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Comment 11 Apr 2016

Tempo....Tempo....Tempo is all you need with all these BIG bad 'D's'. They were supposed to run us into the ground last year and look what happened. You always have to have respect for your opponets and I think that is a problem the scUMers have had for awhile now. Their 'D' looked like complete garbage coming down the stretch when they barely squeaked by Sota and Indy.

Bring it


Comment 09 Apr 2016

Guy won't last past this year. All they have is one of the top RB in the country. There OL is crap and they will be breaking in a new QB = #DOOM 

As a coach he can't think outside of the box and is super conservative. What the hell does he have to lose. Even vs. Sparty I thought he would run some trickery, but nothing. Guy got rolled with his tail between his legs.


Comment 29 Mar 2016

This recruiting class was a complete bust. No heart, zero talent. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. I pray to god I never hear the name Mitchell.

Be interesting to see who Thad finds to replace this pylon's.


Comment 27 Feb 2016

If Lewis is soooo good bro should have declared for the draft this year. Kid struggled against good competition. Another undersized CB.


Comment 16 Feb 2016

Still a little confused with the limited numbers why the staff is looking for another QB in this class. I have heard communication has picked up a little w/ Clifford out of Cincy (PSU commit) and who is a Pro style QB as well. There would only be a couple of kids I would take if they wanted. Martell IMO is the prize and just love his game.

With all the talk about adding another QB curious to see what Mr. Clark thinks of rumors? From a coaches perspective are there warning signs that they have concerns over his development that last couple of years (even though he recently just saw a rise in some of the rankings).