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Comment 26 Aug 2015

I have not had a forced rep in 10 years...  and my body represents that fact..

Comment 24 Aug 2015

I somewhat miss the days of TTUN being highly ranked in the initial poll...  It was fun watching them drop every week.. 

This is nice and all... but it is hard to take any poll seriously that does not have at least 5 sec teams in the top 10, and every team in the top 25 or at least receiving votes... :-)

Comment 20 Aug 2015

This is the most interesting thing ever posted on the internet...   And I did not have to click on  buttons  to read the next  paragraphs...  

Comment 20 Aug 2015

There are 'some people' who only want to hear good things... And if 'you' dont tell 'them' ,'they' are the best at everything all the time.. then  'you' are a hater... That is a minority of our fans.. but they are vocal. 

Comment 20 Aug 2015

I honeslty think they did a really good job on this list... 

Mike Doss is my favorite buckeye... but he is not better nor more deserving than anyone on that list. 

Nugent was great,  But there have been alot of great kickers.  Nugent missed some big kicks.. The MNC game.. the Illinois game we almost lost... He was not automatic, almost, but not quite. 

Eddie George couldnt sniff this list... That is completely being a homer...   As much as I loved Eddie's heart.. no way he should be on the list. 

I loved seeing Archie on this list as a starter.. too many younger buckeye fans do not understand just how awesome he was... He was Barry Sanders with a little more power. 

Tebow and Spielman both deserve to be on the list.  

Hicks surprised me not being first team as well as munoz.  

Cris Carter was great, but not as good as the guys on this list, his signing with an agent and missing his senior year eliminated him.  Anthony Carter surprised me a little.

Teddy Ginn... I cant put him on the list either.. compared to the guys on this list, the numbers don't make sense.  Plus the Dude from Miami might have been a more feared punt returner at the time he played..

Not expecting this to be a popular post.. but as OSU fans sometimes we have to be somewhat realistic... There are have been a lot of great players at other schools as well... 

Comment 14 Aug 2015

I thought Dontre' was the most sure handed on the punts last year.   I realize he takes 800 steps to get 10 yards but I did not mind him back there on punts he is a small target.. always picked up some yards... 

turnovers terrify me with this team.. It is their one achilles heel. 

Comment 12 Aug 2015

I would still like to know the difference(hardship) the college athlete has that 95% of the other students don't have? 

1. They have tuition, Books, Housing, Food(all you can eat now, I would have run the steps at Larkins everyday twice for this deal, I still have college hunger nightmares 25 years later), medical insurance, gear(not the kind on the other side of the pond, the nike kind) and some stipend.

2.  I do think each athlete should get an Guaranteed 4 year scholarship with all players benefits for all 4 years injury insurance policy, a life insurance policy, and paid min wage for their state per hour of required activities during season.  This should be averaged and whatever they get in season, they should also get out of season.

College students work, most for not more than min wage, and that money has to go to tuition, books, food(and not the stuff the athletes are getting).  The athletes we knew when I went there we were highly jealous of what they were getting...  

I just get the feeling the players are expecting college life to be like the 5% of the extremely wealthy kids who go there and not like the other 95 percent grinding out each day to make it to the next.

I am not absolving the colleges of using these kids, because they are, but to me that is more an issue of amateur athletics selling out to the NFL as a farm league and they have and are making tons of money...  

I know there is a lot more to it than this,  but I would be interested in thoughts on Athletes and what their college experience should be compared to the majority of the student body...

Comment 12 Aug 2015

I think the team would be more consistent with Barrett, but has a higher ceiling with Jones.    His deep ball opens up a lot on the offense..

Plus I think Cardale goes Pro after this year... and JT would have two more...  And Another Plus(well minus) no QB in the system is going to be play all these games all out without an injury..

Comment 12 Aug 2015

I am on old guy... but things have to change whether I like it or not.. I appreciate people pushing the envelope... If not,

 we would be listening to the games on radio still(to be honest those were some of my favorite games, but I prefer TV).  

Ill assume this is going to be more theatrical for Stadium entrance etc...   Have they changed how these stadium lights work in the last 25 years so it does not take them 20 minutes to fully turn back on?

Comment 11 Aug 2015

I would look to a team like 1999 Buckeyes that looked great on paper and did not finish so great... 

I dont see play makers and leaders on defense... That offensive line, would not hold up against PSU(last years barely did).  They would make it to 6-6  as long as you had some strong leaders step up... my issue with that is.. if those guys were strong leaders they would probably be starting, unless they were just young... 

What is the identity of that team..  They would struggle on defense so much early on, it would look like the 2k13 defense or worse. 

