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Comment 23 hours ago

Sadly the people who are doing it don't realize how stupid they are, so unless lightning strikes they are are not getting fixed.  And we have more than our fair share of posters on here who fit a similar profile in how they respond about student athletes when the poster does not think they are going to get what they want... 

People are stupid, I watch the games with a couple of them... some of it is just the fact you cant put an old head on young shoulders, but others can't fathom the possibility they might actually be wrong about something. 

And don't get me wrong, the athletes know what they are signing up for, it's not right, but they know...  I have yet to meet a famous person who complained about fans, who was willing to give up their celebrity status.   

The one nice thing about the social media and idiots doing this.. it is bringing up more conversation about social skills and etiquette...   I am not saying I have a lot of them.   I tend to avoid social settings so I dont annoy everyone else with my minority views on social interaction.   When I have to go I try to play by the overall social standards that I am aware of and I dont mind correction (politely done, so I can adjust my behavior, speech or even dress). 

Comment 23 Jul 2015

Although Darron Lee and Tyvis Powell would be the two people on the Ohio State team (at this time) I would least like to represent me on twitter or in any other verbal form, I can appreciate what he is saying, even if he needs a class in public communication.  

Everytime I think of twitter conversations I think of the movie Idiocracy. 

Probably could have worded it better, but as fans, giving the players some respect and acknowledging that asking them to constantly relive last year as they are preparing for this year is distracting.  Everyone of us is human, and no matter how focused you are at some point having constant reminders about how great you were is going to make you softer. 

It is so nice to just be able to nit pick a 20 year olds tweets, versus having to sit on egg shells like fans of Female Striker U. 

Comment 21 Jul 2015

This is still the one thing I do not hear people talking about heading into the 2015 season.    It is my number 1 concern. 

Eventually you have this many turnovers, you are going to lose a game you are not supposed to... 

Comment 17 Jul 2015

Very well said..  College athletics everywhere and society in general seem to be having a bigger and bigger problem with violence towards women... It's a lack of education IMHO some on the side of women but ALOT on the side of young men.  They are being taught about Sex and women via Music, Movies/TV, and the internet instead of Mom and Dad.  

Not much shocks me, but have to work around youth, and to hear how they talk about girls is unsettling at best.  I was stupid at that age as well, but my dad would have beat my ass if I came close to even thinking what some of these kids say and do. 

I hope none of it is true... but the reality is... even more than is reported is happening and that is what is scary as hell.. 

and I have had my fair share of psycho girlfriends, I have been lied on, and punched.. but each time I did not walk away, I ran away and finally figured out how to stay away.  

Ill never understand a grown man punching a women like a man(well he is not a man, so that answers some of it), I guess I just lack passion and I am too cold hearted... because anyone who can make me mad enough to punch I drop from my life ASAP, without explanation(because there is no point in talking by that time). 

Comment 15 Jul 2015

Saban should not be the one saying these things, fans can, but not coaches... IMHO.

I will say it is interesting and as an Ohio State fan, I have heard many of our own fans say similar things about players after losses. 

I feel like Ohio State is on a similar path as Alabama(not that Im predicting a back to back title or 3 in 4 years, that is insane), but Urban has a similar program, so bama's step back(even though it is a small one) is ineteresting to me, because at some point Ohio State will be in that position...     

My buddy is a big Bama fan, and actually not too over bearing...  One thing I mentioned to him a few years ago is recruiting at a high level... It becomes too easy to start taking highly ranked guys versus some guys who might work harder from a team perspective.  Eventually that can impact you.   There are guys who will fight to get you to the top, and there are some guys who will fight just as hard to stay there, but there are other guys who come in and just expect to stay at the top with out that same 'team' effort.. and eventually that causes the team to take a step back...  

Saban may have some guys on his team who came there just to get drafted.. that is the way it is...  they are going to protect themselves more than others might..   <-- That is his program's fault, not that it cant or wont happen to us...  but you cant expect everyone else to change to suit your needs...  Seems he had a similar whine about the hurry up offenses...  

