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Comment 25 Nov 2016
I think it's far more likely to be similar to the Germaine/Jackson battle. Because I do know that Burrow looks to have the best accuracy and timing of any OSU QB since Germaine. If Haskins beats him out, that kid will be an absolute beast. I expect Burrow to start, though, just as soon as Barrett is no longer eligible. And I expect some offensive records to fall when he does, along with at least one superstar wide receiver being a very high Heisman candidate, if not Burrow himself.
Comment 25 Nov 2016
I don't think it matters much at all to Ohio State's defensive game plan whether Speight or O'Korn get most of the snaps. Michigan's offense is pretty set and on film over eleven games. The one tweak I could see UM making is a lot more designed QB run plays if O'Korn is the starter, since he does seem to be a better runner than Speight, and that could help compensate for him being a less efficient passer. But then again, I wouldn't put money on O'Korn finishing the game if they try that. I have wonderful visions of UM trying to finish the game with Peppers running the wild cat every single down. LOL
Comment 15 Nov 2016
This is a very nicely done promo type piece of work but isn't the compilation of full Zeke run plays that I was hoping to see. I don't care at all about music and perfectly cut video pieces that match the rythm. I just want to see the actual plays, start to finish. Very nice work otherwise, though.
Comment 01 Aug 2016

Nick's junior year highlights were pretty sick.  He may not be quite as strong as Bosa, but he looked like he had more agility and quickness.  He made several spectacular plays where he somehow twisted and contorted through a mass of bodies, got his hand on the ball carrier at arms length and brought him down.

The other thing that stuck out  was a mean/aggressive streak, just like Joey.  Not a dirty streak, but an attitude of I'm going to blast you into next week as long as the whistle hasn't blown yet.

Comment 16 Apr 2016

LOL.  That dude can take as long as he wants.

I can honestly say he has saved me hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the last couple of years.  He's the reason I no longer have any need for cable and recording the games for myself.  Instead, with money saved I tend to watch live at BW3s or somewhere else with a crowd.  Much better experience and STILL get to watch replays to my hearts content a day or so later.

Comment 16 Apr 2016

We all get excited about "higher" rated recruits, but the only thing I care about for the TB position is hanging on to JK Dobbins.  His video is every bit as ridiculous as Najee Harris' video.

Comment 18 Mar 2016

A lot of people want to assume that Beck was the weak link in the play-calling, as evidenced by what happened when Warriner went to the booth.  However, another possibility is that Warriner was always THE guy, the lead play-caller, so that anything Beck called would first go through Warriner on the field, and then of course Meyer.

It may not have been that Beck was missing stuff that the defense was doing.  It may have been that Warriner/Meyer didn't completely trust his judgment yet, due to him being new to the team and what the personnel was capable of versus various looks. Have you ever had a job where people above you were trying to micro-manage everything you did?  That situation hardly ever works out, because it puts a damper on intuition and gut instincts.  If Beck were given complete control to run the offense, it's possible things would have ran a lot smoother.

I'm not saying that's what the situation was.  Nobody but insiders would know that.  It's just an equally likely possibility, one that should lead people to suspend judgment at this point. The truth will come out over the next couple of years, when Warriner will likely get a head job somewhere and Beck will either get promoted, stay put while another lead offensive coordinator comes on board (same situation as Fickell, who is valued as an assistant, but isn't really the lead in his coordinator position), or have already moved on to another school.

Comment 11 Mar 2016
We love these 40 times as fans but they're kind of silly really. I don't know. I suppose a team might get a little more insight into an athlete's overall potential, but what's being measured here is really track skills, which I can easily imagine can be the difference between running a 4.7 and 4.5. The real resume is on game film in football pads.
Comment 07 Mar 2016
Recruiting services are idjits when it comes to evaluating running back talent. Just watched Dobbins JR and SO season highlights, and those are among the best I've EVER seen. I don't care what the competition level is, that kid can do stuff we haven't seen since the likes of Barry Sanders and, dare I say it?... Percy Harvin. Would it be too much to add that he also breaks tackles and moves piles a bit like a smaller Beanie Wells? Holy shit, that guy's going to be off the charts in another year or two. Just hope we can hold on to him.
Comment 08 Feb 2016
If you always wait for legitimate research before trying something that is cheap and not patentable by a drug company, you're probably going to die before it happens.
Comment 31 Jan 2016
Remember that season well, both pre-disaster and post-disaster. Jay Burson was the white Stephon Curry of his day. He was proof that it doesn't matter how big and athletic you are if you know and love the game. Jay was a true artist with the ball in his hands. One of the most creative offensive basketball players I've ever seen.
Comment 28 Jan 2016
I'm not usually one to downvote, but this post dogging Larry Johnson as a recruiter sure gives me an itchy finger. What we're bitching about here is literally the inability to sign 5 star talent at DT, just because under Urban we've been able to at nearly every other position. In truth, our recruiting at DT under the Meyer coaching staff would probably still be in the top 10. We have just gotten terribly spoiled with our recruiting expectations the last 4 years.
Comment 19 Jan 2016

I think Samuel can be just as much an every down back as Zeke was, if he stays healthy.  He's a very tough inside the tackles runner and is always fighting and spinning for extra yards.  He's probably also faster than Zeke.

Whether or not he ends up being as good as Zeke at tailback I think depends on if he has (or can develop) Zeke's ability to keep his balance through contact.  Interestingly, it was well into Zeke's sophomore season before he started displaying that ability.  So it appears to be something that can be coached through.

Comment 16 Jan 2016
Wait, what? Your criteria is confusing, but obviously has to exclude both Ken Stabler and Joe Namath, who both won Super Bowls and played as starters well into the 70s.
Comment 16 Jan 2016
If I were Haskins, I'd be asking WHY isn't Harris all that good. Because he looked pretty similar in ability to Haskins in high school. Maybe LSU lacks the QB coaching to develop him, or maybe people have unrealistic expectations about how quickly QBs should emerge. JT Barrett's redshirt freshman season was a true anomaly in the college game, and probably had just as much to do with Tom Herman streamlining the game plan to his strengths as it did Barrett's ability to grasp the complexities of the QB position. Without Herman this year, Barrett had some of the same ups and downs that most QBs go through early in their playing experience. It's been awhile, though, since LSU developed a QB that was more than just competent. That's something that Haskins should be worried about more than early playing time.
Comment 09 Jan 2016
If this one actually hurts I'd say you're investing way too much emotional energy into the recruiting game. He'd be a nice pickup, and shoot might even develop into one of the greats of the game. But all I see right now are the physical tools, not the kind of polish that would suggest he can play a lot as a freshman. There are probably another 50 wide receivers around the country with similar physical tools. Personally, I'm a lot more excited by Mack and potentially Victor.