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Comment 24 hours ago

Kind of funny, we beat Nebraska because they couldn't hit free throws, then we reverted back to our old selves and couldn't hit free throws today.  

Northwestern is a good team, several us basketball fans circled this game on the schedule, northwestern brand basketball was going to be an interesting match up.  Good for them on the win. And they still almost blew it.  

Problem with this season for me is that it has been trending this way for several years, so it's not a big surprise.  Would have been a more pleasant surprise if we actually turned things around this year but that was not as likely as the optimists fearfully hoped for.   It's not just a coaching issue.  We have players that aren't complete enough to be playing in the big ten ... on a good team...  

its kind of sad, I really feel it started with thads surgery, that changed everything, even recruiting.  At this point and I've said it before I'd rather they announce a retirement in February than after the season.   Not to appease the rabid blood thirsty football fans, but to give the basketball fans a chance to send Thad off in a memorable way.   I have tons of great memories from thads time here and I would like to celebrate those on a farewell tour instead of focusing just on the play.  It's too soon right now to announce that, but come February I fully expect something to be announced. 

Comment 20 Jan 2017

The 5-6 weeks between Champ games and Bowl season needs fixed... People keep saying College football interest is at a all time high... but is that regular season and bowl season...  

Over the last 15 years I have went from watching evey bowl game I could find... to this year I was down to 1.5 games... It would have been 2.5 but the local college by me had a bowl game on a Thursday afternoon at 2:30 and I forgot about it.. 

Ive always felt bowl season was stupid.. it is exhibition games, and by the time they are played it really is almost 'next' season for the teams... 

Finish everything by Christmas and give the players a Break... of course the host cities and hotels... and travel industry would never let that happen... 

I know that wont happen... but how about a true Bowl week... 

Saturday of Christmas week.. You play final four.   The next week. You play bowl games every day.  The BCS bowl game would be the 8 pm kickoff, and you would work backwards from there with the meaningless games kicked earliest...  And the next Saturday you Play the Champ... none of this Monday crap... 

indirectly, I am for the extra bye week... but I know it wont be used as it should be... 

Comment 13 Jan 2017

It is kind of like the bad teams that play OSU in football tough... the kids know they are playing in front of a bigger audience and everyone prepares and gives their all... It is usually a sign of overall program and player maturity when you can repeat those efforts...

with that said.. there is a reason.. so many upsets occur in football and basketball after a team wins a big prime time game, and the next week they are playing at noon on the road against a team no one cares about..  You can only play on emotional energy for so long...

Comment 13 Jan 2017

Honestly, this is the best suggestion I have seen.  Life is short.  I try to ignore the fire everyone now crowd because they are annoying, just not quite as annoying as the everything is ok just be positive crowd.  

It is no surprise we aren't good, and the schedule is making us looking worse than we are, which I think makes us bad.  

I'm holding out hope for the northwestern game at home.  But northwestern won't play down to our level of turnovers and ill  advised shots followed up by floor-stuck defense.

 So I might be waiting till that Rutgers home game to storm the court.  And yes I truly believe the students deserve to storm the court if that happens, the ones who show up deserve it. 

Comment 12 Jan 2017

Probably not a popular take on Bates-DIOP and loving, especially since Diop got hurt.. but I do think you are spot on...  Both of those guys seemed to be too similar on the defensive end of the court.. They are just a little slow even for their size... Nice players, but I did not see much good happen with them both on the court...

Comment 12 Jan 2017

If we can keep the loss under 10 pts,  that is a very good thing... Not sure that will happen.   I am impressed we have not had a blow out loss yet... These types of losing streaks can be demoralizing... hopefully it doesn't happen tonight... but At Wisky, and MSU are two teams that could put a hurt on ....

If I had an easy button... I would wish for two wins.. but in lieue of that... I would just ask for time to go by and to put us past these two games.. and then Id like to see how the team responds..

Comment 09 Jan 2017

I am just not sure how this gets downvoted...  You dont get to choose your family ... or other fans of your favorite team I guess... 

Comment 09 Jan 2017

I do believe this is Matta's last year, and the downturn really started with his Foot/Back surgery thing...

The recruiting that we have been doing with the guys who will be coming in are nice players but not guys who are going to turn this around..

With all that said, the schedule is Brutal... I told my friends, an 0-january was possible at the beginning of the year... Northwestern is good, that is not a gimme game, even at home.. Of course we should be better than we are so that wouldn't matter..

If there is a ray of sunshine.. this team will end the year on a roll... Scheduling is a huge factor.. not the only one in this case.. but it is a big deal.. (Kind of like having to play at PSU and at Wisky at night after each has a bye week..)... 

We are not a good team, but have the worst possible schedule, and even getting teams that are getting upset before we play them.. Lots of bad mojo happening...

Its going to get worse before it gets better... I wish we could just fast forward to February... because it will start to look better then.

Comment 08 Jan 2017

Their point guard is going to be too much for us to slow down.  Unless maybe Cj Jackson plays on him and can do it.  

I think this one is tight in the first half. But Minnesota pulls away late winning by 10+. 

Our schedule is absolutely unfriendly for the first 4 games.  Just have to weather the storm.  And then we will get some wins and momentum. 

Comment 06 Jan 2017

what is COY? did  you mean KOY... Kirk of the Year?    There is only one Kirk in the big ten... who else could win it? 

Comment 06 Jan 2017

ive decided to stop making fun of harbaugh, because I seriously think he has brain damage from all the hits he took in Chicago... A doctor would have to show me his cat scan and prove to me there isnt something wrong...