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Comment 28 Mar 2015
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say Brionte Dunn emerges as a solid number 2 tailback and pushes Samuel to more PT at H-back. Urban pointed him out last year as a player that was performing at a high level and he seemed to show it against Wisconsin. He was just as highly rated as Weber coming in but now has 3 years of experience in the weight room and in the program.
Comment 27 Mar 2015
Probably want to wait until he drops out of Harvard and starts Microsoft first. Buy up all the stock just before his family's banking friends "persuade" IBM to bend over for him. ;)
Comment 27 Mar 2015
How long did you have to wait while your janitor friend adjusted the rim down to 8 feet? J/K :)
Comment 27 Mar 2015
Reminds me of how easily Mark Baker used to sky. He was probably even a couple of inches shorter than Jalin. I bet if you looked closely at Mark's calves, you'd see steel springs or something similar under the skin.
Comment 16 Feb 2015
Walker "appears" to be on another level from Weber. He's a legit 5 star and among the best RB prospects in the last few years. But I don't think Weber is really all that far behind him. Weber's attributes translate very well to the next level. Low center of gravity, powerful legs that maintain great balance and brush off arm tackles, not great speed but good enough (faster than Carlos Hyde, for example). Weber absolutely could start over Walker. Really depends on who works the hardest and picks up the offense quickly. And probably a hundred other little things we never see on high school highlight videos.
Comment 14 Feb 2015
I have a feeling the Smith WR deep ball legacy is going to continue, as Corey takes over for Devin. All he has to do is concentrate on the ball a bit better to avoid the silly drops. It seemed like he did get somewhat better at that over the course of the season, even with limited touches. Corey could emerge as an elite player next year right alongside Michael Thomas. He's doing all the little things well now, which I'm sure had a lot to do with watching Evan Spencer be such an important part of the team without catching many passes. I think it was spring practice 2 years ago when coaches were already raving about Corey potentially being the best WR on the roster. They just couldn't play him because he hadn't picked up the other stuff yet.
Comment 13 Feb 2015
You bess be gettin that weak "freakin" language off a Samuel L. Jackson gif, before he comes and finds you and makes you read the label on his wallet just before poppin a cap in yo ass. "Freakin" is just not something a bad mo fo like Samuel L Jackson would ever say. ;) (Hint: gif works a lot better without the freakin - no need to substitute something else. :) )
Comment 11 Feb 2015
By itself it's too negative. We need some Sammy graphics to help us visualize what exactly we'll be "grinding" next year. Like those ugly helmets being road graded into dust, while Harbaugh is flying away from the scene like some limp balloon, ego completely deflated, while frantically and arrogantly tweeting quotes from Ulysses or Finnegan's Wake to maintain the illusion of Michigan Man superiority, covering up the fact that he's just plain crazy.
Comment 11 Feb 2015
I suggest all you bitchers and moaners about duplicate threads and topics that have been beaten to death petition 11 Warriors to get your subscription fees refunded. Not everyone has the time to read EVERY SINGLE FORUM POST for the past month. In fact, a lot of us can only snatch 5-10 minutes a day. If we see something interesting we haven't seen before, and we want to respond, should we really spend the rest of our 5-10 minutes making sure it hasn't been covered in a previous topic? Geez, is it really that hard to read a post title and decide there's not likely to be anything of interest there for you and move on to something that is interesting to you? Here's a better idea. Rather than posting your lamentations about somebody else "beating a dead horse", realize that YOU are the one BEATING A DEAD HORSE by repeatedly bemoaning the existence of topics already familiar to you, completely cluttering up and wasting the time of those coming to it with fresh eyes. The very simple solution is AVOID THE GODDAMNED TOPIC. That way the only ones posting on it will be the people new to it, who will have something fresh to offer in the eyes of the other readers. I suspect some of the complaining is a bit of egotism by those that already posted in the earlier topics and feel slighted that their opinions are being ignored and not recognized for the great wisdom they contain. Again, very simple solution. Don't read or respond to topics you've already read and responded to. Then you can safely imagine that everything posted in the repeat topic is the highly inferior meanderings of nitwits.
Comment 08 Feb 2015
You "may" want to do this at some point. Right now, he compares with any of the top backs the last few years, but he's still growing and improving his game. If he makes as much progress his senior year as he did his junior year, you're talking Bo Jackson, Herschel Walker type territory. Reminds me a lot of Eric Dickerson actually.
Comment 07 Feb 2015
Greatest... pic... of... ALL... TIME! Also one of the greatest runs. It should be a requirement for all OSU running backs to go back and watch film of Eddie George's senior year runs, especially the ones who lose their balance by trying too hard and impatiently run into the backs of there blockers. I think Zeke must of already watched that film, because those last 3 games I saw an awful lot of the smoothness and patience of Eddie George.
Comment 06 Feb 2015

