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    2014 NC Game in Arlington.
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Comment 5 hours ago
Looks like a Miami home game.
Comment 5 hours ago
Ha! Dream on for 200 for marquee games. Isnt The Game gonna be around 250 this year?
Comment 5 hours ago
Aside the upgrade they announced to the basketball facility, there are tons of B1G alumni in Chicagoland. So definitely need the tv market.
Comment 26 May 2016

And the B12 downward spiral continues.  When things got ugly at PSU, B1G was all over it, many wanted to kick them out of league.  B12 didn't even touch this one.

Comment 09 May 2016

This is the same conference that a couple of years ago considered NIU in order to get the Chicago market!!!  Have at it B12, take Cincy and UConn and you might as well start writing your obituary.

Comment 08 May 2016
Disagree. Joey Burrow came from a small school, one without much success in the past. Burrow took them to the state final and put up crazy numbers in the process. The way he was connecting with Gibson in the Spring game, expect a lot of Burrow to Gibson after JT is gone.
Comment 27 Mar 2016

Unfortunately in some Catholic schools in state, especially down in Cincy area, kids are told that if they don't go to ND then they will go to Hell forever, so they are lied into it.

Comment 20 Mar 2016

Because they play in a league (B12), where defense is an unknown term. 

Comment 20 Mar 2016
So the Browns are actually looking at an Art Bryles qb! That's why they are the Browns.