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Comment 19 Apr 2016

I'm not a Mensa member, but the majority of people who really live and breath ESPN are just a few steps away from being a supporting character in the movie idiocracy.    

Of course I can't stand to watch CNN or Fox News either for some of the same reasons.   So the problem could very well be with me and not them. 

Comment 18 Apr 2016

The only way a POD style would work for me.. is if only conference games in your POD count for the the POD standings... The rest of the games can be used as tie breakers... Too many anomalies..   Similar to Iowa last year.. It disrupts the whole division champ and turns it into a joke..

You have a year where you are in a POD with Indiana, Indians has 4 Out of POD games against Illinois, Duke, Minnesota and Rutgers and wins them all.. OSU gets FSU, ND, Neb,  and PSU and Loses 2 of 4.  Indiana finishes with 1 conference loss to OSU by 50, and OSU has 2 loses outside the POD, and IU gets the POD bid for BIG mini playoff..    I hate that stuff.. hated it when the SEC first went to 12 teams.. Too much is hidden in these 'Division champs'. 

Comment 16 Apr 2016

Bosa and Elliot are two players you won't see anyone like in your lifetime again.   They are all timers.   

Special blend of talent, athleticism, team work, attention to detail, and production.    Similar to but not quite Archie and Pace 

Comment 14 Apr 2016

Im really trying to talk myself out of my basketball funk and back into excitement... slowly starting to work..

Also looks like some people who know a lot more than me.. say that Funderburk is the more ready defensive player.. That is good news..

I really just want to be excited again about basketball... Slowly.. slowly.. I am getting there..

Comment 14 Apr 2016

Agree with the comment on having Bates-Diop, Loving and Tate in the lineup together... I would go as far as saying it really doesnt work... None of them can guard the perimeter... 2/3 could work... where Tates toughness can compensate for Lovings finesse, And loving can make up for Tates lack of offensive skill set..  

The college game seems to be more guard oriented, and we are more small forward oriented...   Maybe the difference will be our coaching staff breaking the guard trend... and finding a way to schematically create the right mis matches.. through creative offensive sets... 

I really hope to see alot more ball movement on offense next year... It still looks to me like we pass the ball to get rid of the ball because the player with the ball does not have a one on one move... unfair generalization, yes, but its a cumulative memory of watching bad offense with what appears to be some skill offensive skill gaps.  

When Jent was here last time, I like that "floater" shot he had some of the guys shooting.. maybe that is something Tate can develop, because what he does on offense on the block only works when we play MAC level teams... That floater/tear drop and as a stretch goal... a Fade away.. could make him an asset on offense and not a liability...   Just please dont ever slap the floor again.. If Tate is not somewhere shooting Free Throws right now... he shouldnt be on the team <-- cheap shot... but kind of serious. 

Loving is Highly skilled, and I think he puts forth more effort than it appears.. But he could work on his body language to help with that criticism, it is justified.   He is just a step slow.. But Evan Turner wasnt very quick either... Not comparing their overall games.. Just that Loving needs to play within himself, and have other people help supplement the offense.. 

Lyle -->  It is time to walk the walk.. you said some key things that were very true.. unfortunately you said them as if you werent part of the problem... You can never give up on a play.  Ever.. especially as the Pt. guard.. He is young, and I want to see that growth... But having guys just talk is something this team doesnt need more of.. They need the Aaron Craft just do it... 

To me those are three guys that are the leaders of the team... This team goes as they go.. and I would be most critical of them, because they have the most potential.

Kam Williams ->  I would prefer him to start as well, but understand the dynamic just may not work.  His defense has improved, but it needs to get better.. If he really stepped up this part of his game... Tate or Diop would be on the bench. 

Thompson --> Consistency.. Consistency..  He could easily be a 7 and 7 guy... And that is really all you need.  I would like to see more defensive intensity... At his size he needs to be in the way more on defense in the lane... 

Remember the days when we complained Matta did not play enough guys?  Maybe those days werent so bad :-). 

