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Comment 20 Sep 2016

To me that's exactly how it should be. There's no reason to be an asshole to someone for being an opposing fan. I treat people with respect and expect to be treated the same in all walks of life, let alone a football game lol.

honeslty every Michigan fan I encountered was welcoming. Even after the game was out of reach and fans began to leave, we had a lay decked in UM gear of us taking a pic doing O-H-I-O with the field in the back ground. She caught some boos for that one lol

Thanks! If I remember correctly that avatar pic was from the penn state game in 2013. I have some very similar to the black out game just a section over. I'd update it and post pics from time to time but I haven't quite figured it out from my phone 

Comment 20 Sep 2016

That's great to hear these stories. This is how fan bases should treat one another. I've been to quite a few games at the shoe and have always had friendly encounters with opposing fans. The VT fans we set near were exceptionally great people and continuously complemented on how great the shoe is and the game day experience in Columbus. 

We went to the game last year in Ann Arbor. My first away game and really had no clue what to expect. We parked at pioneer high school and had Michigan fans all around us and our experience was great. We had a group on one side on young to middle age folks and on the other side had 2 older fellas. I hit off with the 2 older gentlemen and talked osu-um football, as well as hunting and fishing for a good 3 hours until time to go into the stadium. They extremely welcoming and wished us a good experience during the game. One did say as we were headed to the stadium "enjoy yourselves but beware there is some rude ass Michigan fans inside the big house" lol. They offered us food as well as the other group next to us brough us cookies and bowls of soup and chili. It was freezing as cold and we came unprepared not knowing people just parked at the school and set up shop to tailgate unlike in Columbus where u need parking passes and such to tailgate near the stadium. We did have a group of college guys riding is walking into the stadium making subtitle remarks and finally asked why we would wanna come to Michigan and watch the game. My drunken friend and turned and responded "well I wanted to come so I could watch Michigan get their fucking ass kicked" lol expecting shit to hit the fan those guys laughed and hit it off well with my buddy the rest of the way. It was truly one of my most memorable game experiences. I'm sure the final scores helps a lot lol. 

Comment 14 Sep 2016

Personally I would find it hard to imagine an undefeated UH getting in over a 12-1 power 5 B1G champion Ohio state. Losing on the road at Oklahoma but returning with wins on the road at night against Wisconsin, penn state and a road win against Michigan state, 3 teams with top 15 potential at the points of the season osu plays them. Plus add in a win against Nebraska who has potentially to be ranked as well a Michigan team that very well could be a top 5 team, possibly undefeated when they come to Columbus. And the B1G championship game against Iowa, Wisconsin or Nebraska. It's still a long long season, but if things were to play as so that osu loses Saturday then runs the table, they'll be in the playoffs 

Comment 08 Sep 2016

Awesome find! Man there's always been something special about hang on sloopy. I always remembered as kid watching the osu games on TV and hearing the band in the background playing hang on sloopy wondering what that song was as I didn't know at the time. It was always a song that caught my attention and I've always related that song to osu football from a young. I remember my very first game in the shoe and hearing the band let it rip at the end of the 3rd quarter and getting chills thinking of all those years of hearing it across the tv I was finally able to set inside the horseshoe and witness it

Comment 06 Sep 2016

Some good looking collections! I'll eventually post pics of mine one day. We moved last year and the home we now have I plan to redo the basement living room into my osu fan cave for game days when the time and money is better. All my stuff is in boxes. I have all of the mini helmets except the camo spring game. Also have some of special editions 12-0, 125th anniversary, 14' national champs and few signed minis. Along with 2 full size speed helmets I put together and a full size speed black helmet. Also an old style vsr4 autographed by Eddie George.

Comment 04 Sep 2016

I get what you're saying. I never get caught up in the hype and stay cautiously optimistic at times. I'm not proclaiming them national champions, but as a young inexperienced team they played well yesterday, better than most would have expected with so many new faces. Better than a team loaded with nfl talent did against poor quality opponents most of last year. Through 1 game they gelled well together, that's a fact not a crazy over hyped opinion. I as well anticipate OU, Wisky, PSU and MSU on the road. 

