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Comment 29 Apr 2015

Not a great reason, unlikely Urban is still coaching 2020 season...    I am just enjoying every single second of the hear and now.   He is the perfect coach at the perfect time..    

Comment 23 Feb 2015

I'm not happy with the game yesterday, not because we lost but how we lost.   But in fairness to the team, this was not a game I thought they would win, I thought they could win, but you have a freshmen led team.  Young teams play awful on the road, it's not an excuse just a long time big ten fact.   

This team will magically look awesome over the next 3 games, well they will stumble at psu but pull out a win.   

Lets just hope they don't have to play Iowa in btt, I don't think this team could beat Iowa just a bad bad matchup for us.    

Does anyone one know who simian charge of the osu offense, is that Paulas?   Ultimately it's matta, but we don't look very in sync out there.    The poor free throw shooting I do out on matta.   That's just emphasis in practice.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

Amen to that.

I was in A deck so it was hard to see alignments.  But it seemed from the first snap, I told my buddy.. they are playing everyone within 7 yards of the LOS,  At first I thought it was just a pre snap thing...   It was a little shocking to see...  And I kept saying this is crazy.. I had not seen anyone do that to us before.. and he turned to me and said...  seriously... you want to talk about this during the game.. us analyzing their defense wont help us.. so basically shut and up and cheer...  Which He was right...

However, I don't blame preparation or lack there of on this... Or even adjustments... We had too many dropped balls to force them out of that defense.   And I credit Vatech for some of those maybe they got into the wrs head, as they knew the game was on them.  Great Def game plan.   And The blitz stuff did not become feroucious until the second half when they knew we could not complete a pass.

Give me the Fumble recovery.. and it is a different game., OF course if Vatech does not through an INT on that first series and scores it's a different game(well, they still win, but you know what I mean).

Dropped TD by C. Smith.  that was hard to watch, had a great view. My buddy and I looked at each other and said. that could be a Ryan Hamby Omen, there.

Personal foul on Kick Return.  Kicking out of Bounds  All Momentum killers that also provided short fields at critical times.

I was impressed we came back.  I thought Vatech took a risk, and we could not exploit it. 

I like Barret, but some of those sacks were his fault, QB is responsible for some blitz pickups with the read.

I usually am more of a coaches are at fault(since they are the truly paid professionals... but this time I think it was execution on Offense... and the defense well.. Hot and Cold, but too many Critical 3rd and Longs were given up too easily.

At our tailgate, I told everyone it would be a rough and ugly first half, because the Vatech offense was ugly, and their defense would make our offense look ugly.  I was wrong, their offense looked very good(at least I hope it is good, but I have my doubts).   You have this many new guys on offense against a veteran DC it wasn't going to be pretty.   It is what it is... Just get better...

Comment 22 Aug 2014

There are two sides to every story and then there is the truth.  SO Who knows..

I do find it funny, at some of the comments, about the kid needing to be tougher?  Wasn't it Krenzel's kid who had to be protected by his dad?    As a coach you can not rough up another player just because he is your son.  You discipline them.   If the description in the video was true(which I doubt, its only one side, but it is possible).  Krenzel should be suspended from coaching the team and from practices.

We had parents help out at practices, our two best players' dads.  Both played in the NFL and were great guys.  But they got into multiple fist fights over their sons.  One was the star tailback, the other star linebacker.   Both kids embarrassed by their parents.

If Krenzel did pick the kid up by the shoulder pads and hold him in the air in anger... Then why did that kids dad stand there and watch.  Why didn't he run out there(maybe he did).  I know one thing, if that was my grandson, and a  parent/coach felt the need to do more than separate the players and put hands in anger on him, even if it was darrien scott, I would be running out on that field to kick his ass(I may not be able to do it, but I would not be calm about that).

Comment 19 Aug 2014

If you subscribe to the easy path to the title, I like Wisconsin.  They wont be as 'beaten' up as say an OSU/MSU/Michigan or makes it to the title game.    No disrespect to Nebraska or Iowa, but lets face it, even a down Michigan team is a pick'em versus those two teams.

I think OSU without Braxton Miller is now on the same level as the best teams in the BIG, not below but at the same level.  Now if, Braxton can not play at all(which is my assumption above), other teams might breath a sigh of relief now, but if someone like JT Barret starts improving and the O-line starts gelling, and a running back other than Rod Smith emerges... You have a new 'Oh CRAP' moment.. because you have 3 more years of that same unit running at you... And I literaly mean running at you.

The thing Braxton brings that I don't thing people appreciate enough is the 'Oh Crap' moment every defender has when they see him start to run.  With Pryor, I always knew you would get a highlight 20-40 yard run.  With Braxton, he legit can take it to the house at any moment(this is hyperbole, but its almost like a combo of Denard and Pryor).  No other player in college football strikes that level of fear into a team.   He is ridiculously understated.  If his passing was better he would be impossible to defend.

Rooting for Braxton.  I was just telling my buddy, how many times at Ohio State(or any other school) do you see a legit superstar who has stayed out of the media limelight as much as Braxton has.  I don't know him personally, so maybe he is a jerk behind the scenes, but his public persona seems to be 'perfect', if there is such a thing.   I kept telling some of my game watch buddies, I know Braxton has some issues in the passing game, but once he is gone, I have a feeling that is when people will really appreciate who is was.

With all that said, I would hate to run a 70% Braxton out onto the field, not really fair to him.  I was never a huge storm klein fan, but we never really saw a healthy storm klein play, he deserved more credit for filling in that gap than I ever gave him.   I just would not want to see something like with Braxton.

I am hoping my over reaction to the energy, means Braxton is fine, and we will just be developing some good reps for JT for next year at the beginning of the season.

I really hope this does not become like my Keith Byars injury( Ill never forget the day, someone came into my ECON class, and told us the news).  Awful day, awful day.  ... meta tarsal ... fifth... uhhh...