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Comment 4 hours ago

Not going to name names, but there seems to be some people posting in this thread who have reading comprehension problems or are intentionally being assholes.

Or it's that strange notion that some seem to get that it's simply not possible to read a topic headline and simply...

...wait for it now and brace yourself, because it's pretty mind blowing...


This was a very legitimate question to ask. Specifically,  "Does anyone know if Braxton is healthy enough to throw and what are the chances he plays some quarterback? "

I would really like solid info on that, just like the OP.

It doesn't have anything to do with Cardale or JT or the offense.

Fact is it'd be another weapon that the coaches may want to utilize at some point later this season.

I understand the sentiment that we need to get the current offense humming before that makes sense, but we as fans talking about it will not have the slightest effect on what Urban does with his team.

For all any of you really know, Urban's grand plans for what this offense will look like when it really needs to be humming (when MSU comes to town) may well include Braxton Miller throwing the ball from the QB position.

Granted it doesn't appear to be likely, but the only way to know how likely is to know where Braxton is with throwing the ball.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

I wasn't implying an injury. 

Maybe JT went into a funk after not being named the starter for VT. He had enough practice reps to still look sharp in that game, but maybe psychologically he's lost his edge and has just been going through the motions.

Maybe he was thinking "If it's neck and neck, I have the more proven body of work and should get the nod."

I'd hate for that to be the case, but you never know.  Something has definitely caused a regression.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Damn. That may be the best job of stretching a metaphor without breaking it that I've ever seen. 

Comment 04 Oct 2015

My intuition tells me that last year's pre-injury JT would be running this offense a lot better than Cardale, but unfortunately we have no idea where that dude is.

Anybody got a time machine handy that can go back and give that JT a lift into the future?

The only other thing I have to say on this subject is that Cardale is really still in his first season as a starting QB. It took both Troy Smith and Terrelle Pryor most of two seasons as a starter before they could be counted on to be consistently good.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Yes he was. I think we are now seeing just how fast a healthy Dontre Wilson is.  I think he he was actually playing injured a good part of last year, when he was able to play at all.

I do agree with the OP though. That was pretty bone headed to dive at the defender from behind, especially since Zeke's momentum that close to the end zone was going to take it in 9 times out of 10 anyways. 

Comment 28 Sep 2015

I think this is most of the story.  I believe the rest of the story is that our non-conference slate was actually a lot stronger than it's been given credit for.  This factors in compared to previous non-conference slates that gave us no trouble due to the fact that the coaches of the teams we played this year could see they had decent enough players to give us a game, and it was therefore worth their while to dedicate extra time in preseason practice to cook up something special for Ohio State, something that they'd never shown on film.  Being able to play closely with Ohio State could put their programs on the map and get them a lot of nationwide attention.  Whereas the teams in previous non-conference schedules tended not to have starting players anywhere near capable of overcoming Ohio State's talent level, regardless of what scheme they cooked up.  They were going to get blasted no matter what, so their time was much better spent preparing for the teams on their schedule they had a chance to beat.

Once you get into conference play, a few teams may still gun for a particular opponent, spending extra practice time during the season just to beat that team.  Ohio State and Michigan have certainly done that in the past.  But the more you do that, the more you aren't finding out what your personnel is really good at and designing game plans to take advantage of it.  I think that's exactly what happened to Brady Hoke's Michigan squad in 2013.  I think there came a point about mid-season where that coaching staff realized they had put themselves on the hot seat and the only way to cool it off was to beat Ohio State.  So they effectively tanked a good part of that season due to focusing too much on OSU.  That's the only thing that can account for how utterly discombobulated the Michigan offense was against the teams prior to OSU only to come out firing on all cylinders against OSU.  Otherwise there's no way they keep that game within four touchdowns. 

Comment 27 Sep 2015

When an offense executes the run perfectly, unless the defense can physically just overpower the offensive player or by chance they win the rock/paper/scissors game of scheme alignment and call, the offense is going to run a successful play and gain 4 yards plus. Woody's philosophy used to be I don't care if you know what's coming, we're going to run it perfectly and still be successful. 

Western Michigan is very well coached and I saw a number of almost perfectly executed runs. Lots of holding too but that's part of the game. If you strategically hold and count on most of them being missed, that's part of good execution also.

