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Comment 28 Jul 2014

There is one thing I'm pretty darn sure about.  If the coaches see a kid in person and offer him this early, HE'S AT LEAST A LEGITIMATE FOUR STAR TALENT and most probably a Top 100 type player.  With over 7 months to go before signing day, and a whole Senior season for additional, under the radar talent to emerge, NONE of the top programs are reaching for players at this point in the game.  If they offer and accept a commitment, you can bet your bottom dollar they, really, REALLY want the kid.

The only time you should worry about getting 3 stars is if it is happening close to NSD.

Comment 24 Jul 2014
How many National Championships would Matta have if he got to keep all of his players for at least 3 years like Taylor did? Good GOD, that's scary to even contemplate. Conley and Oden (uninjured) in year 2 would have been one of the best teams of all time. Year 3?
Comment 19 Jun 2014
If this guy's not a 5 star player, I've never seen one. That's Ted Ginn speed on those 20 or so long touchdowns in his highlight video. And I think he has better hands/moves than TG.
Comment 18 May 2014
Is that a bird getting pwnd by MR. BADASS CAT? If so, must be related to a BlueJay. I've seen that kind of stupid behavior out of them. I had a couple try to kick me out of my apartment once because one of my windows was about ten feet from their nest, a nest they decided to build a good 3 months after we'd moved in no less. But seriously, that reaction by MR. BADASS CAT may be the most athletic maneuver I've ever seen in the animal kingdom.
Comment 16 May 2014
Had to log in just to up vote you. This is how it works folks. Even at Ohio State. That's why the Tressel crap was so maddening. The difference between elite programs and the next level down is that the elite programs have two to three levels of networking buffering pay for play from the athletic department. That's why you mostly see the UTEP'S of the world getting hammered. They have to take more risk to elevate their program.
Comment 02 Mar 2014

If he doesn't come here (I know, I know, "SHUT YO MOUTH!"), I would love to see him stay home and help put RichRod's Arizona offense on the next pedestal up, if only to give Meatchicken fans a season long heartburn while they're watching Derrick Green plow into the backs of all their 5 star linemen for 3.8 yards per carry.

(I kid, I kid, Michigan fans - I'm more in favor of it actually meaning something to win THE GAME.)

Comment 02 Mar 2014

This is a kid I don't have a problem with people comparing to Percy Harvin.

I've said this before, but I think he has a chance to be on a level that retires "The Percy Harvin Role".  

Comment 21 Feb 2014
Gosh, I don't know Jeff, maybe you should have locked your girl in the basement or something instead of letting her meet your friends and risk her becoming not your girl. I mean, what the he'll is up with women heart-lessly falling for guys they've actually met? Sounds like Jeff 's a little heart broken. But I shouldn't pick on him. We've all been there.
Comment 19 Feb 2014
Chris Kirk is the one to get excited and obsessed over. Watching his video I was mumbling O...M...G... after pretty much every play. He's the guy that can make people stop referring to the Percy Harvin role. Dude looks like what you'd get if you frankenmonster spliced Harvin and Ted Ginn's genes together. If we don't get him I really hope he stays home and plays for RichRod, giving UM fans additional angst while suffering through 4 or 5 consecutive 8-5 type seasons under Hoke.
Comment 12 Feb 2014

There's no way that graph is even remotely recent.  2008 or so.  Has to be.  Firefox passed IE a couple of years ago, and Chrome has to be on the verge of passing Firefox.  Virtually everybody I know uses Chrome.

And I gotta tell you, as a web developer who has lost a good chunk of his life fixing the user experience on Microsoft's DELIBERATELY FUBAR BROKEN browser, I have little to no sympathy for cries of "...but I'm stuck on IE8 at work."  Your only option should be (and will be before long) to pressure the ignorant PHB's to upgrade to a standards compliant browser.

The rising consensus is to completely fucking ignore IE compatibility issues for now on, and only target Chrome and Firefox.  IE 10/11 are finally getting close to being compliant, so usually that experience will be pretty good.  But I won't lift so much as a pinky, if I have a choice, to make something work better in IE if it already works in Chrome/Firefox.

Comment 28 Dec 2013

Quite honestly, it's pretty amazing that scUM has held onto that distinction for this long. It's also pretty amazing that ND has been in 2nd place so close to them.

What it really tells you is how dominant those programs were in the earliest days of college football.  Take any starting point after about 1920 or so and I'm pretty sure Ohio State is ahead of both schools in just about all categories.  Even more so from 1950 on.