Jackson - I dont know anything about jackson.. but if there is one key guy who has to play this year, that is an unknown it is this guy... Lyle will have trouble over 40 minutes dealing with smaller quicker pt guards...  I have nothing against any of the transfer guys.. two sides to every story... My issue with Harris game was how awful his defensive footwork was.. It looked like he was not taught how to play defense just relied on natural ability... and other guards used that against him... He was not aaron craft when it comes to footwork... He could have improved, but he looked more like an open gym phenom.. than a big ten guard. 

Bell -  Can you get 7-8 minutes out of Dave Bell every game...  I doubt it.. and that si going to be an issue.. when Thompson needs a break or foul trouble.. I hope I am wrong about this.. but Do you go.. 2 guards and 3fwds during that time.. thats not a good long term solution for any team we play with any inside game at all. 

Of Potter and Funderburke, who is more defensively ready.. because that is the guy who will see the court.. Sounds like Potter might be more suited to provide emergency minutes.  

Comment 10 Apr 2016

Not great news, but fsu under Mickey Andrews used to do this same thing. Grow your DTs from defensive ends.  But they also recruited safeties for OLB and OLB. For DE.  Grow them into their position and you usually have more athletic players.  No arguing with their results 

but times have changed and most of those guys are already playing these positions in high school.   

Im still not going to complain about moving DE to DL.  Now if we start making safeties or baseball players quarter backs I would raise an eye brow. The left one 

Comment 01 Apr 2016

We usually finish very high in these rankings...

It almost feels like these types of things hurt the overall perspective of the program...  The New York Knicks are extremely valuable as well but don't do much with it..

If you notice the Knicks are #2 in basketball ... mostly because of where they are located..

A better ranking I like.. is the ones that puts the Ohio State basketball program at or near the top ten all time...  (Not every ranking, but a lot of them do).      <-- This is just one ranking... and the key word is 'one'   I am not saying it is perfect.. but almost any type of criteria that is used.. OSU finishes top 10 or near it..  We are 11 in this one...  You don't have to click 75 times to get to teams 20-11 :-)

This has been a bad week for me.. I really love the basketball program and even before the defections had my concerns.. mostly with regards to assistant coaches, our style of play, recruiting, as well as player development... But overall Im very happy with Matta and the program, but I used to be ecstatic so I am trending downward...   I still expect more news to trickle out starting next week.. but hopefully I am wrong.

My issue with Glass half full people is.. at some point you have to re-fill the glass.. and if you always look at it as half full... you probably aren't planning to do it anytime soon and eventually the water runs out and you will die of thirst.

My issue with the Glass half empty people is... They are so worried about the glass running out.. they never enjoy the water that is in there, so they are constantly thirsty...

Comment 30 Mar 2016

"... I will finish what you started... "

Even if he never played a snap, that quote and its timing puts him in my all  time top 10. 

Just hope fans (no one posting above of course) give him time to find his spot...  I know Joey Bosa had 8 sacks and 4 forced fumbles in his first game as a true freshman...  But OSU fans can sometimes expect a true Frosh to perform at the level of a 3rd year starter and the greatest defensive end to ever play at Ohio state(and I dont say that lightly). 

On another note, he looks to have the girth to possibly end up playing some DT by the time it is over.. 

Comment 29 Mar 2016

This is exactly what I was thinking...  Although I told my buddies if there were ever two coaches who would leave OSU on their on terms it would be Matta and Urban... and I thought both might get sick of OSU admin and tell them to F - off at some point... Hopefully that is not what happened...   But I have heard some not so great things with our admin... and both of these guys are no nonsense type people. 

If Thad is staying.. good for him... get some new recruits..

If Thad is retiring... good for him... health is important take care and THANK YOU.

If thad is resigning ... good for him...  Sometimes you have to tell your boss to F-off to keep them honest.. done it before.. and the guy called me 3 years later and offered me a job.. told me I was right about what was going on.. he just could not say anything.. I turned down that job offer... if he couldn't standup to his management then.. I doubt that had changed.

