Top 25 Breakdown

     College football needs an offseason like Weird Al needs a weirdness coach, like cycling needs a doping scandal, like television needs feminine hygiene and E.D. ads, like this guy needs some free time.  You get it right?  If you don’t than I am certain that Bl...
22 Aug 2012
by Maestro

Cincinnati Buckeyes

Dearest Buckeyes that live in Cincinnati: For the last few years I have been relegated to watching our Beloved Bullets either at home, or at a bar with 3,000 tvs, only 2 of which have the Buckeyes on, and are frequented by only the smattering of the Faithful.    Does anyone have suggest...

3 OSU/M*chigan Must-See Matchups in 2012

With exactly 100 days left until The Game, and with my excitement for this OSU season currently at a Spinal Tap 11, I thought that I'd throw out three of my favorite matchups to watch for this year between these hated rivals. (Note: While I realize that Brady Hoke vs. China Dynasty's buffet...
16 Aug 2012
by AJBor41

OSU-playing sons reunite dads, former teammates

I read this story by Tom Archdeacon in the Dayton Daily News today and thought this was pretty neat. Figured I'd pass it along here... it's a short read. I'm not familiar with Zach or Craig, but it sounds like they come from two great football families and it's great to have them bot...
14 Aug 2012
by jenks

Announcement: 11W Dry Goods

Eleven Warriors is committed to producing unique, interesting and original content every day. This is reflected not only in our stories but in the 11W Dry Goods online store, which has sold thousands of high-quality t-shirts and other apparel carrying original artwork and designs. Each concept ...
10 Aug 2012
by 11W Staff

Tyrann Mathieu

Just saw on ESPN he's looking to transfer out of LSU and play for another school??  Wonder what happened there... anyways, get em' Urb!  This would be a pretty sweet pick up if we could somehow snag him, but I highly doubt it.  Anyone else hear anything about this?   Damn...

More ESPiN on Penn State

Don Van Natta says "PSU (BoT) expected to ratify sanctions (officially)". The Penn State University board of trustees will hold a special meeting Sunday and is expected to formally ratify the consent decree of sanctions agreed to last month by university president Rodney Erickson and t...
10 Aug 2012
by NC_Buckeye


for those interested... ...if that doesnt sell it to you, just rewatch the Cavs games post-Lebron... OSU bball is awesome and all but having a professional bball team could only further enhance Columbus' image, and who knows, maybe Dwight Howard is feeling Buc...
09 Aug 2012

Where is the NCAA?

In light of the actions taken by the NCAA in the Penn State scandal, here’s a question for you: Do you think that if a professor of, say, economics, was discovered to be a serial sex abuser of young boys, that the university’s economics department would be shut down? If you answered &ld...
08 Aug 2012
by BukFan

ESPiN reports "Penn State trustees filing appeal"

At least four Penn State Board of Trustees members intend to file an appeal Monday afternoon with the NCAA over sanctions levied against the university after the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse scandal because they say the NCAA did not give the school due process in meting out its punishment. ...
06 Aug 2012
by NC_Buckeye

Are teams going to be ready for our hurry up offense?

I've been watching some replays recently (big10 & espnu networks) and one thing that seems to stand out is how long plays take to develop/pace of play (especially in big10/especially us).     Does anyone know how many div 1 and/or elite teams run some form of no huddle?   &...
06 Aug 2012
by azbuck

Johnny Townsend Enjoys Friday Night Lights

Ohio State punter commit, Johnny Townsend of Orlando (FL) Boone made his second trip up from the Sunshine state to Columbus to check out Friday Night Lights. Here are some notes gathered after talking to the rising senior about his latest visit: Went up with his whole family and spent six da...

Lots of Mommy Juice (Beer)

As some of you may remember from reading "Letting it out," which was my last blog, that I am an Ohio State fan while my husband cheers for West Virginia.  You may also remember, or not, that I was planning a BIG get together for the first game on September 1st: ...
03 Aug 2012
by rcsvickers

Mark Emmert Tragically Misses Mark

About a decade ago, one of the biggest scandals to rock this country was just beginning to take shape. It involved an arrogant leader of one of the largest government funded institutions in the country. It is a cautionary tale of what can happen when too much authority is concentrated within a singl...
31 Jul 2012
by Deshaun

That's Mon-TAY. Not Mon-TEE.

Apparently Monteé Ball never bothered to tell everyone they were pronouncing his name wrong.  That's understandable. As an 18-year old freshman, you probably think your name means jack and the coach will call you whatever he wants.  Well, Bret BEE-lima is letting everyone know t...
28 Jul 2012
by Riggins