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  • SPORTS MOMENT: My favorite college sports moment was when I first walked into the Rose Bowl. Just the thought that I was about to witness the Buckeyes play in that stadium was almost too much to handle. At that time I had lived in California for 9 years and never had the chance to see them play there, I was about to move to Florida in March and it was just like everything came together.
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Comment 28 Oct 2014

I'm not worried about Notre Dame.  If Taylor Kelly is completely healthy, Arizona State will beat Notre Dame.

As bad as the win looked against PSU, if Ohio State wins out they will be in the playoff.  Finishing off the season with a possible Top 5 win vs MSU, a potential Top 25 win vs Minn (that loss to Illini killed this from being likely) and a possible Top 10 win vs Nebraska would help a lot. There tends to be around 4-6 one loss or less teams a year.  Not many will even  have the possibility of having two Top 10 wins in the final month.

The hardest part will be actually winning out.  Everything else will play itself out. 

Comment 24 Oct 2014

My biggest issue from the polling system is how the nation puts so much stock into the polls.  I was watching BTN this morning and they were saying if the playoff committees top teams on Tuesday do not match the AP/Coaches poll that they would lose all credibility.  To me this is pretty dumb.  The playoff committee was put in place to watch these teams and determine how good the teams are.  It is their sole purpose.  Coaches and AP writers watch maybe 2-3 games a week and that is being generous.  Do we honestly believe Urban Meyer is spending all night Saturday studying teams from around the country?  Are AP writers finishing up their all day coverage of their teams by watching 5-6 games?  No, they go online and look at scores, maybe catch a clip of a game on Sports Center or simply take to Twitter for recommendations.  How is that determining who the best team is?  So many media members are quick to talk about how unfair it is to punish athletes for a schools issues in the past but have ZERO issues punishing the same athletes because their schedule, which is 100% out of their control.  I, for one, hope the playoff committee actually watches every top teams games and at least attempts to analyze the team, rather than simply looking at a schedule and record.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I personally have wondered the same thing, why not just start Bell and Burrows at the two safety spots?  They are both young enough that it could have been taught to them last year but I trust that Powell is simply better than they are for the assigned responsibilities otherwise the staff would have moved one of them.  Who knows though.  

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I live down here in Honolulu and there is a pretty big gathering down in Waikiki but I don't think there is anything like that in Maui.  I was on vacation to Maui in 2010 and had to watch "the Game" from my hotel room.  And as they mentioned above it will be 7 am (or 1030) start time by then but your math was right, it is 6 am start times now until DST.  

Comment 24 Jun 2014

Flying in from Hawaii with my family for "The Game". It will be their first time in the shoe, hoping I get tickets at face value when the public sale starts so I pay $150 per ticket and not $300+ per because flights/hotel/rental are already getting me good.  I emailed the ticket office last week and they still do not have a date or at least a date they will tell anyone. 

Comment 01 May 2014

My honest opinion was it was a great idea but not what I thought it would be.  I thought for sure it was being used for the coaches to help him focus and learn but then Miller said during the Spring Game that no coaches look at it with him.  So great idea but it was made a bigger deal than it should have since the coaches weren't going over it all with him.  

Comment 18 Apr 2014

I am at work so I can't go back and look but I know he has spoken about saying "The" on twitter a few times.  I want to say I remember him saying it again here recently, maybe check his feed from last week?  

I think Herby takes a lot of heat, and he deserves some of what he gets but not all of it.  I do not doubt his Buckeye loyalty at all but I think he goes out of his way to let everyone know their deficiencies.  I think it honestly stems from his standards for OSU and the B1G being too high.  He has said the B1G will not get respect from him or anyone else until they consistently beat the SEC, but no one else is held to that same standard.  He has no problem touting Baylor or UCLA as a great team but will criticize OSU because the B1G can't beat the SEC consistently.  I missed the part where the PAC12 and Big 12 have consistently beaten the SEC. I just think it is flawed to hold the B1G to one standard and let other programs/conferences slide by when you are on such a national stage in forming opinions about a ocnference.

Comment 09 Sep 2013

A friend of mine who is a huge Texas fan is convinced that Saban will be taking over for Mack Brown and if Saban doesn't take the job Fedora will be the next coach.  He claims to have inside sources....don't we all.  This conversation was two weeks ago so it had nothing to do with this story.

This weekend I sent him a text about the Greg Robinson hire.  He was pleased with it because Robinson will have "better athletes at Texas than he had at scUM" For the sake of our friendship I didn't text back.

Comment 05 Sep 2013

What people have to remember also is that not only is he a true sophomore but he missed the final 6 games of his freshman season due to a knee injury.  He struggled at times Saturday but he is essentially still a freshman when it comes to actual time on the field and practice.  He will be good for the Buckeyes for years to come.

Comment 04 Sep 2013

I know it has been said a few times but everyone remember to bring a jacket, sweatshirt, long sleeves...something.  I lived up in N.California for 10 years and never went to the Bay area without some sort of sleeves on.  Even if it is hot at first it will get cold quick. Beautiful area though, you all will love it.  I will be bringing the wife and son up from Hawaii to attend the game.  

Comment 01 Sep 2013

I think you have to say they at least somewhat took their foot of the gas...how many times did they run the "hurry-up" after the 3 quick TD's?  I don't recall any times after that last Hall TD.  I think they did made the decision to slow things down and prevent injuries on the offensive side of the ball due to the heat after jumping up 23-0 quick. Too thin upfront to risk any OL injuries.  So yeah I think they did take their foot of the gas.    

Comment 26 Mar 2013

I blame it on Alex leaving yesterday!  11W is going to crap without him!   

Comment 06 Dec 2012

Yep I may be but that is why I just said it was interesting 

Comment 06 Dec 2012

Interesting how he mentioned how his comfortable level with the coaches as a major factor: 

 "I think just the comfort level with the coaching staff at each school, where he feels most comfortable, and the university as a whole."

And then said this about each school:

"I think they all bring something different. Tennessee brings the emotion card, he has always been a fan, that's what they have going on. Ohio State has been one of the top schools since day one. He has a close relationship with coach Meyer too. Alabama is Alabama they are the best college football team in the country, every big time player would want an opportunity to play there. It's whatever option feels best for him. There's no bad option in the top three."

No where in the other 3 schools does he mention the coaching staff.  

Comment 21 Oct 2012

I not only want to thank Kenny G for winning the football game but I would also like to thank him for saving my work week.  As a huge Buckeye fan unfortunate enough to live in SEC country, I sat there planning how I was going to handle the onslaught of anti-Buckeye mud being slung my way after the Bucks gave the ball back with about 2.5 minutes left.  My faith was shattered and then the sweet melody of Kenny G started up.  Also let's not forget the DEFENSE stepping up big when they had to at the end also!  They had some huge stops in crunch time.....almost made me forget the hate I was spewing when they let Purdue drive on them for what seemed like the entire first half.  It was a very lucky win yesterday and I couldn't be happier! O-H