Comment 14 Jul 2015

I don't know a lot about satellite camps... but I am guessing it gives the northern coaches another recruiting highway into the talent rich southern states...  (Contrary to Malzahn's comments... I never feel the need to tell people about things that don't worry me, because... well.. if my competition was wasting time on something I thought did not impact me, I would encourage them to keep doing it... there are only so many hours and dollars in the day, let them waste it)

I am sure the Big Ten would balk at something that did not benefit them... Every 'group' would or does... 

What would be refreshing would be(SEC, Big Ten, who/what ever.) would just come out and say... I dont like xxxx rule or xxxx idea because it negatively impacts me while benefitting someone else... Of course that would take away 90% of ESPNs content, but it would be nice.. even if it was just for a day... initiate Scooby Doo dream sequence special effects... 

My comment on recruiting Alabama... and I really do hate to play this card... but there is some truth to it...  The education factor does come into play.  Less of those players are probably going to qualify...  I know this is kind of a cheap shot... And I will downvote myself for even saying it...  I will say, if a 5 star OT wanted to come to Ohio State I am sure we would get him qualified, but  it takes money to recruit, so there are some targeted calculations going on...  

Comment 13 Jul 2015

Very nice..

  I just realized something bad...  

Last years baskeball team lost back to back games only once...   to Michigan State then ichigan...  both on the road though ..  So not possible this happens in football... in fact, I predict the football team is so mad about this happening to the basketball team they will run up the score on both... 

Comment 17 Jun 2015

Consistency is the improvement I would like to see..

Darren Lee - His tackling Form at the end of the season was far better than the beginning.  If he can maintain that, the Sky is the limit.  His only problem would be he does not have line backer name.

Tyvis Powell - as mentioned above. stop biting on the double move. Makes several really good plays then does something stupid.  If he can just be consistent, he could be an all american.  

THose are nit picks, but things I would like to see and/or continue to see.. 

Comment 15 Jun 2015

The factor that I would add to this, is the amount of talent the BIG will have next year.. some of those lesser teams last year are going to be alot better and that is what might hit us a little.  I dont think MSU or WIsky are going to be on Maryland's level...  so I think if we are better than I expect we can compete with those two teams but not maryland...  but if we struggle there are teams like Minnesota, Purdue, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana that we will have a hard time beating...   My apologies to PSU, Northwestern, Rutgers and Nebraska for assuming no matter how we play we will be able to beat them(because I know that is not always the case).  

Its an exciting transition... I am really interested to see Tate's development.  He is great as a role player, but he has a LONG way to go to be an impact starter, where he has more of the focus.   The Free Throw shooting is killer.. To have a undersized low post guy who cant hit free throws.. He went to my high school, love rooting for him, but right now he is a fan favorite because of his hustle... If the fan base can turn on Aaron Craft after he was asked to do more and really couldnt, I am sure Tate will get that same treatment.   Im rooting for the guy.. but guys developing shots under Matta have been a rarity... 

Diop is the real wild card for me... If he has the mental focus, he has the tools, to be a #1 option in  a transition year. 

Sorry, I wrote Loving off... and really expected him to transfer by now.. not sure what is wrong there, and I wont speculate... but anything he provides will just be a bonus.. but I dont trust him as a #1 option. 

If Harris, Loving and Tate were your 6,7,8 guys off the bench.. that could be an interesting team.. 

Comment 20 May 2015

Kam would make a very nice 7th to 8th man... on a good team.  He is never going to be a starter.  But he can be a very good asset.

I would prefer my first guard off the bench to be able to play both guard positions... I have not seen that from Kam yet.   But we also have a pt forward coming in, who could supplement that depending on the rotation.

I would agree with those somewhat doubting Kam.  He is slight of build and seemed to struggle a lot in big ten play.  Diebler only struggled with his shot, everything else he did was pretty good.  I even thought Diebs played good team defense and had great court awareness... He had a lot of intagbiles besides just his shot.  Kam is never going to be that player, but he could bring lightning scoring(and We definitely need that).

A team where Kam, Tate, and Thompson or Giddons(as a frosh) come of the bench and provide quality mintues at starter level production could be great...  Unfornately that is such an unknown.. because I think we may be starting these guys and each has some gaps in their game that they could fill in, but it is a very big ask to do in one year.    I don't like to see guys forced into a starting role before they are really ready, just because we don't have anyone else better, not really fair to them.