There is no denying this team is extremely talented

Comment 04 Sep 2016

This is going to be a fun and exciting year. Although it was bowling green, I was still impressed by how well and in sync the team played today with so many new faces who haven't even played a down of college football, along with Guys who have had very limited action. Great distribution of the ball to tons of different guys who can make plays. Without question this team is loaded with talent across the board. First game of the season and they looked smooth Oline and skill positions. Curtis Samuel is gonna be a lot of fun this season. Defense also was very sound and the young secondary played well

Comment 29 Aug 2016

Congrats on the new little buckeye!

for what it's worth, I went to the penn state game in 2013 just 2 weeks after my son was born . You can do it!

Comment 16 Aug 2016

I'm fine with noon or 3:30 either way. I guess I've grown accustomed to noon kickoff for The game since it's essentially been the standard. That's the only noon game that still has a big time feel to it, although in 2012 when I went I felt it still lacked the atmosphere of the night games I've been to and it was a game to sealed a perfect season.

The 3:30 game in 06 was absolutely incredible. But it also offered #1 vs #2 in the biggest rivalry in all of sports for a chance to play for a natty. They coulda played that one at 8am and it still been insane lol. The feeling around the stadium was intense/electric all day from the time we stepped out of the car at 5 that morning.

in general I prefer to go to the 3:30 and 8:00 games. The noon and 3:30 games I enjoy from watching at home. I hate waiting all day at the house for the late games

