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Comment 17 Dec 2015

I think the reality is your 2 and 3 gd/fwd are really not known for shot blocking and rebounding... they are known for scoring..  Loving and DIop defense on the perimeter is not much better than Grandstaffs now.. 

I was suprised to see both of them starting as well, it is nice to have the length.. but the reality is they both are two slow to effectively play their positions...    I would much rather have seen Grandstaff at the 2 with Loving and Diop splitting time at the 3.  Given the reps Grandstaff would have been more valuable in the long run. 

Right now Loving gets alot of touches because well.. that is what the coaching staff felt gave them the best chance to win.. which isnt happening and wont be happening... Hard to pack it in and want to just rebuild and prepare for next year.. but I was ready for that several games ago..   Start Giddens, Grandstaff and lyle... and fill in the rest... 

I was seriously surprised when Loving did not transfer in the off season...   I have been pleasantly surprised with Tate's perimeter game improvement and free throw shooting..    

Comment 17 Dec 2015

Very sad news, cant say I blame him.  To me he looked like he had the most potential of anyone I saw playing.  And I would have liked to have seen more sets run for him than loving...   I have just never been a loving fan... 

One thing I have not seen discussed alot.. is the impact or lack of impact on the OSU offense since Paulus has been on staff... Been talking to my buddies about this for several years now.. I think that was a bad hire... 

Comment 21 Sep 2015

I meant I think he is going to get hired away either this year or next... The defense has been outstanding.. Since he came on board.. 

Comment 21 Sep 2015

I know nothing.. but a couple observations...

I was not thrilled with Chris Ashe hire... I thought the def. needed a bigger overhaul than one coach.  Interestingly enough there was much complaining the year before about not all the coaches being on the same page.   He comes in, and it took more than 3 games for me to think Hey the defense could be much better... 

I am trying to compare that to the offense now...  As others posters have already posted.. my Number 1 concern is Warriner being stretched too thin..  The Herman departure imapacted 2 units and we lost an Architect.   I would say the coaches are probably on the same page since Urban is an offensive guy.  So this is not the 2k13 defensive disaster.. That some thought would fix itself, it was not going to.  I dont know this for sure.. but I think Urban, Beck and Warriner are trying to adjust to new roles and responsibilities. Yes I included Urban he probably is spending more time with offense now..   Personally and selfshly I would love to just have Warriner do O-line and assist with OC because everything starts with the O-line.  When the O-line clicks you can play almost any QB you want and they will look great. 

I am usually more of a realistic pessimist than optimist, but I am not as worried about this situation as the defense 2k13.  I think we have the right coaches and right players.  This is more of a moving parts coming together.  And I fully expect that to happen. 

All off season the guys I watch the games with were getting sick of me bringing up the Indiana and PSU games.  I kept telling them that basically the same team that beat Wisky, Bama and Oregon barely beat those teams(You cant beat every team by 70 pts every week, even the bad teams) .  I also mentioned that having 3(2) QBs is always an issue when they are equal starters like we had.  Because every bad pass gets magnified.  <-- this is me sounding like a jerk I know... but I say it to say why I am not as worried as they are now... Urban is one coach who can manage this.   It takes time and growing pains. The rewards will be worth it.  

My biggest wish.. get the O-line in-sync... while still developing some depth.. next year will be here very fast.. This is a HUGE TASK and one that is harder than the the QB stuff. 

The QBs.  I am the only person in Ohio, who wants both of these guys playing... With Urbans offense, no way both of these guys stay healthy all year.  I would rather have some discombobulation for a few more games I know we can win to keep both of these guys 'sharper'<insert joke here>. 

The WRs and TE... is the clown show back? or is it just inexperience and growing pains.  We know it is the latter, but these guys look a lot like the first year Under Urban.  Michael Thomas is a beast.. but I have seen almost every other guy making frequent mistakes in their game.  

My last comment which matters as much as the others :-)... I kind of like having some adversity.  We are not FSU from last year...  They lost their DC, who miraculous came in in one year and took some super talented defenders and made them an awesome defense.  the def they had last year was less than 50% as good as their champ def,  

We could line up and run Ezekial Elliot 50 times a game, and we would win every game on this schedule except the michigan sisters.. But that would not win the playoff. 

side note: I am really excited to watch ESPN as the season goes on and SEC teams start beating each other to the point they may not even have a 1 loss team... Yes.. I also enjoy reading the headlines of the National Enquirer while in line at the grocery store.

Comment 21 Sep 2015

I hope everyone is right about fickle because I don't see Chris Ashe being here much longer.  

Comment 20 Sep 2015

I agree for the most part.  My exception is penalties of an overly aggressive personal foul that is beyond the physicality of the game. 

Like robert Reynolds choking Jim sorgi.    Or players hitting another player with a helmet.  Someone(s) stomping on players when they are down.  

Things like the michigan kickoff crap.  Those things are outside the game.   And it takes away from the game. 

The crap you used to see between fsu and uf pre game fighting.  No place for that crap.  

