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Comment 14 hours ago
I'll agree that the criteria used makes a pretty weak case but overall I think Miller tends more towards clutch than not clutch. Trying to define that with strictly objective criteria that ignores atmosphere and several other game intangibles just seems silly. By the end of the year I think cumulative injuries had caught up to Braxton, moreso than the competition not bringing the best out of him. The real test of clutch is whether or not a player's skills elevate when it matters the most, and I believe Braxton's actually do more often than not.
Comment 22 hours ago
As others have said, this is a no win situation. If your scenario plays out, Michigan football will be lampooned by the national media in a way you're probably not going to like. The best outcome is probably a very neutral, uninspired 28-7 comfortable win that few outside of Ann Arbor take notice of.
Comment 22 hours ago
Man, you had it good. I had to climb up on the roof with a metal hanger just to get one channel, after walking 5 miles to and from school up hill both ways in 2 feet of snow.
Comment 21 Aug 2014
The 2011 team called and they want their meme back. In fact, they did such a tremendous job of shocking Buckeye fans that season that we're sealing #SHOCKTHEWORLD in concrete and dropping it in the nearest ocean.
Comment 20 Aug 2014
Have you ever seen a college QB put 60 yards of air under a ball and have it caught for a long TD? Me either. (I exaggerate: Troy to Ginn/Holmes may have happened a couple of times.) 30-40 yards with accuracy and timing are much more important than being able to launch bombs three quarters of the field.
Comment 20 Aug 2014
I didn't think Cardale was awful. Passing touch left a lot to be desired, but his size and physicality often kept plays alive in a way that reminded me of Cam Newton and Vince Young. That said, one thing I noticed about Barrett from his highlights was excellent touch on the ball and very quick decisions. Reminded me a lot of Guiton, who was better than Miller in those aspects. When the offense sputtered under Miller, it was almost always due to holding the ball too long and not taking the easy opportunities that were available. Of course, Miller was capable of firing a 30 yard rope for a TD on 3rd and long, or busting a 40 yard run, to compensate for the wasted downs.
Comment 20 Aug 2014
He didn't even necessarily need to change, other than being smarter about the size of his twitter audience and the likelihood of his tweets being read by people that very much DON'T have his best interests in mind. Other than always thinking the worst of others to artificially elevate a weak self-esteem, there's no good reason to interpret "We ain't come to play school" as anything other than a colloquial teenager lament intended for his homeboys. Read in that light, and not as an indicator of functional intelligence, it's actually pretty funny.
Comment 19 Aug 2014
Had virtually the exact same scenario. Did it playing basketball (feet got tangled with the other guy on a fast break shot block attempt). Re-dislocated it many times playing basketball and tennis. Finally had the surgery when it started popping out at night if I turned the wrong way. Took a couple of months to regain full strength, but 25 years later it's perfectly normal and have never had any issues with it.
Comment 18 Aug 2014
Any mention of zen gets an up vote from me. :)
Comment 15 Aug 2014
If Hubbard takes Josh Perry's spot, that sounds like things going bad, as from all accounts Perry has been very solid to spectacular. Unless you meant it's likely Perry leaves early after having a monster season.
Comment 15 Aug 2014
That got talked about a lot when Fickell first said it. The more appropriate interpretation is that they aren't going to be better as a unit than they would have been if Shazier had stayed, but they will be better than you'd think because the other guys know they have to take that next step up, that it's all on them now.
Comment 15 Aug 2014
I think offering Teske was a borderline insurance policy against early departures and striking out on much bigger fish, i.e. a good practice body that could start in a pinch. Not saying he won't develop into a really good player, but from early accounts Bell appears to be the future at center, if/when Giddens leaves after a couple years. Teske, to his credit, was probably smart enough to sense that. And that he was a better fit in Belein's system.
Comment 14 Aug 2014
It's just been small snippets in these practice videos, but every time I've seen Jalin Marshall he's looked really explosive. He's seems to have an aura about him that says "great football player".
Comment 13 Aug 2014
Yeah, but will he be better at the other ten positions Michigan fans already have Peppers being an All American at?
Comment 12 Aug 2014
It truly saddens me that our culture has reached a point where "leaders" buy into that nonsense that they must always appear to be infallible and changing your mind implies weakness. The truth is just the opposite. President Drake is the one, and probably the only, person who could fix this apparent injustice. All he would have to do is say something like "Upon examining further evidence, it appears some rather too hasty judgments were made. I take full responsibility and will be examining our processes to make sure we do our best to keep this from happening in the future." He'd be a hero and immediately recognized as a true leader, one who doesn't sacrifice his people for political expediency.
Comment 12 Aug 2014
Mike Thomas and Adolphus Washington are two more. If memory serves me there at least 10-12 that remained committed (and Urban honored). These are special players that will be remembered. Kyle Kalis will not be.
Comment 10 Aug 2014
And Boren offspring, but I think that's already understood. Really wish we'd have kept Zach at LB his whole career. Great speed is nice, but there are some intangibles to playing the position (exemplified by the relatively slow Chris Spielman) and Zach seemed to have them.
Comment 10 Aug 2014
True, but probably the only area it will affect performance is catching passes, and possibly a slightly higher fumble risk when the ball is in that hand. A good wrist brace should adequately protect the healing process and still allow him to exert full force with the forearm and bicep.