Comment 24 Nov 2015
I am much the same as you and share the same perspective. I have no idea where my seat locations are other than endzone and I imagine I'll be surrounded by UM fans. I'll be respectful and classy and enjoy the experience. Some people tend to take it way too serious to a point they don't enjoy the moment and the opportunity they have in front of them. I told my wife, I've experienced a some awesome moments as an ohio state fan. I've seen some huge games in person. Witnessed some great wins, witnessed some tough losses (this past Saturday). But always thankful for the opportunity. I said of all those past experiences, I think none would be more fulfilling than watching the buckeyes win in the big house and drive home with a smile on my face the size of ohio lol
Comment 24 Nov 2015
That's incredible man! Some thrilling experiences and memories for a lifetime to share with others. I'm thick skinned, I can handle the banter and shit talk and laugh it off with the best of them. If someone messes with my younger sister, well I'm lose my fucking shit lol. As long as it's at that we'll be alright. I'm the respectful fan who is kind and welcoming to opposing fans at ohio stadium, will congratulate them on victory and wish them well as they travel home. That's how fans should be and expected to be but I'm not naive and know thats ar from the case with many lol
Comment 23 Nov 2015
Thanks for all of the insight, men. Sounds like most of you have a much better plan of action than myself lol. It's kind of bad timing due to holidays and work and the long drive but my younger sister surprised me with a ticket as an early Christmas gift so it made it hard to pass on lol. Needless to say we'll be leaving about 3am and making the 5.5-6 hr drove to watch the game then head back home, ouch I know. It'll either be the best or the worst 6hr of drive of my life headed back home depending the outcome. One positive is the cabelas store in dundee south of ann arbor is pretty incredible and I'll be hitting it on the way home lol. Hopefully parking and traffic are manageable. The though of parking prices being double and charging $30-40 to park is insane
Comment 23 Nov 2015
Thanks for the info! I always tend to get inside the stadiums atleast a hour before kick off. It'll prob be closer to 9am or so getting into ann arbor as we have close to a 6 hour drive coming from very southern Ohio. Hopefully we won't have too many everything pretty well navigated by people directing you towards parking and such?
Comment 06 Nov 2015
The problem you have though, is unless your a season ticket holder you will never touch one in ohio stadium for $195 for the michigan game. This isn't a knock at ticket holders by no means, you earned your right through donations and being alumni, kudos to you. But for the rest of the general public the secondary market is going be at least double that price to get in for average to lower scale seats/view. I've bought tickets on the secondary market that last 6 years and they continue to go up because the buckeyes keep winning and the university keeps raising face value lol. I went from going to roughly 3 games a year to 1 or 2 depending what's affordable. I attend the premier game of the season and the next best and it'd very costly. Just from what I've seen on the secondary market and using my best guess, I imagine a good seat inside the 20 yard lines for Michigan next season will be every bit of $400, bump that significantly if you prefer A deck seating. Michigan state tickets this year are going for $300-400+ for prime seating and even up to alot more than that. But what can you do, I bitch about it and give someone my money because I love the buckeyes and love being inside the shoe, it's a special place lol. But it's also eliminating middle class fans who just can't simply afford that kind of trip. 2 tickets, gas, food, memorabilia and you have a $1000 day trip to columbus next November lol
Comment 06 Nov 2015
If I had to guess I imagine at some point the next 2 weeks they allow braxton to toss the ball a couple of times atleast. I think they'll show it before michigan state just to force MSU to prepare for it. I know the ability has been there all yeae but they've yet to use it and it hasn't become much of a decoy at this point cause everyone knows when the ball hits braxtons hands he's running
Comment 03 Nov 2015
They have absolutely increased on the secondary market. I'm not an alumni or ticket holder so I buy from a realtor in Columbus who sells secondary market. His prices are always better than ebay, stub hub or any ticket website and I had to pay an arm and a leg for Michigan state tickets this year "due to the inflation of face value". And sadly even with what I paid I still got a good deal considering the quality of my seats bases on every other website/ebay out there
Comment 03 Nov 2015
As many has said it will be a valuable learning lesson for JT. I hate it for him because I know with certain actions comes certain perspective of your character as a person. We are human and we all mistakes. It's how we handle those mistakes and learn from them is the difference maker and not allowing the mistake make who we are. We were all young once and make dumb decisions/mistakes. Even older adults do the same thing as JT had done. I, myself got a DUI when I was 23 years old. Young and thinking you won't get caught or everything is "fine". Worst decision of my life, most valuable one as well. It was a complete nightmare, drug out over 2 years, cost about $2500 when all was said and done for lawyer, court cost, fines, etc. It's was humbling and matured me as an adult and my actions in life from that point on. I learned my lesson and made myself better for it. I'm sure JT will as well. The best lessons in life are the ones learned the hard way. Learn, put it behind ya, and move on. Best of luck to JT!
Comment 19 Oct 2015
The blackout itself was very impressive. Thought the stadium looked awesomd, uniforms looked great and the whole concept turned out well. The atmosphere was very hit and miss I felt. At the times the place got really loud. When the whole stadium gets on their feet and actually gives a shit it can hands down be the loudest place in the country. As the OP mentioned, there were 3rd downs when the buckeyes were on defense that I was one of the few standing in the whole general area of our 19c section. Others times such as the 4th down attempts by psu, I couldn't spot a person setting down and the place was loud. I get when you jump put to a quick 3 score lead and it being pretty chilly outside it takes the crowd down a notch, but still I'd like to see more from the fan base and bring the shoe to life and the real potential it holds
Comment 13 Oct 2015
Prepare for an awesome adventure my friend. For first ever buckeye game you are going big time for a big name conference foe under the lights. The shoe is a special place when the bright lights come on Saturday night. As most of these guys said, dress warm. Mid 50s during the day and overnight lows on the 30s. So I'd imagine low 40s during game time. Jeans, insulated thermal shirt under a hoodie and a pair of gloves atleast. That's coming from someone used to the cool fall ohio weather, a cali boy like yourself may bring a few extras lol! As for pregame, there's tons of setups outside st Johns arena with games and certain events going on. Nike used to have a tent setup with all the team gear, assume they do this year as well, this is my first game of the season. Over on lane Ave there's a few bars, couple campus shops, there was an outdoor setup with live music, big screens, food and alcohol I assume they have again this year. Team will do their walk through to skull session and on to the stadium around 2 hours before kick off so u can line the side walk and get a high five from urban and the boys Hope you enjoy your trip and everything is a great experience for you!
Comment 13 Oct 2015
If ohio state doesn't turn the ball over and keeps the penalties at a minimum I think they cruise saturday night. Penn states offense seems to be a mess, could be a big night for bosa, lewis, washington, Hubbard and a very bad night for hackenberg. The penn state defense appears to be pretty solid. Although they haven't really played any teams with much offense. Indiana being the best offensive team they faced and held well in check but also following a week after they were beaten up by ohio state. They've played temple, buffalo, rutgers, san Diego state, army and indiana. Buckeyes seem to be finding their offensive stride and I expect the defense to be locked in with the focus from earlier on