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Comment 03 Dec 2013

I agree with most everything you wrote. Thanks for not being just a cheerleader like a lot of people.

Comment 03 Dec 2013

There is also something called a defensive side. OSU can't keep the 5th ranked team in the Legends Division, with a hobbled QB from scoring over 40 points.

Comment 03 Dec 2013

So Auburn beat the number 1 team in the country and OSU beat the number 5 team in the Legends Division of the terrible Big Ten?  

Comment 02 Dec 2013

I'm sure he is better than his "highlight" videos which were not impressive. The OSU defense has been the weakest part of the team. He is needed now.

Comment 01 Dec 2013

Any SEC team would be favored by 40 points if they played.  Our defense is terrible......even against terrible Big Ten teams.

Comment 01 Dec 2013

Thanks for putting all highlights on 11 warriors. Dontre and all Buckeyes still need to grow a pair and be above the punks of M. None of those M cowards would do that by themselves. Now on to the M state game.

Comment 01 Dec 2013

Why is it spelled B1G?  There is an i in big. Now it should be Oh1o State?  And there are 12 teams, which will change to 14 1n July.  Everyt1ing about the conference 1s 1gnorant. Go to class somet1mes.....

Comment 01 Dec 2013

Auburn should be #2. OSU plays the weakest schedule in America and barely wins. The Big Ten royally sucks this year.

Comment 30 Nov 2013

Auburn should go to number 2. OSU played the weakest schedule in the country, in the weakest conference and barely beat the weakest teams in the conference.  Their defense is horrible.

Comment 27 Nov 2013

Fitzpatrick and Wimbush ran track last spring at St. Peter and ran the 100 meters in 11.6/11.8. St. Peter's Prep plays for the NJ state championship Dec. 6 at MetLife Stadium, here in NJ.  (where next years Super Bowl will be held)  http://blog.nj.com/hudsonhssports/2013/11/st_peters_football.html

Comment 17 Nov 2013

How often do you score 60 and drop in the polls?  OSU is now #4 in the AP poll with Baylor overtaking the Buckeyes at #3. Unbelievable.  http://espn.go.com/college-football/rankings/_/poll/1

Comment 14 Nov 2013

These young kids change their minds like some women.  Who knows what he will do next.  I still think OSU needs some beef in the paint. Matta gets more space to fine some stud who can play defense and bring it.