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  • SPORTS MOMENT: David Boston catching the game winner 15 feet away from me!!!
    Screw ASU...
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Nathan "The "Real" Snake" Williams
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Comment 20 Oct 2013

Amen... I wish I had all of Roby's hits(missed tackles) on dvr. He hasn't used his arms in at least 75% of his tackles. No technique! Who is to blame? Every coach he had or OSU staff for not instilling proper tackling skills? Until it changes, I don't consider a player of Roby's talent level, and others throughout the country, as great player(s) as they are heralded to be!


Comment 11 Jul 2011

Not on your list, and quite unheralded with Thad and Heyward, but Nathan Williams will shine as the succesor on the D-Line and will be our #1 defender in leadership and performance!

Comment 13 Nov 2010

Yep, nothing like exposing a weakness in their defense... Sometimes I think that there is a cocky attitude that the staff has that has bitten us in much needed national games...

Comment 27 Sep 2010

Nathan Williams is not near the ball exactly 1 play only when he is on the field. Take him away and Thomas does not relieve the pressure for Heyward... Nathan"TheSnake"Williams!!! Watch closely, and you will agree, there is not a play where he is farther than 1 yard away or actually making the play!!!