Comment 19 May 2015

I would have selected Tebow based soley on his leadership qualities.  Just like John Simon.     But I had no idea his stats were that good.   As someone else stated, he is never getting removed from this list.  He is the Florida Archie Griffin. 

Spikes was a beast in the middle, I don't see him leaving that list anytime soon either..

Another thing that jumps out at me... Meyer understands the importance of having dominant Safeties...   Vonn Bell was huge last year... he has been an answer to prayer at the safety position...

Philly Brown probably never would have received a Scholarship offer to Florida, but had he played for Urban with Tebow at QB, I could have seen him with equally good stats if not better.  He would have been a solid outlet for Tebow.    So although I raised my eyebrows seeing him on the list... I understood it.. plus it shows how urban has not had great receivers a knock on him at UF, mostly because of the Spurrier era...   Off TOPIC.. but even when Urban was dominating at UF, which he was.. ALOT, and I mean ALOT of UF fans almost seemed pissed off that he was better than Spurrier..  It was hilarious...  

Comment 19 May 2015

I love OSU basketball but I think I am agree with your post, and saying it is a combiniation of OSU bball and college basketball in general.

There are TOO MANY ATHLETES and NOT ENOUGH BASKETBALL PLAYERS...   <--  This applies to OSU and college basketball in general... there are times I would rather watch the women's games because I see more fundamentals...

I also believe any player that can't hit 60 percent of his free throws should not be playing <-- harsh and unrealistic I know... but you get my point..   Sorry Shaq..

Comment 19 May 2015

Could we get a 10 second run off for defensive fouls under 2 minutes...  I love college basketball but even I have a hard time justify the play at the end of games to my football buddies...  it is almost unwatchable.

Comment 13 May 2015

I loved Tates hustle last year, and half way through the Iowa game, it was obvious he had to start over thompson and Loving for defensive purposes... Of course you cant bench thompson, and letting him play on the wing instead on the block for defense was a great move. 

Tate went to my high school, so love him, love him, makes for a great story... but if he cant hit 70 percent from free throw line, he is going to end up transferring.  You cant be a hustle, low post player with great moves who draws tons of contact, without being able to hit a free throw.  It takes away the one really good thing you contribute on offense.  

I realize this wont be a popular post, but it is a reality for the team to get better, Tate has alot of work to do.. I think he can do it, but I am also a little prejudiced. If he does not significantly improve his shot and at least his free throws, he wont be starting by big ten time..   So come on Tate, put in the work off court like you do on the court... because you are the one type of player every championship team needs to have...  become that player.  

Comment 29 Apr 2015

Not a great reason, unlikely Urban is still coaching 2020 season...    I am just enjoying every single second of the hear and now.   He is the perfect coach at the perfect time..    

Comment 23 Feb 2015

I'm not happy with the game yesterday, not because we lost but how we lost.   But in fairness to the team, this was not a game I thought they would win, I thought they could win, but you have a freshmen led team.  Young teams play awful on the road, it's not an excuse just a long time big ten fact.   

This team will magically look awesome over the next 3 games, well they will stumble at psu but pull out a win.   

Lets just hope they don't have to play Iowa in btt, I don't think this team could beat Iowa just a bad bad matchup for us.    

Does anyone one know who simian charge of the osu offense, is that Paulas?   Ultimately it's matta, but we don't look very in sync out there.    The poor free throw shooting I do out on matta.   That's just emphasis in practice.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

Amen to that.

I was in A deck so it was hard to see alignments.  But it seemed from the first snap, I told my buddy.. they are playing everyone within 7 yards of the LOS,  At first I thought it was just a pre snap thing...   It was a little shocking to see...  And I kept saying this is crazy.. I had not seen anyone do that to us before.. and he turned to me and said...  seriously... you want to talk about this during the game.. us analyzing their defense wont help us.. so basically shut and up and cheer...  Which He was right...

However, I don't blame preparation or lack there of on this... Or even adjustments... We had too many dropped balls to force them out of that defense.   And I credit Vatech for some of those maybe they got into the wrs head, as they knew the game was on them.  Great Def game plan.   And The blitz stuff did not become feroucious until the second half when they knew we could not complete a pass.

