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Comment 03 Aug 2015
I emailed tressel once as well. Mine was intercepted by an assistant in regards to getting an autographed pic of tress. Long story short, a week or so later a enveloped arrived in the mail for the woody with an autographed pic of tress
Comment 17 Jan 2015
The fumbles are far from Ideal and no one enjoys them. However, urbans approach to stick with his guys in big IMO and shows his confidence in his players. Had he given up on Jalin Marshall after the Minnesota game, or JT after the VT game or Zeke early in the Bama game and him and cardale early in the oregon game. Just gotta brush it off, put it behind ya and play ball
Comment 15 Jan 2015
I'm perfectly fine keeping the home and away diamond quest unis during the playoff and retiring the rest. Those gray sleeves and diamond nike check were pretty badass. Brought back memories of the buckeyes unis growing up as a kid in the 90s and early 2000s
Comment 15 Jan 2015
Lol that's funny. I seen some VT fans posting on twitter after the B1G championship that they were 2014 B1G champs. I'd say deep down there wasn't a person in Blacksburg who wanted a piece of the buckeyes at the end of the year or probably the original game 4 schedule as originally planned instead of week 2 following Navy lol. I'll have on my undisputed national champs shirt when I walk into their stadium September 7th next season and watch the buckeyes poor it on. I'm sure this game will have some emphasis being week 1 and the first game looked at all off season
Comment 15 Jan 2015
Man, I sure hope Nike can make it after that lol. Give me a break, nike cashed in probably bigger than about anyone on all the playoff gear. All 4 teams were Nike endorsed schools and with alabama and ohio state having 2 of the nation's largest fan bases and everyone across the country on the flashy oregon band wagon. I know Nike made their fair share off me alone with a playoff shirt, diamond quest hat, sugar bowl champs hat and shirt along with national champs hat and shirt. That's only because I didn't have the extra cash to afford the hoodies, jerseys and everything else they came up with lol. My wife was happy to see the season end because all of the championship gear was gonna break us haha!
Comment 07 Dec 2014
I honestly don't see last week's rankings baring much outcome on the final poll today. Long Said OSU would be evaluated on how they perform this week without JT and I'm sure how the defense would perform against Melvin gordon. To say OSU exceeded expectations would be an understatement! No one, and I mean no one would have dream osu come out and dominate that game like they did in ever aspect of the game and pitch a 59-0 shutout against a very solid wisconsin team. Ohio state was under dogs last night. Freaking under dogs and played like the best team in the nation
Comment 04 Dec 2014
It was a from the link that was posted on a thread yesterday. I seen the comments section and got a good laugh out of it. The guy claimed to be a Bama fan but Braxtons first cousin and blah blah blah. I'd be willing to guess he was some Internet dumb ass just stirring the pot for the Arkansas fan base. I can set here and say I'm Braxtons cousin and he's staying at osu and no one would know for sure. For the record I am not lol. I just don't get why media is going with all this. Why transfer to a school that is gonna use ur talents the same way ur hometown buckeyes do. I've said it a ton but braxton is a competitor and he will come back and battle with JT for the starting spot. No one turns their back on a braxton miller type player and tell them to move on, especially to the worse team in the sec. That was a Matt Hayes suggestion because of beliema and russell Wilson's success at wisconsin
Comment 03 Dec 2014
Did anyone read the comments on the link? Lol one person claimed to be Braxtons first cousin and talks to him all the time and that braxton is considering transferring. Says Arkansas is on his transfer list and would be a great fit blah blah blah. Think someone there is trying add a little fuel to the fire lol For what it's worth I heard braxton has told people on campus he's sick of the rumors and he's not transferring
Comment 26 Nov 2014
And does anyone really believe Meyer would shove braxton out the door of all people?! Seriously, that's Meyers boy, he loves braxton, as he should. No coach in the world is gonna tell braxton sorry about your luck but it's time to move on we don't need you anymore lol. There's always a place for a guy like braxton. Not just the football star but he's a great kid that's never had an ounce of trouble or heard his name used in a bad reference. Plus they already released the list of seniors moving on and walking on saturday. Would have to imagine if braxton knew he was leaving he would take one last walk at ohio stadium and if that were the case social media would have exploded over him calling it a career as osu
Comment 26 Nov 2014
To me, this whole rumor is garbage. As some have mentioned, if braxton isn't at osu next season it's because he left for the nfl or because of shoulder complications still. Braxton isn't just your average recruit who was pulled for several states away to come play of Meyer and a championship. He's from the Dayton area, born and raised buckeye. He could have chose any school in the country out of high school and chose to stay at home and play for the buckeyes. He stepped into osu as tressel was resigning, and unproven fickell takes over and Braxton as a true freshman takes a beating for a year. We all know what he has done since and what he is capable of. I can't see him uprooting his family from Ohio and moving all the way to the west coast to play 1 year of football that's not guaranteed to change much of his perception considering it's very similar to what osu runs. Furthermore, braxton is a baller. He's a winner. He's a competior. Does anyone think he's just got throw in the towel, walk away from osu and give JT the reigns for good. I call bullshit. He comes back and they bust ass in the off season and earn that spot. No way I can see braxton transferring to another school and not staying at osu and battle with JT for the starting job. NFL or buckeyes for braxton
Comment 07 Nov 2014
I'm working tomorrow. Every time I have taken off work for a big game bucks have lost (michigan state and Clemson last year, had to call off for VT this year due to a last minute schedule change at work and already having tickets. These are just recent games, happened several times over the years). So I did us all a favored and volunteered to work tomorrow lol
Comment 04 Nov 2014
I've been very pleased with JT. He has alot of potential to be a big time QB for ohio state in the future. He's shown signs of brilliance this season and has also shown his youth. He has great awareness and definitely a leader on this team which is uncoachable. Braxton however was a big play waiting to happen every time the ball hit his hands. For me, I'm still going with braxton because no one knows what kind of numbers he could have put up this season will all the playmakers JT has. Braxtons running ability alone would have opened up more for Elliot and Samuel and the passing game as well. Spread the field much as they have this year with short easy throws and it opens up those big plays with the zone read for braxton. JT has had some really nice runs off of his reads, have to imagine braxton would have his fair share with his running abilitly. Guess in short after all my rambling (sorry) is that we never had the chance to see braxton in an offense with the amount of playmakers across the board like this year. It was always braxton and hyde
Comment 29 Oct 2014
Still some inexperience on the line and the play calling in the 2 games they've struggled has been very dull. Both games they staff failed to open up the play book and spread the field. In return, the defenses have seen the offense become 1 dimensional running game and stack the box with added blitz and pressure. That's made it tough on the line to protect JT and open holes for EZE when they're cramming 7-8 guys on ya. The other games they opened the game with the offense wide open side line to side line and teams had to spread the field making the line assignments and execution much easier on themselves
Comment 28 Oct 2014
I would love to see a 16 team playoff. This allows a team to lose a game or possibly 2 early in the season, find their stride and be playing championship football come december. Every other sport out there has a form of a significant playoff and alot of times the teams that win are the teams that get hot at the end of the season. Take the Royals for example in MLB this year. Came on strong, rolled the top team in the AL and now battling for a world series. I guess if it were up to me, and we all know it's not, I would have a form of a ranking system whether it's systematic like the bcs or a committee such as now. I would take the top 16 teams at the final poll, anything beyond that probably doesn't realistically have a chance. Say first round, the top 8 teams get home field advantage at their own stadium. Once you get to the next round of 8 teams incorporate 4 of the 6 premium bowl games. Using this year's setup let's have the cotton bowl, orange bowl, peach bowl and Fiesta bowl. The winners that advance to the the final four play the other 2 major bowls as semi finals, the rose bowl and sugar bowl. Winner goes on to play for the national championship game at a predetermined site, cowboys stadium, Lucas oil stadium, super dome or where ever the hell they want. You play your regular season, conference championship, take a week off and start the playoff. America gets a true champion, the best football of the year, tons of money for everyone and every school involved and still maintain your premier bowl games. Sounds fun to me anyways lol
Comment 26 Oct 2014
IMO, a lot of the offense lines problem stemmed back to the play calling much like the VT game. Once OSU never established a pass game and went one dimensional with the run, PSU started stacking up and bringing more pressure. Don't get me wrong, the line could have played better , but they were kind of put in a tough spot as well. Would have liked to have seen them open it up more early and spread the field. Heuraman was open it seemed like every time I looked just wasn't getting the ball to him. Back out of the backfield were open quite a bit as well for the screens and swing passes. However, I do understand JT is still a freshman and playing a road game like that for the first time I'm sure was intimidating. So I can understand the conservative approach from the start. I was disappointed not to see osu take advantage of the last minute of the first half and try to drive down and score. Put a TX right there up 24-0 with all the momentum and it would have flattened that stadium. I was still impressed with the will of those young men to fight back in overtime like they did. JT showed his leadership and toughness on those TD drives. And as mentioned by everyone, Bosa, my goodness is he a ball player
Comment 12 Sep 2014

