Ann Arbor

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September 10, 2013 at 10:29 am

I find myself in Ann Arbor this week on bidness.  Why, you ask? Maybe I am a bad person and am being punished for past transgressions.
In any event, I decided to don an Ohio State shirt last night and spend the evening (s)trolling down S. Main St., which is one of two main drags in Ann Arbor (their pathetic version of High St).
I received a few confused or disgusted looks from passersby on the street, but I was served dinner without incident at a pretty decent pan-Latin fusion restaurant (decent because they no doubt source their ingredients from outside the state).
I was initially refused service at the local ice cream parlor (no joke), but the girl eventually relented and simply said, "You're just lucky it's not Saturday."  Fair enough. The ice cream tasted bitter, flavored with the acrid tears of sad TSUN fans who are dreading what's going to happen on 30 November. Or maybe it was spit.
Tonight, I'll be trolling a little closer to campus. I plan to have dinner/drinks on State St. in a loud scarlet t-shirt with large white O-S-U letters.  Should be fun.
TSUN fans are generally pretty douchey (duh), but did you know that many locals here refer to Ann Arbor as "A2"?
M!chigan sux!

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