Give me the Fumble recovery.. and it is a different game., OF course if Vatech does not through an INT on that first series and scores it's a different game(well, they still win, but you know what I mean).

Dropped TD by C. Smith.  that was hard to watch, had a great view. My buddy and I looked at each other and said. that could be a Ryan Hamby Omen, there.

Personal foul on Kick Return.  Kicking out of Bounds  All Momentum killers that also provided short fields at critical times.

I was impressed we came back.  I thought Vatech took a risk, and we could not exploit it. 

I like Barret, but some of those sacks were his fault, QB is responsible for some blitz pickups with the read.

I usually am more of a coaches are at fault(since they are the truly paid professionals... but this time I think it was execution on Offense... and the defense well.. Hot and Cold, but too many Critical 3rd and Longs were given up too easily.

At our tailgate, I told everyone it would be a rough and ugly first half, because the Vatech offense was ugly, and their defense would make our offense look ugly.  I was wrong, their offense looked very good(at least I hope it is good, but I have my doubts).   You have this many new guys on offense against a veteran DC it wasn't going to be pretty.   It is what it is... Just get better...

Comment 22 Aug 2014

There are two sides to every story and then there is the truth.  SO Who knows..

I do find it funny, at some of the comments, about the kid needing to be tougher?  Wasn't it Krenzel's kid who had to be protected by his dad?    As a coach you can not rough up another player just because he is your son.  You discipline them.   If the description in the video was true(which I doubt, its only one side, but it is possible).  Krenzel should be suspended from coaching the team and from practices.

We had parents help out at practices, our two best players' dads.  Both played in the NFL and were great guys.  But they got into multiple fist fights over their sons.  One was the star tailback, the other star linebacker.   Both kids embarrassed by their parents.

If Krenzel did pick the kid up by the shoulder pads and hold him in the air in anger... Then why did that kids dad stand there and watch.  Why didn't he run out there(maybe he did).  I know one thing, if that was my grandson, and a  parent/coach felt the need to do more than separate the players and put hands in anger on him, even if it was darrien scott, I would be running out on that field to kick his ass(I may not be able to do it, but I would not be calm about that).

Comment 19 Aug 2014

If you subscribe to the easy path to the title, I like Wisconsin.  They wont be as 'beaten' up as say an OSU/MSU/Michigan or makes it to the title game.    No disrespect to Nebraska or Iowa, but lets face it, even a down Michigan team is a pick'em versus those two teams.

I think OSU without Braxton Miller is now on the same level as the best teams in the BIG, not below but at the same level.  Now if, Braxton can not play at all(which is my assumption above), other teams might breath a sigh of relief now, but if someone like JT Barret starts improving and the O-line starts gelling, and a running back other than Rod Smith emerges... You have a new 'Oh CRAP' moment.. because you have 3 more years of that same unit running at you... And I literaly mean running at you.

The thing Braxton brings that I don't thing people appreciate enough is the 'Oh Crap' moment every defender has when they see him start to run.  With Pryor, I always knew you would get a highlight 20-40 yard run.  With Braxton, he legit can take it to the house at any moment(this is hyperbole, but its almost like a combo of Denard and Pryor).  No other player in college football strikes that level of fear into a team.   He is ridiculously understated.  If his passing was better he would be impossible to defend.

Rooting for Braxton.  I was just telling my buddy, how many times at Ohio State(or any other school) do you see a legit superstar who has stayed out of the media limelight as much as Braxton has.  I don't know him personally, so maybe he is a jerk behind the scenes, but his public persona seems to be 'perfect', if there is such a thing.   I kept telling some of my game watch buddies, I know Braxton has some issues in the passing game, but once he is gone, I have a feeling that is when people will really appreciate who is was.

With all that said, I would hate to run a 70% Braxton out onto the field, not really fair to him.  I was never a huge storm klein fan, but we never really saw a healthy storm klein play, he deserved more credit for filling in that gap than I ever gave him.   I just would not want to see something like with Braxton.

I am hoping my over reaction to the energy, means Braxton is fine, and we will just be developing some good reps for JT for next year at the beginning of the season.

I really hope this does not become like my Keith Byars injury( Ill never forget the day, someone came into my ECON class, and told us the news).  Awful day, awful day.  ... meta tarsal ... fifth... uhhh...