Da'Shawn Hand Announces Top 10

In alphabetical order, nation's top 2014 player lists his top 10. He is visiting for The Game this weekend with his coaches and teammate ATH Marcus Boone. They are making the drive from Virginia today and will likely leave on Sunday. Alabama Crimson Tide Florida State Seminoles Lsu Tigers ...

13' Trey Johnson Official Visit (Details)

I spoke with 13' LB Trey Johnson's (Soft Auburn commit) Coach, Todd Wofford earlier tonight to get details on the official visit Trey will be taking to Columbus this weekend. I will be talking to Coach Wofford again after the visit to find out how things went. Here are the visit details: ...
23 Nov 2012
by Miles Joseph

November 23, 2002

It's been ten years and I still remember the date of the most memorable game I never went to.  On November 22, 2002 my 21 year old drunk self decided at about 2am I'd be making the 100 mile drive to Columbus for The Game.  My beloved Buckeyes were 12-0 and a win assured them a trip...
22 Nov 2012
by btalbert25

Cocktail Hour: Crafting the Bourbon Meyer

CAUTION: "TL:DR" Alert!  If you wish to see the recipe (and bypass the Ohio ties and inherent history of the ingredients) scroll to the bottom. First off; Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Eleven-Dubbers. Urban Meyer.  The name conjures images of football dominance, BCS titles, and...
22 Nov 2012
by hodge

Home Uniforms for "The Game"

I've been thinking about this for a few yrs now, and last week it came back into my mind. The battle for Los Angeles last week had both teams (UCLA - USC) wearing home uniforms. This is the second time in the past 7yrs or so that both teams wore home jerseys,  and it looks like the only dow...
21 Nov 2012
by wgttns

Is the Big Ten a Union conference?

     I don't know about you, but I've always considered the Big Ten to be a Union conference, by which I mean a conference from states who fought for the North in the Civil War.  The SEC is the Confederate conference and the Big Ten is the Union conference.  Do ...
21 Nov 2012
by Menexenus

Potential Quad Division Setup for a 16 team B1G

Even though I personally hate the idea of a 16 team B1G, if Emperor Delaney has decided it has to happen, Quad divisons could keep us from basically becoming two conferences where you play one team from the other side occasionally (like, every 8 years kind of ocasionally).  With the addition o...
21 Nov 2012
by gobucks214

Venting; The Weak Conference

I go out of town for a few days and go off grid. Get back and what, what, WHAT? The Big Ten expands and 1. adds schools that suck in sports 2. adds schools that don't strengthen our chances of winning national championships in the 2 sports that matter. WTF?! Now, I know, without exploring, that...
21 Nov 2012
by Jarrett

Michigan and the Ten Year Butt Hurt

Michigan fans, it would seem, are obsessed. Under normal circumstances they obsess with things such as wide-spread crime, nasty weather and if anyone really cares about that antiquated first cousin rule. But during the first decade of the brand new century Michigan fans quit paying attention to unio...
20 Nov 2012
by painterlad

Dotting History...Continued

Upon having the chance to rap with upcoming The Game i-dotter Joceyln Smallwood, she had such great depth to her responses that it proved difficult to get her takes into just one front page post without it resembling War and Peace. As such, I didn't want her in-depth takes to be all for naught s...

Good Thanksgiving Weekend Recipe...

    So you want to learn how to cook a wolverine do you? Well there's a GOOD reason they refer to the wolverine as "stink bear", and for most galloping gourmet's, they can't get past the smell far enough to even consider bringing even a hind quarter into the kitchen...
20 Nov 2012

The Battle of the Bulge and OSU

My father was a proud member of the 7th Armored Division during WWII. At first he was a gunner on a half-track, but by the time they were assigned to the Netherlands he had been moved to a unit known as G2. G2 was a branch of military intelligence (my dad swore that was the greatest oxymoron ever in...
18 Nov 2012
by painterlad

The Big Sixteen?

I have a crazy idea that most would buy into. The Big Ten becoming a Superconference! If Maryland and Rutgers are added, things could get interesting... Maryland and Rutgers will join the Big Ten Virginia Tech will want to become a Big Ten team. Jim Delaney will laugh at VT and take their rival U...

Wisconsin - My Five Thoughts

1. We Won!!! 11-0. Way to go Buckeyes! 2. Since a lot of 11W readers mistake any criticism for total rejection I'll say it again - this was a great win against a very good team that wanted to beat us. Terrific, terrific result! 3. Our pass defense stinks. It wasn't just letting a guy who h...
17 Nov 2012
by baddogmaine

Its HATE week.

God bless Youtube and modern day technological advancements. My personal favorite Ohio State-Michigan of all time. Gives me chills (and maybe tears every once in a while, shhhh) everytime. My favorite Ohio State-Michigan game of all time, in its entirety. The game truly was a tribute to...
17 Nov 2012
by JakeBuckeye

Don't Forget About the Basketball Buckeyes

The Ohio State football team is 10-0 and playing in its biggest game of the season. But don’t turn away too far from what is going on on the hardwood. The Basketball Buckeyes are actually ranked higher than the football team – 4th to 6th. On Saturday, though, all eyes will be turned to M...
15 Nov 2012
by Kyle Rowland

Should We Even Try to Get Timmons?

  Not to knock on Timmons (I actually want him to be a Buckeye), but would he ever get used to his full ability if he becomes a Buckeye?  With Jalin Marshal, Elliot, and Braxton, what place would there be for Timmons?  I wouldn't want him relagated to special teams and I wouldn'...