Anyone watching BTN this week?

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December 28, 2012 at 3:41 am

Not sure if anyone is taking advantage of vacation time and has flipped through college football to find that BTN is basically replaying the entire B1G football season this year.  I have rewatched most of the games in the past few days and have a few observations:
1) Carlos Hyde had one hell of a year. He runs hard, and gains yards on seemingly every touch.  He allowed coaches to control the clock and bascially ended the games agasint scUM and MSU, while being our most effective weapon against UW.
2)  This team was very, very bad for the majority of the early part of the season.  I think that aside from the Nebraska game, we really didn't kick into gear until after Kenny G's season saving drive agasint Purdue.
3)  Stom Klein... this guy just did not stand a chance.  Not an OSU linebacker, sorry if I'm offending anyone but it seems like every big offensive play against us had something to do with him missing an assignment, missing a tackle, or simply allowing himself to be blocked.
4)  Did Braxton get worn down?  He just did not seem to be the same guy at all after the Purdue game.  I'm hoping this is due more to injury and not as much to opposing DCs figuring out how to play him.
5) Curtis Grant needs to live up to the hype surrounding him out of high school or else I'm not sure he will play over guys like Josh Perry, David Perkins, and Cam Williams.  I'm aware the last two only played special teams, but hey that is the way to endear yourself to Urb.
6)  Stoneburner really failed to live up to the high expectations surrounding him this year.  I think we would all agree.  But of course the TE position is really much different under Meyer's offense.
7) The B1G was just awful as a conference this year, and I am trying to think if there is even another B1G team that deserves to be in next year's preseason top 25 with the bucks.  scUM and Nebraska obviously will be, but neither team has coaching that has impressed me in the least bit and I see 4-loss seasons in both of their futures.
Anyone else watching or have differing opinions?

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