Comment 09 Dec 2013
The loss was definitely disappointing, because it just felt like they'd find a way to win. They had for 24 games in a row. And the posters above belittling that with "MSU was the first decent team we played" deserve to be bitch-slapped back to reality. There were several teams that played close to as well as MSU did, during those 24 wins in a row. Its an absolutely great accomplishment any way you look at it. To my eyes though, that kind of loss seemed inevitable. And I think it had way more to do with the players than bad coaching. The fact is we seem to be seriously lacking in both the defensive playmaker and the defensive intelligence categories at the present moment. A good defense requires both. And while we have some great physical talents, they're average in the instincts and knowledge departments. We need a few of the young players to emerge with both attributes. How many times did we see players in great position this season simply fail to make a play on the ball? How many times did we see missed tackles? And give up long plays because of bad positioning/angles? Way, way too many. The other primary flaw of this team, and also it's greatest potential strength, is Braxton Miller. He has regressed these last few games, inexplicably. MSU defense was good no doubt, but the offensive plays were there to be had. Braxton just plain missed too many of the easy plays, especially those last couple of drives. I think if the Wisconsin or Iowa Braxton had shown up, we could have easily scored 40 plus on the "great" Spartan defense. I almost feel like Herman panics a bit when Braxton is off and becomes predictably run oriented. But it is what it is. Braxton HAS to become more consistent running the offense for this team to reach the next level.
Comment 02 Dec 2013
Someone with more time than I have needs to do a couple of captions on a blown up version of Marcus Hall flying the birdies. Caption 1: "GAVE NO FUCKS..." "...FOR THE WHOLE STATE OF MICHIGAN." Caption 2: "GAVE THEM 2 BIRDS..." "...BECAUSE HE COULDN'T GIVE THEM 3."
Comment 02 Dec 2013
Why would that be weird? That is EXACTLY what scUM was trying to do, in addition to trying to get a couple of offensive starters ejected. It was completely premeditated. Anyone with a lick of sense could see that. I no longer have any respect at all for Hoke and his staff. They can count on Urban remembering that horseshit as well, and I have a feeling karma is going to bite them hard down the road.
Comment 24 Nov 2013

Money talks, and causes weird things to happen behind the scenes.  Alabama/Ohio State is a helluva lot more attractive than Alabama/Florida State.  I have a feeling if there's any case at all, Jameis Winston will be arrested next week, and fair or not, pollsters WILL hold that against them.

All we have to do is keep winning.  I'd put odds of being in the championship game at about 70% right now. 

Comment 27 Sep 2013

Bryce Love is going to be one to watch.  It's been awhile since I've seen that kind of explosive cut-back runner.  Seems to have a knack for reading where the hole is going to be, and then hitting it at full speed.

Very impressive video for a sophomore running back.


Comment 18 Sep 2013
Well yeah, production wise no comparison. But they do have similar builds and game, with Wilson no doubt being on another level. But the thing is, Tressel's offense really had no good idea about how to use a player like Bam (if we can assume for the moment that Childress's hands weren't a complete liability to begin with). In high school Childress very much looked like that same type of dynamic playmaker that Dontre Wilson is.
Comment 17 Sep 2013

I don't believe Saine and Wilson are similar at all, except for the elite speed.  Saine was a legit 6-1 230 or so.  Also, Saine really didn't have much in the way of shiftiness.

Wilson might be 6-0, but I think more like 5-10.  And about 165 lbs.  Competely different kinds of players.

But I do appreciate your enthusiasm for Wilson. Kid is TNT for this offense.  The defense is either gonna concentrate on him 100%, or he's going to burn them big time.

To be fair to Saine, though, he had a lot of injuries during his career that held him back.

Comment 17 Sep 2013

I may have at one point said I wasn't sure either Wilson or Marshall had elite speed.  Not sure about Marshall, but absolutely dead wrong about Wilson, very happy to say. :)

Didn't realize it when it happened, but he really was close to housing it on the run in that gif.

Comment 16 Sep 2013
David Lighty comes to mind. Got in trouble for paintball shooting a bicyclist with some friends. That dude turned out okay. He'll be starting his 7th year for the basketball bucks in a couple of months.
Comment 15 Sep 2013

Well, you'd have to be pretty savvy to convince the coaches that you were the guy, when in fact in games you couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. :)

I'm thinking he had to be a master hypnotist or something, to keep the coaches from recognizing his flaws, and not seeing that Braxton's play-making ability was so off the charts they trumped any lack of experience or knowledge of the playbook.