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Comment 05 Apr 2014
This year is going to be different then the last couple of years previous because of loosing our last 2 games. I don't see a ton of summer or early fall commitments. If we end up with a great season and a decent bowl win we'll be fine with flips/ late season/signing day commitments. If we don't have a good year then I think we have reason to worry.
Comment 05 Jan 2014
Braxton isn't the problem, it's lack of receiving talent that can't create separation and get open. We had a lot of talent that could of helped out tremendously this year imo that got red shirts because the staff tried to show loyalty to upper classmen. Time to wipe out the recieving core (or whats left of it) and throw in Thomas, Marshall, Clark, Corey Smith, Brown, Dixon etc. Our main problem was obviously defense. Even with a average Buckeye defense we would of been looking at actually competing for a NC.
Comment 18 Dec 2013
Assuming Shazier is gone. We need to throw Kwon Mitchell and Trey into the fire. With Kwon enrolling early and Trey and Mitchell with a year of practice and knowledge under their belt you have to give these guys their snaps. Grant is who he is. Perry is who he is. Clearly not Ohio Stateish...As Urban says. I have no worries about Mitchell. His body just needed to develope, he'll be more than ready next year. Kwon already has the body and clearly the talent, and combined with enrolling early I have full confidence he'll figure out scheme by the time the season starts. We're going to have 3 years in a row with top 3 classes. Talent is oozing out on both sides of the ball. It's time to give these young men the snaps they need and deserve to develope into the players we all know they can be. Could their be growing pains? Sure. Maybe even a loss or two. I'm willing to deal worth those growing pains to develope these guys to where they need/could be.
Comment 15 Oct 2013
did anyone notice in the northwestern game, when dontre was returning kickoff that Zeke made him stop 3 separate times when dontre wanted to run? Dontre was pissed lol. Honestly, let him take it even 5 yards deep. He might get stopped at the 15 a couple times, but I guarantee he'll take one to the house more times then they stop him. Not happy to see Hall taking Dontres spot on return. In the offense you have to keep feeding him until a team proves they can stop him. No one has done that yet. All players have deficiencys, if his is blocking then don't have him block for now considering he is working on it. Imo I think the main worry for the coaches is turn overs. He turned one over already, and has had it pop out a few times as well.
Comment 18 Sep 2013
Roby seemed not engaged. He got burned multiple times. 2-3 times the qb overthrew the receivers when they had the step on Roby. He gave up 2 td's. The Roby I remember last year was flying all over the field, talking trash, and making plays. To me, it doesn't look like he's excited to play. I'm excited about Bosa. I think we need to move Diesel inside and keep Bosa strong side. Pleasant surprise is Steve Miller. Every time he gets on the field he either makes a play or is in the middle of things. I like this Yong man a lot.