I get personal fouls and reactions trying to get back. I don't boo that.    The examples above, are items I would stop watching football if they did not have severe consequences 

Comment 17 Sep 2015

There is a lot of truth in this...  I would talk to Gator fans, back when I 'hated' urban and I was shocked how much they seemed to resent the fact he was better than spurrier.  When I would bring up Urban they would have to add something about Spurrier... 

 I dont know.. maybe if harbaugh was the OSU coach getting Urbans results ..after Tressel was fired.. Maybe I would try to continue to say Tressel was still better no matter what... I doubt it.. but that is the only thing I can imagine... 

Comment 16 Sep 2015

I get what the SEC is saying... the Big 10 used to say the same thing... but wih the playoff now it really does not matter..  No conference is going to get 2 teams in... It just wont happen, unless you have two really bad Champs from other conferences... 

Is the SEC the strongest conference, yes. It is top to bottom, and it is not really that close, not that far, but not that close.  But is no where near as big a gap as even their most rational fans think. 

I think there is sentiment to getting beat up every week, however it is a level playing field in the conference, if you have an issue with your conference schedule take it up with your AD and Conf. Commish.    This might sound like I am being unreasonable, but here is why... The SEC champ will get the benefit of the doubt no matter what and they should.  If 2 loss LSU wins the SEC champ, I will cringe but understand they get a playoff spot.  The Big 12 and ACC might go ballistic, but as a big 10 fan I appreciate the grind of a schedule, versus teams trying to schedule a an undefated season...   It would have been very interesting last year if Missouri had beaten Bama.. a NON SEC champ from the west division would have been in the playoff.. that really throws some wrenches into the playoff they dont want to deal with.. 

scenario: USC, Ohio Sate, Clemson, TCU all undefeated... MSU one loss, UCLA one loss, FSU one loss, Baylor one loss...  LSU 2 losses say at bama by field goal( I dont know their schedule) and at Georgia.  They come back and beat UGA in the SEC champ... That would be an interesting... interesting.. argument...   Because to me they would be ranked 9th before the playoff... 

But until an SEC champ gets left out of the playoff.. none of this stuff matters.. they should all sit back and laugh at the rest of us and our inflated records because we will be so easy to beat after a month off...   

Of course.. they may just want to get 4 teams in the playoff so they can win a national title again.. because no one in the SEC has a QB to win 2 playoff games.. 

Comment 09 Sep 2015

Ive never seen a team that seem to play so hard for each other... I will rewatch games, and see guys blocking with all their effort as if their life depended on it...  

The WIns and touchdowns are fun... but watching the effort is well worth the price of any of these tickets.. 

Comment 26 Aug 2015

I have not had a forced rep in 10 years...  and my body represents that fact..

Comment 24 Aug 2015

I somewhat miss the days of TTUN being highly ranked in the initial poll...  It was fun watching them drop every week.. 

This is nice and all... but it is hard to take any poll seriously that does not have at least 5 sec teams in the top 10, and every team in the top 25 or at least receiving votes... :-)

Comment 20 Aug 2015

This is the most interesting thing ever posted on the internet...   And I did not have to click on  buttons  to read the next  paragraphs...  

Comment 20 Aug 2015

There are 'some people' who only want to hear good things... And if 'you' dont tell 'them' ,'they' are the best at everything all the time.. then  'you' are a hater... That is a minority of our fans.. but they are vocal. 

Comment 20 Aug 2015

I honeslty think they did a really good job on this list... 

Mike Doss is my favorite buckeye... but he is not better nor more deserving than anyone on that list. 

Nugent was great,  But there have been alot of great kickers.  Nugent missed some big kicks.. The MNC game.. the Illinois game we almost lost... He was not automatic, almost, but not quite. 

Eddie George couldnt sniff this list... That is completely being a homer...   As much as I loved Eddie's heart.. no way he should be on the list. 

I loved seeing Archie on this list as a starter.. too many younger buckeye fans do not understand just how awesome he was... He was Barry Sanders with a little more power. 

Tebow and Spielman both deserve to be on the list.  

Hicks surprised me not being first team as well as munoz.  

Cris Carter was great, but not as good as the guys on this list, his signing with an agent and missing his senior year eliminated him.  Anthony Carter surprised me a little.

Teddy Ginn... I cant put him on the list either.. compared to the guys on this list, the numbers don't make sense.  Plus the Dude from Miami might have been a more feared punt returner at the time he played..

Not expecting this to be a popular post.. but as OSU fans sometimes we have to be somewhat realistic... There are have been a lot of great players at other schools as well... 

Comment 14 Aug 2015

I thought Dontre' was the most sure handed on the punts last year.   I realize he takes 800 steps to get 10 yards but I did not mind him back there on punts he is a small target.. always picked up some yards... 

turnovers terrify me with this team.. It is their one achilles heel. 

Comment 12 Aug 2015

I would still like to know the difference(hardship) the college athlete has that 95% of the other students don't have? 

1. They have tuition, Books, Housing, Food(all you can eat now, I would have run the steps at Larkins everyday twice for this deal, I still have college hunger nightmares 25 years later), medical insurance, gear(not the kind on the other side of the pond, the nike kind) and some stipend.