You need to very quickly learn how to use the sarcasm font, to keep those slow people from very quickly misunderstanding your intent.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Regarding Vrabel, he believed more in playing the best player and not going with a steady rotation to keep guys fresh. Think back to late in MSU B10 championship game when the RB busted through the DL for the late touchdown. Now think back to 2nd half against Oregon where we had developed enough DL players that the whole 2nd team got rotated in regularly and kept the starters fresh. Definite difference in philosophy, and results.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Why do people continue to think that a former player would be a good teacher of a position just because he was a good player of the position?  This is almost never true in any walk of life.  The one doesn't preclude the other, but they each require completely different skillsets.  The good player has to have a physically superior body and be able to translate instructions into kinesthetic memory that is so automatic he no longer needs to consciously remember the instructions. In fact, remembering them may be a detriment to performance. The good teacher has the exact opposite requirements, and his physical abilities have little relevance.

So no, it's probably not the case that Eddie George or Joey Galloway or any other former star player would be a good position coach, unless they had the dedication to pursue it seriously when their playing days were over (like Fickell and Vrabel). It takes a unique individual to be a college assistant coach, to be willing to work that hard and be on the road recruiting that much. Anyone who didn't pursue it as soon as they were able to is most likely not that unique individual. 

I also think the notion that anyone knew Drayton was leaving today is pretty naive.  It just doesn't work that way, other than a head coach being aware of his guys interviewing to a degree. Urban probably doesn't even want to know anything until there's an offer on the table.  You just can't effectively operate that way, trying to appease everyone by keeping them apprised of every possibility.

Even if Weber was completely blindsided, there's absolutely nothing shady about how Urban Meyer or Drayton handled it. They acted the only way you can, and it isn't any different from any other coaching staff in America. 

Comment 05 Feb 2015

Good job, DJ, of taking the somewhat higher road by ending with the Michigan fans that have somehow managed to maintain their humanity after all the damage the last 14 years of UM football have dealt to their pride.

That's a pretty amazing feat right there.  They should all be sainted for making it through that gauntlet of torture.

Comment 30 Jan 2015

I suggest you go back and look at Pryor's HS highlights compared to Gibson's.  Gibson is flat out a better looking quarterback than Pryor was.  Running ability is about even. And Gibson without question is playing against better competition.

That said, as long as we keep Joey Burrow, I could care less where Gibson ends up. I think Burrow is going to be really special and will be pushing for playing time in 2016.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

What is this television thing I occasionally hear people speak of? I think we may have had something like that when I was growing up, but it's been so long since I engaged in that sort of time/mind wasting activity I'm not sure if I'm remembering correctly. 

Comment 27 Jan 2015
I still don't know how we lost that game. It's almost like the football gods decreed "Ohio State must lose this game" and then made some highly improbable plays happen in just the right sequence. Kind of like Texas in 2005. Corey Smith drops an easy touchdown. Runs the wrong route causing an int return for a TD. Barrett has several other passes dropped, and always seems to turn right into the pressure causing sacks. Meanwhile, the VT QB pulls passes out of his ass he never completed before (and probably hasn't since) on every freaking third and long. I think if we played that game ten times and played exactly the same way we'd win 9 of them. The way I think about that game though, is that we may never have elevated to the heights we did if we hadn't lost it.
Comment 24 Jan 2015
Yeah, but that's on them for being stupid. We should in no way discourage sources of information unless it becomes obvous they were just trolling for attention.
Comment 24 Jan 2015
If I could downvote this ten times I would. It's well written and amusing, but it comes off as ridiculing someone who may well have a connected source. Save the ridicule for when the poster has been wrong a few times. Meanwhile, I prefer to get all the information I can.