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Comment 1 hour ago

You may want to research the Marketing dollars...  Liberty university was dieing to get a football team for this very reason... And it was the first time I was exposed to how much money sports teams provide a university via marketing dollars...

And you don't have to be good.. you just have to play good times on TV.. 

Comment 4 hours ago

Very Good article  thanks for sharing...  I also think Thad had some assistants that were tireless recruiters and very good at recruiting... Losing those guys over the years and not getting equivalent replacements has really hurt... that and Thad's injury...  

I don't think we overcome this 'lull' in talent...  we aren't a development type team... 

People were talking about D Russell.. one thing I would add there.. we may not have expected him to leave after one year.. but he was not a typical basketball recruit,  he 'fell' into our lap because of Louisville and Pitino not promising him a starting position...  I give the coaches credit for jumping on the opportunity.. but I am not going to say he was recruited and won over... he knew this was a perfect place for him to come in and take over... And it worked out for both parties... Unless...  Having Russel actually stunted the growth of players like Loving etc... But I will still take DRuss for one year.. it was worth it... 

Sure would be nice to have another guy like that fall into our lap... that is about the only way I see this team getting better next year...  The talent is not there... Maybe they have a guy in mind we haven't heard about... 

Comment 21 Feb 2017

I'm all for this... Now let the 'Education First' universities give up all sports, let them be Club Sports or Farm leagues... Then the high paid coaches would earn their money outside the university system.... Of course this would never happen, because those 'Education First' universities love the revenue and/or free marketing they receive from it... 

Comment 19 Feb 2017

This is a really good summary.  Not what I wish were true, but it's very good.   I really don't understand how it gets down voted.  It's not even slightly inflammatory. 

You don't have to, but if you did downvote it would mind explaining to me what was wrong with the post, for my own educational purposes?   

And I don't always agree with this original poster, so I'm really curious what is wrong with how he said this? 

Comment 18 Feb 2017

I admire your optimism but next years team will not be any better.  The guys coming in will need some development time they aren't first year difference makers.  

People have wanted to get rid of "current team" players for the last 4 years so the team would be better the next year.   The zenith was thinking getting rid of the 4 problem players last was going to right the ship. 

This program is starved for big ten level talented basketball players.   Each player we have has noticeable deficiencies.  Thompson is the only guy I would worry about losing.  The rest of the players negatives out weight their positives from a big ten standpoint.   Some of them would be great at the mid major level. 

Comment 15 Feb 2017

I don't remember knowing many people during my 4 years at Ohio state who could afford Olive Garden.  I remember the teacher going around the room in my business 799 class and  asking each student what they were most looking forward to after graduation ... the majority answer was being able to afford to eat at a restaurant. 

I still remember making it on jolly ranchers and crackers for 3 days once.  

Comment 14 Feb 2017

Mighigan State is not the Michigan state of old... but neither are we...

MSU is still smarting from that near 30 pt loss to Michigan.  Which that tangled web helped us beat Michigan.  The fact UM had to play MSU right after us(and they were like 0-5, meant they had to win that MSU game and spent some extra time on MSU, which benefitted us, but hey we all have scheduling anomalies, this time it worked out for us). 

Michigan State wont be sleep walking in this one at home.  There is always a chance, but more like a 15-20% chance...   MSU defense can lock us down and take away options 1, 2 and probably 3... The one thing we have going for us is Marc Loving and his unconventional style... Sometimes playing some 'free style' can beat discipline... sometimes.. not often.. but that is how I could see an upset... Marc Loving going off...     

MSU is not going to let Thompson beat them, they will take him out much like Iowa did, because he is critical to our success, and they know it.  Kam is not strong enough to have a good game against MSU.   Lyle on the other hand.. is like a Jekyll and Hyde, if he goes off we have a chance.. but it is more likely his undisciplined style results in way too many too overs against MSU defense. 

