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Comment 1 hour ago
Collier would be a fool not to go to a mid-major program where he'd have a chance to shine for two seasons. He's actually already graduated in 3 years, so he can transfer without sitting out a year and still has two years of eligibility. He was a decent prospect coming out of high school, and has improved greatly in his time here. It's just the likelihood of beating out Burrow or Haskins is very small. Those two may represent an unprecedented historic level of QB ability for the Scarlet and Gray. I love JT and am rooting hard for him to return to Heisman candidate form under Wilson, but I'm going to be really pissed if he continues to struggle and a change isn't made to give Burrow or Haskins a chance.
Comment 08 Jan 2017

Another possibility is that he just wasn't a "track" speed kind of guy.  All I know is that he looked pretty damn fast with the football pads on.  I don't remember ever noticing him being "slow" on a play, so a lack of top end speed definitely wasn't obvious to me.

Comment 07 Jan 2017

I was kind of looking forward to how Kevin Wilson would utilize Noah Brown.  In my opinion, the best thing for Noah Brown would have been staying at least one more year and moving into a hybrid TE/FB type position.  He may have put up some big time stats.  I'm positive that Kevin Wilson would have known how to use him very effectively.

Comment 07 Jan 2017

Before anyone counters with "Well, Jalin Marshall was only a 4.7 guy", because of a reported 4.7 40 he ran at a combine between his junior and senior years I just have this to say: "No... he... wasn't."

You can easily convince yourself that he was at least a 4.45 guy by re-watching Zeke's awesome 85 yard jaunt through Alabama's defense in the Sugar Bowl.  Jalin followed him all the way to the endzone stride for stride, and may have actually been gaining a bit.

Comment 07 Jan 2017

WOW.  We can certainly use the scholarship, but I seriously can't see Noah Brown getting drafted at this point in time. IMHO, he's too slow to be an NFL wide receiver.  He's probably about a 4.65 40 guy at best.  He also dropped a fair number of well-thrown balls this year, a lot more than you'd expect for a guy that supposedly has suction cups for hands.

I do believe he can make it in the NFL, but at tight end, not wide receiver.  He's going to need to be picked up by a team that sees his long range potential, and looks at aspects of a player's game that don't produce great stats but are essential for producing a winning team, like being a great blocker.

Best of luck to Noah Brown.

Comment 07 Jan 2017

This is not an accurate take on "who" Urban Meyer was when we hired him.  He did NOT over-sign players while at Florida.

Also, I have to believe that the coaches have had a pretty good idea overall about who would be staying and who would be leaving way before this season even began, and adjusted their recruiting strategy accordingly.  So it's probably misguided to think that it's going to be a situation where at the end of the summer the coaches are going to say, "Oh shit. We're still over 85. Time to ruthlessly kick some kids to the curb!"

I don't have a problem with "over-signing", unless it means we kick a player off the team who genuinely wants to stay with his teammates and get his degree from Ohio State.  Most kids, though, want to have a chance to play before their career is over, even if it means going to a notoriously bad FBS program or going down to an FCS school.

Comment 06 Jan 2017

I don't know.  I think Barrett can be great again, better even than he was in the middle of the 2014 season.  I think it highly depends on an offensive coordinator who is able to streamline the game plan and distill it down into a form that Barrett has confidence in executing.  I think that is what Herman was able to do for Barrett and later Cardale Jones.  They didn't have to do a lot of thinking on the field.  That is what really messes up offensive players, when they aren't certain of what they should do.  And I believe that is exactly what we were seeing in 2015 and this year.

Comment 04 Jan 2017

I'm assuming you meant "...anyone who DOESN'T see a star in Joe Burrow..."

I see the same thing in Joe Burrow.  I think people have it backwards, expecting that Haskins is the favorite and Burrow will be awesome if he beats out Haskins.  I think the true story is if Haskins beats out Burrow, he is one helluva MONSTER at QB.

Burrow has the accuracy and timing we haven't seen since Joe Germaine.

Comment 01 Jan 2017

I get that everyone is upset about the offensive performance, but some of these "all-knowing" comments about which coaches should be fired are pretty hilarious.

Most of you are probably way overthinking what is "wrong".  Here are some things to remember:

1) The OL is very young and pass-blocking takes the longest time to perfect.  They were going up against a defensive line that may have up to 4 future NFL players.  Let's see how Clemson holds up against a very strong Bama team.  Personally, I think Clemson is going to take them down.

2) The WR group is still missing a lot of talent due to injuries and other issues.  Johnny Dixon, Torrance Gibson and Corey Smith are the ones that come immediately to mind.  Dontre Wilson and KJ Hill have also missed a lot of time from injuries.  Parris Campbell, Terry McLaurin and James Clark are good program players that play and practice hard, but they simply aren't good wide receivers.

3) Curtis Samuel, our best player, has dropped a number of very easy passes the last few games, including at least 2 last night, 1 resulting in an interception ending a good offensive drive.

Now, I do agree that there are definite issues with the way this offense has been designed.  Lack of identity sums it up pretty well.  All the pieces simply do not fit together.  And there are definite timing issues in execution, which seem like mostly JT Barrett's fault, but I would not presume to really understand who or what is really to blame. There's no doubt it is multi-factorial and not as simple as firing coach X.

