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Comment 22 Mar 2015

I think peeps on this site need to remember a Mr. Burrow....IMO once this kid gets his shot could go down as a legend - love his game.

I love kids that come in and compete. I think what ever athlete fails to realize is that most programs will always tell them what they want to hear. UFM isn't cut from the same cloth and I think he is pretty clear during the recruitng process. Work your butt off and your time will come.

If Wallace wants in and wants to take his game to the next level hop the Urban express. We have 3 QB's (when healthy) could play at the next level...shows that we are developing talent brotha.


Comment 21 Mar 2015

I hear ya...Loving is turning into his classes Amir. Kid plays with zero passion.

If he doesn't make huge strides over the summer if I were the coach I would tell him to go sit his ass on the bench.


Comment 21 Mar 2015

Your rookie contract means nothing in the long term of things. Getting drafted into a system that fits your skill set is all that matters. It's that next contract that means everything and where you get your payday.

I think coming back work on your trade only helps these kids. That is the issue people around them are the ones looking for a payday and aren't looking out for the kids best interest.

If he comes back this squad could be scary good. Lots of shooters (which we desperately missed) are coming in.


Comment 03 Feb 2015

How dare you think that. scUM thinks they are in on every 5* recruit in the '16 class. The clowns over on their board are all frigging drinking too much kool-aid. They honestly think they can go un-defeated next year.


Comment 30 Jan 2015

Harbaugh's kid is such a tool. Guy has no cred's just a silver spoon spoiled brat.


Comment 20 Jan 2015

Would love to see BigBear stick around for his senior season to see both Bosa's on either end terrifying QB's.

Kid looks like a mirror image of his bro with a little more speed at the same stage in their career's. Love to see him jump on board ASAP to get the 2016 class going.


Comment 16 Jan 2015

You look at the talent that is going to ND and UM and they just aren't getting the coaching. Wake up and look at the kids from tOSU that are going to the show and starting and making an impact in their first year kiddies.

Respect his decision either way, but man if I was a parent and saw what's going on in the Cbus (the movement) I would be steering my kid in the right direction.


Comment 11 Jan 2015

I think everyone was looking for a sexy hire. UFM knows what he is doing and I am sure Warriner had a say and vouched for Coach Beck. Thinking back when UFM put his staff together there were folks on here questioning who was Warriner | Herman etc... They turned out to be pretty good hires.

Ash came on board last year and has done wonders with the 'D'. When UFM reaches out I am sure these guy's take it to heart and want to prove that they have that "something". Beck hasn't been lucky to have the riches we have here.


Comment 06 Jan 2015

I wouldn't even put it past the kid to come back for his Senior season to get a chance to possible play with his little bro. I would imagine his family is fairly well off if the old man played in the show.

I love kids (Mr. Decker) that embrace the whole College experience and stay and finish off their degree.


Comment 30 Dec 2014

We are playing the CFB Playoff and they are saying Jimmy Boi is going to run UFM outta the B1G. Do they understand that? What's in the Kool aid up there?

That is there problem. They have been complete shit for years, but they keep talking non-stop crap year after year. Most of my family are scUM fans and every year I hear this will be their year. I have been to the two home openers when RR and Hokey Pokey arrived there and I just sat in the stands laughing when they thought they would win the B1G and contend for a Natty.

We all know how that ended. Hairball will bring in some recruits and they will improve. Can he coach them up we will see. He won't have an Andrew Luck to depend on, so who knows.


Comment 29 Dec 2014

I don't follow the 9'ers, but weren't they somewhat stacked and on the verge before Jimmy Boi arrived? I know he thinks he is a QB whisperer, but wasn't he the one who choose CK (who can't even hold a football) over Alex Smith?

I think he is a decent coach, but seems like a complete tool who ends up alienating a lot of people.


Comment 29 Dec 2014

Dude this isn't his dream job. scUM just broke the bank to beg & pray he would come. If SF made the playoffs and if he wasn't an egomaniac he would still be coaching in the Bay area. The Blue boards are lit up like they think they are going to win a Natty next year. They'll be luck if they finish in 4th next year in the East.

I give him 3-4 years. Every December some NFL billionaire will call his agent and be ready to hand over the keys and give him total control which is what he wants. He always needs his ego stroked.

I think it 's a good hire for the B1G, but I get a chuckle how some guy who left  Stanford with a 29-21 is deemed a savior and a coaching guru. There aren't too many Andrew Lucks that come along.