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Comment 22 Jun 2015
This. Been there, done that. Young guys laugh at me when I tell them, "If she doesn't have a beautiful soul, don't even think about going there." A beautiful woman with an ugly soul is the most dangerous animal man has ever faced. Unless you truly are the heartless, cold-blooded bastard you egotistically imagine yourself to be and can hit it and get it, she's going to use you up until you have nothing left and then discard you like yesterday's trash. If you're lucky, she'll dump you for a better "prospect" early on. Most guys make the mistake of going back for more, or just one more time, and get further entangled. Big mistake. It's always the young guys that think "I'm invincible. She can't change me. I can handle this." No... you... can't.
Comment 22 Jun 2015
The funny thing is even if they are completely non-delusional thinking this is our best team in a decade, surely were going to be able to play with an Ohio State team we beat last year, especially in our place in a night game. And they may stay still get blown out about 55-17. It's way too early to say this will be our best team ever. Too many unpredictable intangibles go into determining team performance. But I have no hesitation in saying this IS the most talented team, top to bottom, in the history of Ohio State football.
Comment 19 Jun 2015
That pic will also be on his poster of "All I've known at Michigan is failure" in four years.
Comment 15 Jun 2015
That's kind of how I used to feel, but after seeing what he did with the offensive line last year it's time to pay the man and give him a chance to do it on a higher level. Without Ed Wariner and his slobs, there is no National Championship. I'd at least make him a very high paid assistant so he isn't tempted by one of those jobs that even Urban would find it hard to succeed at. But whenever he wants to leave, he has my blessing.
Comment 15 Jun 2015
THIS. THIS. THIS. Not saying Arnett doesn't have potential, but he was definitely a warm body type of recruit, as in "we've got to take a chance on someone, and hope they at least turn out to be a good practice player." Arnett was barely inside the Top 800 in the 247 composite rating system. Think about that. If the OSU medical doctors felt there was a decent chance of Dean re-habbing and being ready for 2016, there's no way the OSU coaches would have offered Arnett. And why can't people get through their heads the scale of the medical ethics violations involved in intentionally mis-diagnosing a student athlete due to the influence of a coaching staff? It's HUGE. It's also federal in scope, and could literally cost the University mega-mega-bucks in funding. You may argue that the OSU medical staff made the wrong call. That happens all the time in the medical profession. And it isn't because they are careless and not well trained. It's because there are inherent uncertainties in the art of medical diagnosis, affecting even the best doctors. I'm not one for name calling, but quite frankly if you're still trying to assert Dean's evaluation had anything to do with scholarship numbers, you're acting like an idiot.
Comment 14 Jun 2015

Contrary to popular belief, the BBB is largely just a protection racket for businesses, not for consumers.  As long as the businesses are ponying up, all they have to do to remain in good standing is make it appear that they've made an effort to resolve complaints.  Which really amounts to simply stating they've made an effort.  They can be lying through their teeth and the BBB will do nothing to follow-up, even if the consumer has massive amounts of documentation to prove it.

Your best option is to contact the Attorney General's office.  If that doesn't get any action going, and you're not yet ready to get a lawyer and sue them in civil court, write up a formal complaint letter with preferred remedies and have someone else sign it and send it, making it appear that it's from a lawyer and litigation is imminent if they don't do something.  You can also lead them to believe that you're talking to the local news station or newspaper, who are interested in doing a story.

Comment 14 Jun 2015

In a previous life, I did contract remodelling work for a real estate company in the late 80's that bought these horror story houses for pennies on the dollar, gave them a quick cosmetic makeover and sold them for about 20 times what they paid.  (It took another 20 years for yuppies to catch on and ignite the "flipping" craze.)

The first order of business was throwing everything out that wasn't part of the house. More often than not, the previous resident had been evicted and left a whole bunch of trash behind.

They also typically had the electric shut off for a period, before the owner put it back in his name. Frequently, the electric would still be off during the cleanup stage.

I've seen that fridge at least 10 times.  I refused to ever open another one after about the fifth time.

You really DONT want to know what's in there.

Comment 13 Jun 2015
Wut? The only thing I did was point out a "possible" relationship of the "academic" issue with the scholarship issue. I don't believe it or disbelieve it at this point. There's simply not enough information to go on. Who said anything about falsifying records? There's no need to. Privacy laws ensure you can get away with a generic minimum requirements issue and blame it on the high school or clearinghouse. But AGAIN, I'm not saying this is what happened. Merely that it's a possibility to consider.
Comment 12 Jun 2015
Maybe Birm has better knowledge, but that did not seem to be the way things were playing out at all for Damien Harris. Post UM decommitment, he was all Ohio State for about 2 months, then he seemed to be all about UK through the season, then it was all about Bama. While it's probably true Meyer dumped Harris before Harris dumped Meyer, it was pretty clear Harris hadn't bought in and was still welcoming all suitors, so he was at best about a 20% proposition. And Weber was close enough in talent level that there's no way you could say no to him to keep trying to reposition yourself as Damien's flavor of the month at the last minute.
Comment 12 Jun 2015

Good points all.  However, in most cases like this it's usually about the clearinghouse disallowing credits to meet certain requirements, and rarely about the player flunking out and being perceived as stupid.

