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Comment 07 Dec 2014
The question is, was the performance of C.Jones a anomaly, or will he keep playing this way. I see us having the "chip" on our shoulder advantage. All of our coaches and players have heard how great the SEC is and how anyone from the BIG can't compete with them. I think talent and coaching are similar. But we have 10x more motivation to win and I think that showed even inyesterdays game. I have no reason to doubt they bring that same intensity and fire for the next 2 games. If they do, I like our chances.
Comment 03 Nov 2014
I personally think Samuel had a better week in practice and won the spot. I trust that UFM isn't going to start someone who isn't the best option regardless of what psychological games he may or may not be playing. I also don't think Elliott is any stronger than Samuel. How many times have we watched Elliott get stuffed in short yardage situations? Getting those yards is one of the weaknesses of our team (yes O-line included). When we were at the goal line and Samuel lowered his pads breaking 2 tackles to get the score...I don’t know if Elliott would have won that battle.
Comment 26 Oct 2014
The defense saved us last night. I can't remember ever being able to say that in the last 3 years.
Comment 18 Oct 2014
Samuel is becoming the player I'm most excited to see. I know he's been injured, but he needs to go back to option #2 at rb in front of R. Smith.
Comment 29 Sep 2014
Someone please let me know when I can be critical of our defensive coaching. Apparently we can continue to use youth, new scheme, it's just a few missed assignments (insert excuse here) as reasons to continue to excuse our piss poor pass defense.
Comment 22 Sep 2014
I think the staff thought he was a lock and may not have put in the time/effort he needed. Florida obviously did. Now it's make up time and I like our chances.
Comment 11 Sep 2014
Do we know who is in charge of the defense? Apparently we're left in the dark like last year so there isn't anyone to blame? This Co-defensive coordinator nonsense obviously hasn't worked and isn't working. Yeah it's early in the year, the team needs time to gel, new scheme, blah blah blah.
Comment 08 Sep 2014
Herman is overated. The only reason we put up 40pts last year a game was because of Braxton and mainly our competition. The BIG is bad, no one can deny that. Herman made no adjustments, and put JT in a impossible position. I've never seen a rb or tight end screen since Herman has been here. Why multiple screens weren't used on Saturday I'll never know. Quick slants instead of chucking the ball 50 yards down the field every time is beyond me. The one series where Samuel was getting to the edge and the offense eventually scored is really the only time we seemed to be in rhythm. The next series Samuel was on the sideline. Herman isn't good. Urban needs to take over the play calling.
Comment 04 Sep 2014
Your absolutely right, as you can imagine when you come home from a mission your initial school of choice can change for a lot of reasons. And it changes a with a lot of returned missionaries. Unfortunately for a lot of them naturally they trend towards BYU.
Comment 04 Sep 2014
While on your mission you can exercise for 30 min to 1hour a day. A lot of guys on missions that plan on playing d1 ball squeeze in a little more time, some don't. Even though generally guys don't come back in the greatest shape, they bounce back quickly. In fact alot of coaches feel BYU has a big advantage with returned missionaries because of both the physical and mental maturity guys come back with after their mission. FWIW, the reason I'm such a big Ohio State fan is because I served my mission in Columbus. My heart is still in Ohio.
Comment 31 Aug 2014
Vonn Bell needs to be playing the entire game unless he's getting a breather. He actually makes tackles behind the 1st down marker, unlike Powell who only seems to make tackles after the other team gets a 1st down. Not to mention he's always around the play even if he's not making the tackle. Yes Powell made a unforgettable play against scUM, but it's Vonn Bell time. Washington played the best game out of any of the defensive line. Samuel is a little ball of speed and strength. He also blocked VERY well. Zeke better be careful, Samuel is legit. And I love Zeke as much as anyone. JT played good. Put him behind last year's offensive line and we would of put up 50. The one time he wasn't pressured he threw a td to Smith. Once the oline is settled down I'm excited to see JT get the ball to Thomas/C.Smith/Green etc. Thank goodness we have Wairner as our o-line coach, or I would be seriously concerned. This is going to be the key to our season.
Comment 19 Aug 2014
2 weeks ago JT was thinking he was a 3rd string qb, probably unlikely to see the field more than a handful of times. Now he's the starting qb at Ohio State...I really believe this makes our defense raise up. Our offense had never been our problem the last few years. If our defense plays at par to where our talent sits we'll be fine. Our offense has to many weapons, even without Braxton. I believe our defense will rise to the occasion.