This is a Tate type of game.. there will be plenty of garbage points to be had in this one...

I liked us on the road against scum.. but I think this one gets away from us...  we lose by 10+... here is to hoping to banking in some 3pters to make the home crowd nervous..

Comment 10 Feb 2017

I believe Kevin Wilson coached with Bob Stoops at Ok, just not sure how long... Usually the defensive guy gets the advantage on knowing more about what the offensive guy is going to do..  It's early but I have not heard much talk about the potential impact of this on the upcoming game...   My general sense is that most people are just chalking this up as a win... much different feel than last year..  

Comment 09 Feb 2017

Be careful thinking this a non a factor.    For those of us who lived through the coooer era.   It can be a double edged sword.  you end up with Ohio kids who feel scorned and will compete twice as hard against you, and out of state players can be at greater risk to leave when things don't go their way.  

But you also don't just take a kid who is not nearly as good as an out of state recruit.   

Comment 05 Feb 2017

I'm not denying Michigan is a basketball rival, but I will always contend Indiana is our biggest basketball rival and always has been... And Long time ohio state basketball fans know this.. 

The Michigan basketball game is more for the football only fans... as I posted last week about this game..

IF Ohio State wins you get a lot of Michigan sucks chatter with a heavy football flavor... but. If we lose the football only fans want the entire basketball staff fired.. 

Go back and watch the 1990-1992 Indiana basketball games and you will see Ohio State - Michigan football effort and emotions... You will never see that in an Ohio State Michigan basketball game... 

And if you try to tell me it is  recent rivalry.. in the last 15 years the Wisconsin and Michigan State games have been more emotionally charged than the Michigan games... 

Comment 04 Feb 2017

I have a feeling we win this one.  But If we don't , With Rutgers winning, that sets up a last place battle this week.  Thank goodness that will be a home game for us.   

Comment 04 Feb 2017

Tattoos are a bad decision waiting too happen. 

But this kid was nothing but class during recruitment and de-recruitment, so I'm going to tred lightly and remember the hundreds of well wishing posts from "our fans" when he respectfully " decommitted" due to circumstances more beneficial to the program and the fans. 

Comment 01 Feb 2017

The next game will be the toughest for me .  The team lacks depth of skill, they try to make up for it with effort at times, but inconsistently at best. 

We are going to play at Michigan, where they beat Indiana by 30, I think.   I actually think we can upset Michigan, different matchup than Maryland  however this team has almost zero margin for error    And that zero margin for error is probably going to overcome all my hopefulness.   Note: I have not thought we would win any big ten games except Minnesota at home. 

With all that said... I dred this next game.  I am a bigger basketball fan than football at a football school.   Unfortunately a lot of those football fans don't watch basketball unless we are playing Michigan    And there are two camps to the football only fans who do tune in...

1. If we lose... who cares... spring game is what matters, 

2.  The fans who are  all about how Michigan sucks... so if we win they celebrate like it's the super bowl, but if we lose they want everyone fired immediately...  and this is probably the only game they watched.      

For me, it's group of fans in number 1 that are actually the most annoying.  I hate indifference, I can laugh at group 2. 

Although I do think Ohio State wins this game and it is an upset pick, there is just as much chance we could get blown out wisky style.   I really dread that, the game and then the reactions from groups 1 and 2 .

if we only win two More games this year ...please let it be Michigan for the football fans and Indiana for the basketballl fans.   I'm a glass half empty guy, but I do think I get my wish   

Comment 29 Jan 2017

I'm not going to give Tate a complete pass on laziness.   He hustles but his free throws are an embarrassment.  the fact those are so awful is an indication off court laziness, or at the very least in ability to practice them properly.   If you want to shoot free throws better you can. 

And my one other minor complaint with Tate is his body language after a play or call doesn't go out way.  He is not our biggest problem but he also is not the complete answer.  Since lovings body language is awful this gets magnified on a team desperate for leadership by example.