Comment 28 Dec 2016

"Seems pretty black & white to me."

What you unintentionally did there, I see it. :)

But seriously, UFM frequently says they recruit the whole family, so after getting that response from the dad there was little chance he would continue to pursue the son.  I can even imagine UFM backing off even if the dad had a much more metered response and left the door open.  The dad was obviously highly prejudiced against Ohio State, and given the number of prospects OSU can recruit there's not much sense in fighting that battle.

Comment 15 Dec 2016

Yeah, it just seems like we don't have that "meta" thinker about the passing game, that can see things from a higher level and come up with a passing strategy based on a defense's weaknesses.  I believe Herman was excellent at that.  Beck and Warriner not so much.  I think they are doing an "okay" job, but that really isn't good enough based on the quality of players we are recruiting.  Maybe it's possible for Beck/Warriner to improve with intensive study of some other very successful passing offenses, but I have my doubts.

And the truth is, we don't really know where the main problem is.  What Beck/Warriner are coming up with for a passing scheme may actually be pretty awesome, but Barrett, the offensive line and the wide receivers just aren't good enough yet to execute it.  It could well be that Barrett simply isn't reading the defenses quick enough yet, combined with his accuracy issues, and that's what is keeping the passing game from humming.

I love JT Barrett, but I'd also like to see how Burrow would do in this offense.  He seems to make very quick decisions, and has a quick release combined with the best accuracy I've seen in an OSU QB since Joe Germaine.  Maybe even better than Germaine.

Comment 11 Dec 2016
The only thing that rattled him was the incompetence of the offensive coaches under Tressel, who was pefectly happy with a simple ball control offense that didn't turn the ball over. Those coaches were ill-equipped to design an offense to take maximum advantage of Boeckman's pocket passing abilities. So it was a no brainer to make the switch to Pryor very early in 2008, even though he was clearly not the best QB on the team that season. Boeckman's career got sacrificed for the good of future Buckeye teams. I've never felt that was fair to either Boeckman or the other seniors on that 2008 team.
Comment 11 Dec 2016
I'd bet JT is closer to a 4.6 guy in the 40. Still, that does next to nothing to make him a more attractive WR prospect. I would think RB would be the only other position he might get a look at besides QB, as he does have some good ability to make guys miss, unless he has some tremendous defensive instincts or something that would make him a natural at linebacker or safety. But unless you're an athletic freak like Braxton Miller or Denard Robinson there's not a pro team anywhere that's going to give you a year or two to develop. So yeah, it's QB or bust for Barrett. Personally, I'd bet his future is in coaching.
Comment 05 Dec 2016

I would really like to see one of our so called sports writer national pundits do a quality, in-depth analysis explaining how in the hell Michigan was able to pump so much Heisman hot air up Jabrill Peppers ass that he literally floated all the way to New York?!

It truly is absurd that a seeming majority of the college football watching world seems to think Peppers is anything more than just an above average football player.  And after seeing him play for a couple of seasons now one has to conclude that the only reason he's even above average is purely because his physical talents allow him to compensate for his mental mistakes.

The NFL draft, should he decide to come out early, will tell the tale.  I'd be surprised if he's any higher than a third round pick, and even that would be because some team wants to take a chance on his potential, hoping that his mental game can be developed enough to catch up to and take advantage of his physical talents.  It wouldn't surprise me at all if Peppers ends up being an un-drafted free agent.

Imagine holding a draft where you get to pick between Ohio State and Michigan players.  I'm having a hard time thinking of any OSU starters that I'd pick Peppers over.  Come to think of it, he might not even be top 5 among Michigan players.

Comment 25 Nov 2016
I think it's far more likely to be similar to the Germaine/Jackson battle. Because I do know that Burrow looks to have the best accuracy and timing of any OSU QB since Germaine. If Haskins beats him out, that kid will be an absolute beast. I expect Burrow to start, though, just as soon as Barrett is no longer eligible. And I expect some offensive records to fall when he does, along with at least one superstar wide receiver being a very high Heisman candidate, if not Burrow himself.
Comment 25 Nov 2016
I don't think it matters much at all to Ohio State's defensive game plan whether Speight or O'Korn get most of the snaps. Michigan's offense is pretty set and on film over eleven games. The one tweak I could see UM making is a lot more designed QB run plays if O'Korn is the starter, since he does seem to be a better runner than Speight, and that could help compensate for him being a less efficient passer. But then again, I wouldn't put money on O'Korn finishing the game if they try that. I have wonderful visions of UM trying to finish the game with Peppers running the wild cat every single down. LOL
Comment 15 Nov 2016
This is a very nicely done promo type piece of work but isn't the compilation of full Zeke run plays that I was hoping to see. I don't care at all about music and perfectly cut video pieces that match the rythm. I just want to see the actual plays, start to finish. Very nice work otherwise, though.
Comment 01 Aug 2016

Nick's junior year highlights were pretty sick.  He may not be quite as strong as Bosa, but he looked like he had more agility and quickness.  He made several spectacular plays where he somehow twisted and contorted through a mass of bodies, got his hand on the ball carrier at arms length and brought him down.

The other thing that stuck out  was a mean/aggressive streak, just like Joey.  Not a dirty streak, but an attitude of I'm going to blast you into next week as long as the whistle hasn't blown yet.