That QB also impressed the heck out of me with some of his ball placements. He was really good. Except for the one play where he completely didn't see Adolphus Washington.  LOL.

Comment 21 Sep 2015
Well if they did that it would probably make it easier for me to degrease that crap whenever I'm forced to eat it. I'd just pick off these big chunks of fucking lard. Problem is there wouldn't be much actual pizza left. The only way I can get that crap down now is to soak up about 10 napkins full of grease of the top first. Then the first piece is tolerably okay, at least within the realm of what pizza should taste like. But by the second piece I start feeling like crap and I'm done. There must be a subset of people out there addicted to that high grease content. Otherwise I can't see how Pizza Hut stays in business. I imagine these people would just as tastelessly be downing motor oil if Pizza Hut wasn't around.
Comment 20 Sep 2015

I'm actually quite delighted by the way this offense has struggled, without having to suffer through a defeat.  It's going to pay huge dividends towards the end of the year.  We've run into two straight excellent defensive coaching staffs (with players good enough to execute their scheme) that have done us the tremendous favor of educating us about our weaknesses.  If those coaching staffs just came out and ran their standard defense, you'd have seen the high scoring blowouts everyone is clamoring for.  Those coaches know that.  The first rule of game-planning is don't play to your opponent's strength if you can help it, unless you're sure you're stronger.  And those defensive coaches took one look at previous game film and knew they would get jack-hammered off the line if they tried to play straight up or repeat the defenses that were tried in those games.  So they designed something "completely different".

The other great favor these offensive struggles are doing for us is getting those ridiculous "greatest offense of all time!" expectations off of the players' backs.  It wouldn't surprise me at all if Meyer somewhat intentionally kept them banging their heads against a brick wall precisely for that purpose, as long as the game appeared to be in hand. (The 5 turnovers against NIU probably made things a lot closer than he wanted though.)

Just watch the offense ramp up as we enter the B10, and start peaking when MSU comes to town.  And unlike others, I don't think the QB platooning matters that much, though I think the best option is probably JT getting 2/3rds of the snaps and Cardale getting about 1/3rd.

Comment 20 Sep 2015

That was a very thoughtful post, but I don't think coaches at this level are really that dumb.  It may well be true that some refining needs to be done to figure out what our best plays (and counters that break tendencies) are against certain looks, but that's true at the beginning of almost every season.

Comment 19 Sep 2015

I don't think anyone knows for sure how he meant that, but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume it was self-deprecating humor.  That's consistent with Cardale's personality.

Comment 18 Sep 2015

Could be.  I just remember he started out as a 6'9 power forward in high school in Texas and was then listed at 6'7 on the Ohio State basketball team, which I already knew tended to be off by an inch or two of actual height.

I was like "Who be stealin' R croots inches?!"

Then I saw him in a game and I was sure he wasn't even as tall as listed.

Comment 18 Sep 2015


I cringe when I hear advocacy groups spout out idiocy like "We have to teach young men not to rape women!"  The great problem with that statement is you've just impugned dishonor by association upon the very group that you most need to raise honor and integrity in. A vast network of aware young male warriors providing protection is the right solution, not attempting to emasculate males as a species to be feared.

Most rapists simply aren't over-sexualized male teens taking advantage of the group-think ignorance that teens are capable of.  (Though that does seem to have been part of the Steubenville case.)  Most rapists are animals that have a long history of physical and sexual abuse, leaving them with trip-wires lying across the sex and violence circuits in their brains.

Whoever came up with that pledge and got it started in young male peer groups is absolutely brilliant.

Comment 18 Sep 2015
Well, if you read Urban's recent comments about Hyde at one point being a player who wanted to take it easy in practice but get more carries in games it might make sense. And honestly, when Jordan Hall was healthy he was a better back than Hyde (2011/2012 seasons). Then Hyde turned it around with his work ethic and developed into not just a good but a great running back.
Comment 16 Sep 2015

At some point in a very big game, we're really going to need a TD when we get down in the red zone.  That's when pre-snap Cardale is going to be in the shotgun with Braxton behind him, then shift out wide and let Braxton take the snap.  Braxton will roll to the side Cardale is on, then flip it to him for an easy TD when every single defender on that side of the field breaks towards Braxton to keep him from running it in.

Hell, that'd probably go for a TD from anywhere inside the 50.