2.  I do think each athlete should get an Guaranteed 4 year scholarship with all players benefits for all 4 years injury insurance policy, a life insurance policy, and paid min wage for their state per hour of required activities during season.  This should be averaged and whatever they get in season, they should also get out of season.

College students work, most for not more than min wage, and that money has to go to tuition, books, food(and not the stuff the athletes are getting).  The athletes we knew when I went there we were highly jealous of what they were getting...  

I just get the feeling the players are expecting college life to be like the 5% of the extremely wealthy kids who go there and not like the other 95 percent grinding out each day to make it to the next.

I am not absolving the colleges of using these kids, because they are, but to me that is more an issue of amateur athletics selling out to the NFL as a farm league and they have and are making tons of money...  

I know there is a lot more to it than this,  but I would be interested in thoughts on Athletes and what their college experience should be compared to the majority of the student body...

Comment 12 Aug 2015

I think the team would be more consistent with Barrett, but has a higher ceiling with Jones.    His deep ball opens up a lot on the offense..

Plus I think Cardale goes Pro after this year... and JT would have two more...  And Another Plus(well minus) no QB in the system is going to be play all these games all out without an injury..

Comment 12 Aug 2015

I am on old guy... but things have to change whether I like it or not.. I appreciate people pushing the envelope... If not,

 we would be listening to the games on radio still(to be honest those were some of my favorite games, but I prefer TV).  

Ill assume this is going to be more theatrical for Stadium entrance etc...   Have they changed how these stadium lights work in the last 25 years so it does not take them 20 minutes to fully turn back on?

Comment 11 Aug 2015

I would look to a team like 1999 Buckeyes that looked great on paper and did not finish so great... 

I dont see play makers and leaders on defense... That offensive line, would not hold up against PSU(last years barely did).  They would make it to 6-6  as long as you had some strong leaders step up... my issue with that is.. if those guys were strong leaders they would probably be starting, unless they were just young... 

What is the identity of that team..  They would struggle on defense so much early on, it would look like the 2k13 defense or worse. 

The run game would be based on Cardale being able to open up the deep passing game... That is what I would put my stock in.. one or two of the young WR being very mature at route running and having good speed.  If that happened it could open alot possibilities..  but I have no confidence in that defense.    

Every single game would be a possible loss, much like 1999.  

And more important than the strength of your top 22 is your top 44... Our depth would be extemely young or non existent... 

How about where would the team from the Spring game finish?  Divided up?  That might be a little more interesting to me.. 

Comment 11 Aug 2015

Devin Gardner, I dont know his history, but he seemed like a class act on the field.. and he put as much effort into the 'GAME' as any player I have watched from either team... 

Anthony Carter, and Shoelace

harbaugh, He talked the talk then backed it up... others loathe him... but I just cant hate him, yet. 

Trey Burke, Gary Grant, Glen Rice, Rumeal Robinson, Barry Larkin, Chris Sabo, Hal Morris... 

Comment 11 Aug 2015

I have the perfect remedy for that...   Wait till her favorite TV show is on(yes I am assuming you hate it, but it will be worth the pain to sit through the bachelor/bachelorette or whatever)...    Do a little homework, you have to know the night and time it comes on...

1.  Make sure you casually ask her to do something simple yet somewhat nice during that exact time..   Make sure it is not so great she will say yes.. Just enough to give you effort credit.. 

2.  Wait till the show starts, a good five minutes into it.. and sit down.  With the casual what are you watching... is it good.. hmmm looks interesting... 

3.  Be silent for 5 full minutes say nothing.  You speak to soon and you will blow it.

4.  Now start asking the names of the people on the show..  and as she tells you the names, randomly say you like or dislike the person based on something trivial that would defy all logic and explanation... you are hoping for an eye roll here.. 

5.  during random parts of the show SIGH with emphasis... shake your head and make noises of approval or disapproval.. 

6.   Start asking why Character X did something.. and say it was stupid.. that makes no sense.. They should just do Y.  WHy didnt they do Y.  I cant bear to watch this anymore... I just want to jump in the TV and make them do Y...   Ohh.. I like that shirt that other character is wearing... (any random piece of clothing).. Don't comment on female characters who are attractive...  That could cost you Time after the show, you want to avoid that.. 

7. MOST IMPORTANT PART... SHUT UP during the commericals.. DONT SAY a WORD... nothing.. Look at your phone or something.. NOT ONE WORD. 

8. As soon as commecerical break is over.. wait 30 seconds.. ask if they want something to eat or drink... Make sure you extend this simple ask with follow ons.. Oh Chips.. how about some salsa..  we should make salsa... Hey you should call my  mom to get her recipe for salsa.. 

9.  If you made it this far without being asked to leave.  Your wife or girlfriend is a freaking ninja-jedi who cant be broke and your life is over anyway...   But by this time you have probably been cussed at, or asked to leave so they can finish their show...   You want to mumble as you leave something about spending quality time together.. etc... 

So how does this help you...   Here is the kicker..

GF or wife sits down during the middle of the game, starts talking randomly... You look at her and say.. Hey we still watching the Bachelor on Tuesday night at 8....    

This has never failed for me..