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Comment 20 Jun 2016

I am a life long Cavs fan from Columbus, Ohio...  

I was thoroughly pissed when they traded Roy Hinson, and even more mad when they drafted Brad Daugherty.. a 16 year old with the pick... SO glad I was wrong about that..  I got some of my friends to at least aknowledge the CAVS... 

However.. I am extremely happy that so many people root for the CAVs now.. and you are kind of wrong about the number of people who rooted for them during the Early 90's period.. It was basketball people.. but we were there..

On a negrative note.. to my friends and family.. who tolerated the CAVS, and would only make the drive up to Richfield if I bought you a ticket, and the CAVs were playing Boston, LA or Chicago... $%#^%@&@*...   But if you now want to cheer for the CAVS I am Ok with it..  

My last comment.. If you really want to be a CAVs fan.. then you have to buy and wear one of those orange CAVs t-shirts.. 

The CAVS winning the title last night was as big as the 2002 National title for OSU football.. Maybe bigger.. because I just didnt think it would every be possible... 

The only thing remaining in my life, sports related, I want to see.. is the 2nd OSU basketball championship... and I honestly thought that would happen before a CAVs championship... 

Comment 20 Jun 2016

I will agree here.. The alabama game was the more emotional game.  And I would rank that way ahead of the Oregon game... Maybe I was just too over confident for that Oregon game.. but it was never in doubt.. for me.. 

Comment 20 Jun 2016

After Game 5, I was prepared to write up a Thank You to Lebron, The amount effort he was playing with was incredible.  Even after the win, I think what is more impressive than the win and history, is how hard He personally played.. that was something to witness..

The Shot... As a life long CAVS fan.. I was pissed at the Shot... But that did not cost the CAVs a championship, but what it did do, was kill our upward momentum.. that was the first team the CAVs had that could compete for a championship.. but we all pretty knew that would not happen that year... 

Im kind of glad there are some poeple who just dont get how big this championship was.. even some of the Ohio State fans... It kind of makes it more special... 

I will leave you with this note... Michael Jordan and the Bulls only won one Series that people thought they may not. their first one against the lakers(An aging team that was more lucky to be there than good)...  the Cavs just beat the "greatest team of all time" and Lebron just showed up the "greatest player in the league"  Notice the quotes, not what I believe.. but alot of what people were saying about Golden State and Curry...  

The bulls did not have a true team out west that could ever give them any sort of threat... I am not saying CAVS are better than the bulls, no way.. nor am I saying Lebron is better than Jordan.. but I am saying.. The bulls never had to do what the cavs had to do, in facing a great team, and Jordan never had to face a player at their peak like Curry is.. 

Comment 19 Jun 2016

1990 reds sweep of A's,  2002 buckeye win over Miami, 2016 cavs  over warriors.   Emotional victories. 

If if I can see a buckeye basketball champ I may not survive that celebration 

Comment 17 Jun 2016

The Part you are missing is that... Golden state is not used to fair officiating.. they are used to getting all the calls.. so when it is even,  it is a drastic change for them and injustice for Curry's wife.

Comment 17 Jun 2016

Win or lose I have gotten to witness some amazing effort from Lebron James... If you can't appreciate that, I feel sorry for you... Winning is extremely important, but I have seen some amazing performance in losing efforts, and I have appreciated the individual plays that made up the entire game... 

Some of the people I talk to sports about.. dont watch the games.. they watch ESPN highlights, listen to the commentary and know the final score(who won or lost).  Nothing wrong with it.. it is an 60,000 foot view of what is going on...   I prefer a 10,000 foot view.. I dont just want to know who won or lost.. and yet at the same time I dont want the 1000 foot view that gets into so much detail I dont have the background to fully appreciate... 

One example I have  ... watching Barry Sanders run with a football even though his team was losing.. 

Comment 14 Jun 2016

There was a time under John Cooper, I thought the same thing.. and it was a concern of mine when Urban was hired... After reading the skull session today and what urban said about Players needing their Coaches approval, and they should be a captain...  I definitely do not have a concern about this.. or not recruiting all ohio players... His method seems very simple and basically full proof... 

Comment 09 Jun 2016

Let's just agree to disagree in Kaminsky, you are vastly understating him by calling him 'good'.  He was great. National Player of the year type... And He didn't really need to take anyone off the dribble, he had back to the basket skills.. Probably a bad comparison to begin with... 

Comment 09 Jun 2016

Kaminsky was good?  I think you probably need to rephrase that?   He was a lot better than good... 

Im  nit picking.. but if anyone said Evan Turner was good, but so and so was more athletic and had the potential to be better.. like they did with Sam Thompson.. I would take some exception...

Potter looks good and has potential.. but you are making it sound too much like the comments our fans were making with regards to Sam Thompson being a more athletic Evan Turner...   I may just be reading too much into it.. 

Comment 09 Jun 2016

This is one of the best things I've read on the Internet... Ever...  I hope it get more exposure than just this site and me posting links to it on Facebook.  

I will be saving this article to share with fellow football fans, acquaintances etc... Who don't seem to believe they can be part of rape culture if they aren't a rapist.

If men don't teach boys, they will remain boys  

Comment 06 Jun 2016

I dont think that is true..   The Spurs would have beaten us this year as well.. the style of play and lack of ball movement would not go well even against a Spurs team transitioning...  And OKC was the team that scared me the most.. we have no one to slow down westbrook.. no one.. 

Alot of what I see Cleveland doing reminds me of the "Dream" teams that lost in International play... the international teams passed the ball.. the 'Dream" teams were too much about isoloation and matchups... They couldnt keep up with good passing and motion. 

The cavs have to play twice as hard as Golden State to keep up with them.  Golden State has a better Scheme, Coaching, Skills and execution... Effort wont beat that.. it just frustrates guys when they realize you are giving everything and the guys you are playing against appear to be going through the motions but everything is working.. 

You have a rookie coach in the finals.. As a lifelong CAVS fan.. IM happy to be in the finals again.. IM sorry for Cleveland fans who want the champ jinx ended.. but There are 3 teams in the west better than the CAVS.. and Everyone was basically telling us that before the playoffs... 

The CAVS are playing an awful style of basketball right now that is almost unwatchable..  As much as I thought getting rid of Blatt was a bad idea mid season.. Lou had them passing and motioning alot better.. That all stopped for some reason. Maybe it was the realization we cant beat GS that way, they are better at it then we are...  I hate Golden State.. but I will take their style of Play and San Antonio's style any day of the week to watch... If my Cavs have to lose.. the saving grace is people will be emulating Golden State's style.. and the Jordan, James isolation basketball might finally be dead.. 

Comment 02 Jun 2016

Cavs are playing hard, Golden State is playing smarter; Not sure we can overcome that with adjustments in this series.. but you never know. ..   That stretch from the 45 seconds to go in 3rd qtr to first first 2 minutes of 4th quarter was awful... Thats coaching and player mental toughness..