Pryor 2008 vs Miller 2011 (Updated through 10 games)

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November 14, 2011 at 12:28 pm

I will continue to update this as the season goes on, but it's pretty interesting to take a look at Terrelle Pryor's freshman year in 2008 and Braxton Miller's freshman year in 2011. Keep in mind Miller didn't play in the Akron game, while Pryor played in every game, so we will compare by games played in by the individual, not team games.

Here is your chart through  games:

Terrelle Pryor 84 129 1076 9 3 8.34 12.81 65.1 103 450 5 4.37
Braxton Miller 53 109 762 9 3 6.99 14.38 48.6 128 595 6 4.65

As we hit the 10 game mark for Braxton, you can see the difference more clearly in the passing numbers. While both players threw 9 TDs in their first 10 contests, Miller trails Pryor by over 300 yards through the air. That being said, he ran for 145 more yards than TP, for a net difference of 169 yards, with one more total touchdown.

Obviously, the question is what do you make of this. Are the numbers that different in the passing game where Miller's record as a starter is 4-4 and Pryor's was 6-1 at the 10 game mark? I think the passing game with TP as a freshman definitely helped out a bit, but I think the other factors including lack of weapons on offense and off-field situation have been the major influencer of the poor record on Miller's part.

No guarantees, but you'd have to imagine if Tressel was still at the helm, the Bucks would probably look closer like the 8-2 team Pryor had through 10 games, rather than the 6-5 team Miller has through his 10 games played.

What say you Buckeye faithful?

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