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Comment 22 Sep 2011

I'm glad to see someone in the know feels the same way about the real void left by Tressel and what a challenge it will be to fill it this season.  My fear is that Fickell will be overly blamed for something that was nearly inevitable.  The current offensive coaching staff is just not setup to work well without a head coach that is deeply integrated into the offense.  No blame, just the reality they face.  Bollman is a very capable O-Line coach as is evident in their strong showing so far; leading the offensive strategy (and adjusting it mid-game) just doesn't seem to be his calling.  Again, no blame.  I sincerely hope that people temper their expectations this year and see the opportunity to bring in a high profile QB coach/ co-offensive coordinator in the offseason.  The thought of having that along with our already great defensive coaching staff (including Fickell) is very exciting and will bring many W's.

Comment 17 Sep 2011

Totally agree on this.  The offensive coaching (sans Tressell) is the root cause of this debacle.  In the long run, this exposure will be good because now we can get a high profile offensive coordinator who will take that side of the ball to the same level we have come to expect on the defense.  If that happens, this team will be good next year and a national contender in 2013.