The run game would be based on Cardale being able to open up the deep passing game... That is what I would put my stock in.. one or two of the young WR being very mature at route running and having good speed.  If that happened it could open alot possibilities..  but I have no confidence in that defense.    

Every single game would be a possible loss, much like 1999.  

And more important than the strength of your top 22 is your top 44... Our depth would be extemely young or non existent... 

How about where would the team from the Spring game finish?  Divided up?  That might be a little more interesting to me.. 

Comment 11 Aug 2015

Devin Gardner, I dont know his history, but he seemed like a class act on the field.. and he put as much effort into the 'GAME' as any player I have watched from either team... 

Anthony Carter, and Shoelace

harbaugh, He talked the talk then backed it up... others loathe him... but I just cant hate him, yet. 

Trey Burke, Gary Grant, Glen Rice, Rumeal Robinson, Barry Larkin, Chris Sabo, Hal Morris... 

Comment 11 Aug 2015

I have the perfect remedy for that...   Wait till her favorite TV show is on(yes I am assuming you hate it, but it will be worth the pain to sit through the bachelor/bachelorette or whatever)...    Do a little homework, you have to know the night and time it comes on...

1.  Make sure you casually ask her to do something simple yet somewhat nice during that exact time..   Make sure it is not so great she will say yes.. Just enough to give you effort credit.. 

2.  Wait till the show starts, a good five minutes into it.. and sit down.  With the casual what are you watching... is it good.. hmmm looks interesting... 

3.  Be silent for 5 full minutes say nothing.  You speak to soon and you will blow it.

4.  Now start asking the names of the people on the show..  and as she tells you the names, randomly say you like or dislike the person based on something trivial that would defy all logic and explanation... you are hoping for an eye roll here.. 

5.  during random parts of the show SIGH with emphasis... shake your head and make noises of approval or disapproval.. 

6.   Start asking why Character X did something.. and say it was stupid.. that makes no sense.. They should just do Y.  WHy didnt they do Y.  I cant bear to watch this anymore... I just want to jump in the TV and make them do Y...   Ohh.. I like that shirt that other character is wearing... (any random piece of clothing).. Don't comment on female characters who are attractive...  That could cost you Time after the show, you want to avoid that.. 

7. MOST IMPORTANT PART... SHUT UP during the commericals.. DONT SAY a WORD... nothing.. Look at your phone or something.. NOT ONE WORD. 

8. As soon as commecerical break is over.. wait 30 seconds.. ask if they want something to eat or drink... Make sure you extend this simple ask with follow ons.. Oh Chips.. how about some salsa..  we should make salsa... Hey you should call my  mom to get her recipe for salsa.. 

9.  If you made it this far without being asked to leave.  Your wife or girlfriend is a freaking ninja-jedi who cant be broke and your life is over anyway...   But by this time you have probably been cussed at, or asked to leave so they can finish their show...   You want to mumble as you leave something about spending quality time together.. etc... 

So how does this help you...   Here is the kicker..

GF or wife sits down during the middle of the game, starts talking randomly... You look at her and say.. Hey we still watching the Bachelor on Tuesday night at 8....    

This has never failed for me.. 

Comment 07 Aug 2015

I always forget when it is opposite day... 

Everyday a michigan fan is happy is a bad day. 

Comment 06 Aug 2015

I would love to see Notre Dame in the playoff, mostly because I think they would be an easy out. Plus, I would love to see the ACC / Notre Dame turmoil as ND is part of the ACC but does not play in ACC game... As uch as I hate ESPN this will be one time when I enjoy their stupid made up news stories... and this will definitely be one of them.

My ideal Playoff almost happened last year.

OSU, BAMA, FSU(Texas or OU) and Oregon(would replace with USC).  I said 'my' ideal,, only because FSU has owned us... and I knew they were primed for an upset.  I expected we would get paired with them.  Interestingly enough, had we blown out FSU which we would have, Im not as sure we beat bama on a 1 week turn around.

This year my dream playoff would be... I almost hate to do this as I feel like I am jinxing us...

OSU, Notre Dame, USC and Texas A&M (because this will count as the SEC and BIG 12 rep, so neither can complain :-))

USC and FSU are two teams I would really like to schedule while Meyer is still here... 

Comment 04 Aug 2015

This is what I am doing... I was shocked when I saw the chepaest ticket was 179...  The ticket brokers were selling similar tickets for like 130 prior yesterday's release.  

They have 6 dollar tickets for Norfolk State :-)

Comment 04 Aug 2015

If I tried to forget years of brainwashing that I wholly accepted without question... And don't want to change... My List would look like...


