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Comment 23 hours ago

I suggest you go back and look at Pryor's HS highlights compared to Gibson's.  Gibson is flat out a better looking quarterback than Pryor was.  Running ability is about even. And Gibson without question is playing against better competition.

That said, as long as we keep Joey Burrow, I could care less where Gibson ends up. I think Burrow is going to be really special and will be pushing for playing time in 2016.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

What is this television thing I occasionally hear people speak of? I think we may have had something like that when I was growing up, but it's been so long since I engaged in that sort of time/mind wasting activity I'm not sure if I'm remembering correctly. 

Comment 27 Jan 2015
I still don't know how we lost that game. It's almost like the football gods decreed "Ohio State must lose this game" and then made some highly improbable plays happen in just the right sequence. Kind of like Texas in 2005. Corey Smith drops an easy touchdown. Runs the wrong route causing an int return for a TD. Barrett has several other passes dropped, and always seems to turn right into the pressure causing sacks. Meanwhile, the VT QB pulls passes out of his ass he never completed before (and probably hasn't since) on every freaking third and long. I think if we played that game ten times and played exactly the same way we'd win 9 of them. The way I think about that game though, is that we may never have elevated to the heights we did if we hadn't lost it.
Comment 24 Jan 2015
Yeah, but that's on them for being stupid. We should in no way discourage sources of information unless it becomes obvous they were just trolling for attention.
Comment 24 Jan 2015
If I could downvote this ten times I would. It's well written and amusing, but it comes off as ridiculing someone who may well have a connected source. Save the ridicule for when the poster has been wrong a few times. Meanwhile, I prefer to get all the information I can.
Comment 24 Jan 2015
I didn't downvote, but I considered it just for putting out there that notion of jumping down someone's throat when they say "I know someone." WHY IN THE HELL DO PEOPLE DO THAT? The guy offered information with the proper caveats. If it doesn't seem believable to you then don't believe it. But there's no justification for implying that the guy is lying or just making stuff up. I want all the information I can get, and I'll do my own evaluation of how valid it is, thank you very much.
Comment 24 Jan 2015
Dude, he's not posting an article on the front page or writing for a print journal that you're paying money to read. He's freely offering information. It's up to you to decide how much weight you should give it. Saying that his sources need to be vetted is implying that he or his friend is untrustworthy, which is rude and unjustified unless you are aware of other posts by this person that were shown to be false.
Comment 24 Jan 2015
I'd upvote this about 10,000 times if I could. Is it really that hard for people to use their own discernment and simply put the information being provided into a tentative category, subject to being re-evaluated in the light of additional information as it comes in? Apparently it is, because I've several times on various boards seen posters with really good knowledge simply reporting what they've heard get unrelentlessly ridiculed and made fun of, to the point where they just stopped sharing information altogether. And every time it's happened, I've thought, "You unbelievably stupid CRETINS, you've made this forum a much darker and uninteresting place just because you are unable to process the world in anything other than black and white." Worse yet, the "rumor" posters would often have a decent record of being right. I just don't get it. If you don't want to process the info as tentative, then STOP READING THE FUCKING POST and go do something appropriate for your intellectual maturity level, like playing tiddly winks or tic-tac-toe or something. NOBODY needs you to decide for them what is and isn't good information.
Comment 21 Jan 2015
Yeah, I thought Bama was playing kind of tight and nervous. Both Grant AND Lee were attacking them. I suspect they would've went into a fetal position if we'd had a LB run out there named SHERMAN.
Comment 21 Jan 2015
This comes off as the gesture of an attention whore to me. As in look at us, this comittee vote means we were "almost" as good as Ohio State. Fact is Ohio State's only competition for that last spot was TCU, who by the end of the year were playing nearly as well as us, and would've gotten my vote over FSU, who actually struggled with a similarly weak schedule.
Comment 20 Jan 2015
The buzz that I've been able to gather (from Birm and others) is that insiders believe this may be the most underrated class in the history of Ohio State football. There's a large number of players committed that appear to have been mostly ignored by the recruiting services, but players that the coaching staff felt were equivalent to, or in some cases preferred to, much higher ranked prospects. Carlton Davis, Joshua Norwood, Joey Burrow and the OL Schmidt and Bowen come immediately to mind. Time will tell, but I have an optimistic feeling that down the road a high percentage of this class is going to develop into very good college players.
Comment 20 Jan 2015
If a Buckeye player is in that position, I support them 100% in leaving school early. In fact I'd be mad at them if they didn't. Almost no chance of improving their draft position weighed against getting a career shortening injury in college is a no brainer.
Comment 20 Jan 2015
Yeah I think of him about the same way I did Beanie Wells. Just damn glad to get to see him be a Buckeye for 3 years but the college game aint teaching him a single thing more that he actually needs so it's time to go get paid.
Comment 20 Jan 2015
Holy shit. That is one bad ass football player. If there's a better DLineman in the '16 class, the NFL needs to make an exception to the 3 year rule and let him go straight into the draft. It's not just the physical attributes that stand out with Nick Bosa either. He seems to have great instincts also. I just about died laughing at the dude that tried to jump bad at Nick after the play (about the 2:42 mark, I think) and made the mistake of leaving his feet. Bosa blasted him about another foot up into the air and then backwards about a yard, almost completely flipping him and causing him to land on his back. Dude got up with a seriously wounded look on his face, like some 10 year old getting body slammed by Mike Tyson who can't believe the world is really that unfair and is about to run home crying to let mom know about. :) Nick Bosa isn't Top 10 and isn't a 5 star? This is EXACTLY what a 5 star Top 10 player looks like. I think he's probably Top 10 over the last 3 or so recruiting classes.
Comment 19 Jan 2015
I don't know how you can watch Burrow play and not at least have him in top 100. If he played at a school like St. Thomas Aquinas in Florida he'd be in the top 10. This tells me the recruiting services do more label reading and listening to gossip than they do actual talent evaluation.