But you're all right in that there doesn't seem to be much motivation to avoid simply saying "We're delaying enrollment to help the team get under the scholarship limit, which was discussed and agreed upon with Coach Meyer."

I suppose that still amounts to fuel for the haters to start screaming, "OVERSIGNING!!!", but seems pretty weak.

Comment 12 Jun 2015

Surprised so few are even attempting to read between the lines here.  Unlike Jamel Dean, this situation may well be related to being over the scholarship limit.  And I don't have the slightest bit of a problem with that, as long as it was agreed upon ahead of time.

I have no special knowledge so this is pure speculation.  Speculation in the sense that this is possibly part of the truth.  I'm not asserting that it is or it isn't, so please no attacks acting like I'm saying I know something that I don't.

The situation may be something like Mirko really wanted to be a Buckeye, but at the point the OSU coaches allowed him to commit (which was very late I seem to recall) they may have realized they were going to have a scholarship problem if Prince also wanted to sign.  They go ahead and let Mirko sign with the understanding that a scholarship would most likely open up, but if it didn't he'd have to delay enrolling for a semester, or stay in prep school for an extra year.  For the type of offensive lineman that isn't Orlando Pace, that extra year can be very beneficial from a development standpoint.  They most likely aren't going to be ready for a couple of years anyways.

This is basically "grey-shirting" without calling it grey-shirting.  Personally, I don't see why anyone would take issue with it.  You want to go to a certain school, but they don't have room for you right away.  It's up to you if you want to go on the waiting list, or find somewhere else to go.

We need to hear more details about what the "academic" issue is before deciding what the likelihood of this scenario is.  Of course, we may never get that unless the family volunteers it.

Comment 12 Jun 2015
Yeah that was greatness. I read right over that gem, then backtracked. I was like, "What he did there, I see it now", and busted a gut.
Comment 12 Jun 2015
So you're saying Jim Bollman wasn't even the good yes man we all thought he was? I'm going to have to put my foot down right there and keep you from any further bullying of the kids on the short bus. ;) Say what you will about his lack of coaching skill with regard to offensive linemen, being the "offensive coordinator" for Jim Tressel can in no way, shape or form be good for your career. "So Jim, ol buddy, were you really serious about having an offensive package designed to take 5 minutes off the clock moving the ball to midfield, then stalling so we can punt the ball and pin the opposing offense down around the ten?" "Yeah, Boles, that's how we win games." "But why don't we keep driving and see how far down there we can get?" "Because, and I know it's hard to believe, it aint easy to only punt the ball 10 to 20 yards."
Comment 12 Jun 2015
No, in his moment of greatest "glory" he glanced down at his WWJD bracelet... AND HE DID THAT.
Comment 10 Jun 2015
I know it's amazingly hard to believe, but could it be possible that we do in fact want Mitchell but he likes Hairball scUM more than the college football royalty of Ohio State right now? Naw, I don't believe it either. Completely absurd. I also wouldn't worry about it affecting Rashan Gary much if Mitchell does go puke and blue. I get the impression that the Gary clan are very rationally and objectively evaluating the best options as a "business" decision, ie which school has the best combination of proven player development and academics. We win that one over Michigan pretty handily right now.
Comment 10 Jun 2015
Another possible issue with those rankings is the players Meyer had to say no to because he said yes to Hall. In other words, he valued Hall more than Auston Robertson and Justin King. Probably similar situation with Tuf Borland, though off hand I can't remember who else we had a decent shot at for linebacker. When elite coaches give commitable offers to lower ranked players early on, it's a sure sign in my mind that the recruiting services either haven't seen the player or are using incomplete criteria to evaluate them. I suspect the truth is a combination of those in most cases.
Comment 09 Jun 2015
C'mon folks, Harbaugh may well be crazy but he aint stupid. I tend to believe pretty much any major college coach that offers a low star player early in the process that he's evaluated in person really has just found a diamond in the rough, ie a player that has 4 star potential. That said, another factor here could be the "getting your foot in the door" aspect. I'd lay money on there being a good number of future elite prospects in each of the areas the UM camps are held at. You go into those areas, treat the kids and their coaches with respect and get them some additional exposure, and when you come around next year to recruit the 4 and 5 stars you won't get the door slammed in your face. This is similar to what Tressel did with Glenville. He took some chances on Glenville kids to build a stronger relationship because he knew the payoff would be elite players down the road. The other thing to remember is that Harbaugh is a "system" coach. He doesn't need that many elite players to make the system work, just players that fit well in the system. The attributes he's looking for aren't usually going to be the one's that recruiting services value the highest. This explains the need to canvas as many players in person as you possibly can. Not saying he's the next Tom Osborne, but think about the great Nebraska teams in the 90s. Those teams were built on a bunch of 3 stars and walkons combined with just enough underrated speed players from Florida and Texas to make the "system" hum on all cylinders. I think we can all still laugh at the reality that UM's years of mediocrity have forced them into the "system" approach as the only option to returning to elite status. Just don't fool yourself into thinking it can't work because of low recruiting rankings.