Some of my basic rules

   -  if you have your name or mascot written on your uniform I wont include you... It means you failed in branding if you have to tell people who you are.  (And to think I am a basketball fan, but for football, not needed). 

- Does it actually look good on the field live or on TV.  I dont care about old school or new school... if it looks good fine.  I had a girlfriend who was a fashion designer who explained more than I ever cared about in how you create uniforms and what colors can be worn together, which colors can touch which can not, etc... That is as far as my mind went in the conversation before turning off... So my evaluation process is using about 2% of what she actually told me because I had to shut down due to lack of interest. 

- Is it just a copy of another Teams Theme?  And how much of it is a copy.  Like Indiana at one point just basically being the same Oklahoma... Iowa actually being a copy of the Steelers.   Is it really just an NFL style uniform with a different logo (Purdue New orleans 1980s). 

- I thought writing this out would be fun.. now I have lost interest and dont want to finish it...

Comment 03 Aug 2015

Good for him... better to be honest and let everyone know early on... My only take on Bama now is that it seems like all their defenders are overweight...   I know Saban likes over sized guys, I think they might have gotten a little sloppy with it though... 

As an athlete my body is my tool, I want to make sure I not only go to the best place to learn football, to play and contribute, but will build my body... 

Comment 31 Jul 2015

I kind of understand a program like Michigan State having to tell committed recruits no other visits, etc...  They dont have the options other schools do... So if they invest in a 3 star guy early, they probably stop recruiting other targets...   At Ohio State you can easily jump back in on guys.. Michigan state not so much...   So I cant completely blame Dantonio for this... 

The kid obviously knew, because he tried to contact them on Friday.  My issue with him would have been... why wait till Friday to try to make that call.. 

Comment 30 Jul 2015

Sadly the people who are doing it don't realize how stupid they are, so unless lightning strikes they are are not getting fixed.  And we have more than our fair share of posters on here who fit a similar profile in how they respond about student athletes when the poster does not think they are going to get what they want... 

People are stupid, I watch the games with a couple of them... some of it is just the fact you cant put an old head on young shoulders, but others can't fathom the possibility they might actually be wrong about something. 

And don't get me wrong, the athletes know what they are signing up for, it's not right, but they know...  I have yet to meet a famous person who complained about fans, who was willing to give up their celebrity status.   

The one nice thing about the social media and idiots doing this.. it is bringing up more conversation about social skills and etiquette...   I am not saying I have a lot of them.   I tend to avoid social settings so I dont annoy everyone else with my minority views on social interaction.   When I have to go I try to play by the overall social standards that I am aware of and I dont mind correction (politely done, so I can adjust my behavior, speech or even dress). 

Comment 23 Jul 2015

Although Darron Lee and Tyvis Powell would be the two people on the Ohio State team (at this time) I would least like to represent me on twitter or in any other verbal form, I can appreciate what he is saying, even if he needs a class in public communication.  

Everytime I think of twitter conversations I think of the movie Idiocracy. 

Probably could have worded it better, but as fans, giving the players some respect and acknowledging that asking them to constantly relive last year as they are preparing for this year is distracting.  Everyone of us is human, and no matter how focused you are at some point having constant reminders about how great you were is going to make you softer. 

It is so nice to just be able to nit pick a 20 year olds tweets, versus having to sit on egg shells like fans of Female Striker U. 

Comment 21 Jul 2015

This is still the one thing I do not hear people talking about heading into the 2015 season.    It is my number 1 concern. 

Eventually you have this many turnovers, you are going to lose a game you are not supposed to... 

Comment 17 Jul 2015

Very well said..  College athletics everywhere and society in general seem to be having a bigger and bigger problem with violence towards women... It's a lack of education IMHO some on the side of women but ALOT on the side of young men.  They are being taught about Sex and women via Music, Movies/TV, and the internet instead of Mom and Dad.  

Not much shocks me, but have to work around youth, and to hear how they talk about girls is unsettling at best.  I was stupid at that age as well, but my dad would have beat my ass if I came close to even thinking what some of these kids say and do. 

I hope none of it is true... but the reality is... even more than is reported is happening and that is what is scary as hell.. 

and I have had my fair share of psycho girlfriends, I have been lied on, and punched.. but each time I did not walk away, I ran away and finally figured out how to stay away.  

Ill never understand a grown man punching a women like a man(well he is not a man, so that answers some of it), I guess I just lack passion and I am too cold hearted... because anyone who can make me mad enough to punch I drop from my life ASAP, without explanation(because there is no point in talking by that time).