No my worked screwed us all. Every time I've called off on gameday it always turns into a loss. Scheduled off on Saturdays except last weekend of the month. Well they dicked our schedules around and had us working for the VaTech game, had to call cause already had tickets and went on to witness my first ever loss in person at the shoe. Smh lol

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Had 4 young guys for VT set behind, still may have been college students. Well mannered and respectful guys. Had great things to say about osu and were amazed by the size of the shoe and the overall gameday experience at osu. All 4 said by far that was the best stadium and atmosphere they have seen for a game and that the shoe lived up to the hype. Even mentioned they went to osu vs penn state at beaver a couple years ago and beaver couldn't hold a stick to the shoe. After the game I shook the hands off all 4 and congratulated them on a great game and wished them a safe travel home. As they did the same and said they hoped to see us in Blacksburg this year. As mentioned above, VT had the best away crowd I've seen yet at the shoe.

Comment 06 Sep 2014

Haha! If they put up 63 I'll never miss another night game at ohio stadium as long as I live lol

Comment 03 Sep 2014

The last 2 night games I've been at the shoe (Nebraska and penn state) the buckeyes hung 63 each game. I'll be there Saturday so I'm gonna hope the buckeyes continue that streak! Lol. 

In all seriousness, VaTech brings a solid D but I think the buckeyes put up some points. 

OSU 34

VaTech 13

Comment 03 Sep 2014

Did Lebron do the team walk with the players last year the Wisconsin game? Down the sidewalk, into skull session and across to the stadium. Curious if he was out in the open and interact with the fans lining the sidewalk

Comment 18 Nov 2013

I like them. Have always loved the chrome helmet. It will be a nice look on the field....The uniforms always look much better on the players than they do in these release pics that nike puts out.

Ive seen a lot of people bitching and moaning about them, but I think they'll look good in a victory over UM. Furthermore, for everyone who is in shock, Meyer said weeks ago, early in the season, that they were going to wear an all white for of the alternate jerseys when they play UM