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Comment 08 Feb 2016
If you always wait for legitimate research before trying something that is cheap and not patentable by a drug company, you're probably going to die before it happens.
Comment 31 Jan 2016
Remember that season well, both pre-disaster and post-disaster. Jay Burson was the white Stephon Curry of his day. He was proof that it doesn't matter how big and athletic you are if you know and love the game. Jay was a true artist with the ball in his hands. One of the most creative offensive basketball players I've ever seen.
Comment 28 Jan 2016
I'm not usually one to downvote, but this post dogging Larry Johnson as a recruiter sure gives me an itchy finger. What we're bitching about here is literally the inability to sign 5 star talent at DT, just because under Urban we've been able to at nearly every other position. In truth, our recruiting at DT under the Meyer coaching staff would probably still be in the top 10. We have just gotten terribly spoiled with our recruiting expectations the last 4 years.
Comment 19 Jan 2016

I think Samuel can be just as much an every down back as Zeke was, if he stays healthy.  He's a very tough inside the tackles runner and is always fighting and spinning for extra yards.  He's probably also faster than Zeke.

Whether or not he ends up being as good as Zeke at tailback I think depends on if he has (or can develop) Zeke's ability to keep his balance through contact.  Interestingly, it was well into Zeke's sophomore season before he started displaying that ability.  So it appears to be something that can be coached through.

Comment 16 Jan 2016
Wait, what? Your criteria is confusing, but obviously has to exclude both Ken Stabler and Joe Namath, who both won Super Bowls and played as starters well into the 70s.
Comment 16 Jan 2016
If I were Haskins, I'd be asking WHY isn't Harris all that good. Because he looked pretty similar in ability to Haskins in high school. Maybe LSU lacks the QB coaching to develop him, or maybe people have unrealistic expectations about how quickly QBs should emerge. JT Barrett's redshirt freshman season was a true anomaly in the college game, and probably had just as much to do with Tom Herman streamlining the game plan to his strengths as it did Barrett's ability to grasp the complexities of the QB position. Without Herman this year, Barrett had some of the same ups and downs that most QBs go through early in their playing experience. It's been awhile, though, since LSU developed a QB that was more than just competent. That's something that Haskins should be worried about more than early playing time.
Comment 09 Jan 2016
If this one actually hurts I'd say you're investing way too much emotional energy into the recruiting game. He'd be a nice pickup, and shoot might even develop into one of the greats of the game. But all I see right now are the physical tools, not the kind of polish that would suggest he can play a lot as a freshman. There are probably another 50 wide receivers around the country with similar physical tools. Personally, I'm a lot more excited by Mack and potentially Victor.
Comment 02 Jan 2016
This is why having Elflein back is so huge. He'll likely be playing that role with a headset on listening to Wariner in the box. It's also possible we've been too harsh on Beck and the play calling wrinkles are smoothed out in the offseason, allowing Warriner to return to the field. Very few coaches can run a new team at optimal efficiency in that first year.
Comment 02 Jan 2016
I appreciate what you're saying but we have to realize scheme plays into this as well. You scheme all of bowl practice around Bosa being disruptive and when he's suddenly not available you have to revert back to more base stuff that maybe doesn't attack ND's weaknesses. Schiano and Fickell will have all of spring and fall practice to work out how best to use the talent available.
Comment 31 Dec 2015
I heard that. Sometimes too many choices is definitely not a good thing. There's a fine line in deciding between a really good player and what you feel is an even better player. Meyer plays on that line a lot more than Tressel did. It wouldn't bother me at all if he pulled back a bit and signed a few more Ohio kids. The program and culture will get the most out of them while cutting back on the self-entitlement problems that highly rated recruits have when they aren't playing immediately (Torrance Gibson, for example).
Comment 31 Dec 2015
Getting starter minutes as a freshman at any major program is very impressive. It takes a lot more than QB skills for a QB to run an offense well in college football. Allen has everything you need except good running skills. Urban himself though has hinted that a QB that makes quick reads and gets the ball out is just as effective as a read option QB.
Comment 30 Dec 2015
Someone posted the other day that they didn't want him because he's too short to play WR. Insert your favorite GIF of someone famous laughing their ass off here.
Comment 30 Dec 2015
It wasn't pulled because he was never offered. The complaint by Mayfield was that he was never offered but led to believe he would be. Personally, I think Patterson's response completely negated any perception of misleading Baker and his dad. People blast Meyer for his "non-commitable" offers but this situation is a perfect illustration of why they are needed. It's a way of telling a kid he is wanted, but the offer can only become commitable if X number of things happen. Then it's on the player and family if they gamble completely on getting just that offer.
Comment 20 Dec 2015

Haskins looks a lot like JT.  Maybe not as shifty as JT, but definitely faster and shiftier than Cardale.  What sets JT apart is his ability to hold the ball as long as possible and then make the right read in the read option game.  But that's something that Haskins could develop into.

Then again, with QBs like Burrow and Haskins, who seem to both be very accurate and able to make quick throws, maybe the read option running game morphs into more of a read option short passing game.