Comment 21 Mar 2016

I hope you are wrong... key word hope.. and I upvoted you :-)... 

I love what Matta has done for OSU... but more and more.. I am realizing.. what he has done is bring in excellent talent and coaches... and that seems to be drying up.

I would love to have someone who knows basketball get on a webex with me.. and show me what our offense is trying to do... It makes no sense... The Paulus experiment should be over... but maybe I just dont understand basketball well enough to appreciate what he is bringing to the table.

I agree with your assessment on guys like Tate, Giddens, and Mitchell... Lots of great energy.. but I am not sure about the skill level for Big Ten.  They seem to be excellent role players who will be forced to do something they are not capable of... Mitchell is young and I see potential there... Tate is the same player he was when he got here, and I dont see that changing.. He had the off season to work on his shot and free throws.. 

Loving is who he is.. a skilled player, with not as much athletic ability as he needs, and his desire is appears to be lacking.

Lyle, is young.. He is the one guys I am most excited about it.. but it is not a sure thing.. he will improve in the off season.. but I do have hope... 

AJ Harris.. another high energy guy.. but he is no where near an Aaron craft on defense.. He is very undisciplined and has awful footwoork..  A Project.. but a decent backup up pt. guard.  He gets beat off the dribble way too much.. it is almost like the scouting report is use his quickness against him to get him out of position..  That can be fixed though...  Not sure about his basketball skills.. Can he shoot?  

At the same time... If I look at what I expected from this team at the beginning of the year.. I thought a 10th place big ten finish with no hope of NCAA... I know we didnt make it.. but we were close... 

This is an important 2 years for Matta... His program is on the decline... He was saved last year by DeAngelo Russell and Lousiville not willing to let him run their show... And as the author of the article stated.. For some reason this season was better than last.. at least I liked watching it more... 

Next years Matta really has to show some improvement from this year.. Our Free throw shooting looked like it improved the last few games.. The offense seems like it is a mess.. way too easy for other teams to disrupt... 

I think next years team could be alot better.. but Loving and Tate worry me... they both bring good and bad things to the table.. And I think they are who they are at this point.  A team with them as the 6th and 7th men.. would be great..  but they are the best two players(arguably).

A lineup with Lyle, Tate, Loving and KDB is very slow on the perimeter.. very slow.. 

I like

PG Lyle - Harris.  There are some games you need harris to help slow down the other teams pt guard...  Mitchell in a pinch.. 

2G - Kam, Loving... I really hate Tate at the 2g...  I think the backup 2g is lyle... and loving in a pinch. 

3/4 - Loving, KBD,

4/3 - Tate  Mitchell.   

5 - Giddens, Thompson - Neither of these guys is ever going to be Terrance Dials on offense.. but a little development would be nice. 

Hey LSU had the best future NBA player in the country.. and they were a mess.. so things could have been worse.. 

Comment 15 Mar 2016

You can say what you think, without having to use double speak to spare peoples feelings.. And that can be a good thing.  

Jim Tressel not voting in the final Poll of 2k6, was the epitome of going too far with not wanting people to know what you are thinking.. 

I give Lebron credit for not trying to obfuscate his feelings by trying to please everyone with a vapid statement.

Comment 15 Mar 2016

Do you think Jim Tressel is rooting for OSU if they play YSU... and that doesnt make him less of an OSU fan.. To me it would give him even more integrity.. YSU are his roots and his current jobs.. 

Lots of people in Ohio go to other smaller ohio schools, and they are huge ohio state fans.. except when they play their school.. Its an ohio thing.. happens a little in other places.. 

Comment 11 Mar 2016

I have not understood the ohio state offense for a few years now.. Shooting jokes aside..  Our passes don't seem to be anything more than getting rid of the ball, versus trying to put someone in scoring position, or to get the defense out of position...

I probably just need someone who understands this a lot better than me, to explain what Paulus is trying do... We seem to be a take your man one on one type team..  This was happening before this year's 'young' team.

I feel bad for loving... either he hates playing basketball, or he just looks like he is having no fun out there..

In fairness to this team.. I projected them as the 9th or 10th best team in the big 10, so I should be happy they over achieved.. Im not buying all the youth stuff, and how much better we are magically going to be next year...   a 5th place big 10 finish will be good for these guys..

Work on an offense in the off season or get rid of Paulus.. and Practice the free throws.. I was ecstatic with Loving and Bates Free Throws against PSU... If we could do that every game.. we would have at least 2-3 more wins..

Kam Williams played much better than I thought he would this year.. That was a nice surprise..  I am not sure who Giddens and Harris develop into... Harris seems very fast.. but he gets beat so much off the dribble on defense.. It would seem he is just very quick to get going in the wrong direction... Giddens is stiff on offense.. but I still like the energy he brings.. at 6'9" He is an asset with the energy...

It will be interesting next year.. to see if there is a division on the team between a senior Loving.. and some young guys who appear to play harder..

Comment 11 Mar 2016

Denzel reminds me a little of Jim Jackson...

That is a fun team to watch...

Lets just hope our young team doesn't pull a Kentucky one and done in the NIT.. They need the work.

Comment 11 Mar 2016

as the leader of the team.. you cant lose the ball at the top of the key, lose your balance, regain your balance and then stand there as everyone races by you...  Even though he is not going to impact that play.. you have to put all your effort into trying to get back on defense..

Those mental lapses, just cant happen when you are the leader of a young team... 

He had a couple mental lapses last night.. if you are a role player, so be it.. as the leader of the team.. you cant.. You dont have to make the play.. but you have to put the effort into the play... 

Comment 03 Mar 2016

Growing up during the Eldon Miller era.. we got the opportunity to look at some crazy scenarios every year to see if we had any shot at the NCAA tourney... I took some time to find my Eldon Miller glasses and apply them to this years situation...

It is possible, if Iowa loses at Michigan.. they would finish the season with 5 straight losses, and would be in a 3 way tie with OSU, Michigan for 6th place.  I think OSU gets the tie breaker due to head to head.  We benefitted immensely from playing those teams only on our home court.. Doubtful we win on their court...   

--> This would make us a 6 seed in BTT.  and a likely matched up with nebraska/Psu in our first BTT game.. a win..   The 6,7, and 8 seeds in big ten tourney almost get guaranteed wins.. As this article states.. the lower half of the big ten is not good.. The team that scares me a little is illinois.. if they actually hit shots.. they could be a tough out... 

--> already counting MSU as a loss, no chance in that game.. but we need to keep it under 14.  No 30 pt losses. Might be a bigger ask than this team can handle away from home. 

   This would put us at 20-13 and hopefully a competitive loss in BTT tourney...    Compared to Michigan and Iowa as a whole.. Iowa is the best of the 3.. and Michigan resume is slightly better than ours... But.. I am hoping for some eldom miller fairy dust.. and maybe the Caris Lavert injury sways them some, and Iowa losing 5 in a row to end the season could out weigh the MSU wins.. Iowa would finish 21-11.. Michigan 21-11.    We have a shot...  Just no blow out losses for us.. cant have them now, but I kind of feel at least one coming.

--> Really Really crazy... 

   Iowa, Purdue, Indiana and OSU win out... I believe this creates a 6 way tie for second place in the BIG ten regular season  :-).. barring other upsets..  The only one of those games that would be an upset.. would really be OSU.. 

-->  If I had my druthers... I would prefer to be the 8 seed in BTT.  I like the Northwestern matchup (most likely), and I think we could fare better against indiana this time.. more so than Maryland or MSU...,  Our next game would then be Purdue/Wisky   both teams we played fairly close on the road.. 

   NW--Indiana--Purdue ---  Hope MSU and Maryland get upset. 

This post brought to you by most of my eldon miller influenced childhood years in the 80's