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Comment 02 Sep 2015
To me that is everything that is great about college football! Love the big game atmospheres and the traditions that go along with it. VT does it right and shows enormous amounts of passion and energy for their program and you gotta love and respect that. If been to many games at the horse shoe and been around many different fans bases. I can say from my experience last year the VT fans were without a doubt the best opposing fans I've talked to. Granted I didn't talk to every single one lol but those that I did and the group setting behind us were top notch and very respectful and had great things to say about the shoe and their experience. Even in defeat we shook hands and wished each other well. I can only imagine that VT with be very hospitable to the buckeyes making the journey to Blacksburg and they'll put on a show and have that place rocking. Man I love college football
Comment 31 Aug 2015
Nice post! I will say this thought, from my experiences in the shoe, B deck seats blow entirely. Not only is the view obstructed but to me it takes away the crowd atmosphere of the stadium. It seems much louder when your out in the open in A deck or C deck seats and not trapped up underneath the upper deck. I, myself was pretty disappointed with the atmosphere of the tech game last year. I've been to several night games and other big games and that game was at the bottom of the list as far as having that big game feel and the crowd being amped. I've heard many great things about lane stadium. We had a few VT engineering students intern at our plant over the last 6 months who have talked up the game and the atmosphere of lane stadium. Anytime the #1 team in the country comes to town it's gonna get the place going nuts. I still remember the 06 osu vs Michigan game, #1 vs #2. The feeling around the stadium that day was unreal. You could literally feel the tension and adrenaline from the time you stepped out of your car. By far the most the most amazing experience for me. I expect Blacksburg to be going bat shit crazy next Monday lol
Comment 27 Aug 2015
I think the team will respond fine. Once the shock wears off I'd imagine noah will be used as extra motivation much like last year. This team isn't in new waters, they experienced braxton go down about this sams time last year, they lost JT after an unreal season while in a couple days of that learning the passing of Kosta. This team has tremendous leadership throughout the players and the coaching staff. They will be fine in my opinion. Just a very unfortunate situation for Noah. Hope for a success surveys and fast recovery for the young man. His health trumps all else
Comment 26 Aug 2015
If it is in fact a season ending injury to brown that's very unfortunate with all the rave reviews coming out of camp. Hate to see any kid injured playing the game. It was moments like these that brought the team together last year with incredible leadership to carry them to a championship
Comment 25 Aug 2015
I think a lot depends on the particular person combined with the style of shoe. Personally I felt these free trainers felt comfortable. The lunar tr1 last year were not very comfortable for me. Took quite a few wears to get them to feel ok.
Comment 25 Aug 2015
That sucks man. There should have been a 2 pairs per person limit to start with. So many people bought them up and are flipping them on ebay for over double the price. It's a shame when there's a limited quantity and fans can't even get ahold of any due that
Comment 25 Aug 2015
No problem man! Hope you score a pair of them ...beat out all the douche bags snatching them up and selling them for $250 a pair on ebay I live in very southern ohio. The champs at the mall across the river in huntington, wv had the lunar tr1 on the shelf 2 days before they released and still had them around Christmas time being that area is mostly WVU and marshall fans. They didn't get any of the week zero collection this year. If so I'd have you all call the store and see if they'd ship them or I'd pick them up and ship them out to you guys. I know how shitty it is to want something like that and they all be gone. I still want a diamond quest jersey from last year's playoff run but once they sold out all that was left was asshole asking 500 bucks for them on ebay lol
Comment 24 Aug 2015
Hey guys just seen champs sports tweeted out 30 min ago a restock on the nike week zero collection shoes at select stores. I'd imagine the columbus champs stores would be on the list
Comment 24 Aug 2015
People act like braxton has never been hit or tackled before. I know he was sideline a couple times due a head hit in the Purdue game and set out a few games with a mcl sprain but minor injuries as such happen. He's always bounced back and played his game. The whole shoulder thing went from a bowl game injury to a freak reinjury during camp throwing passes. The first 3 years braxton was pretty much the offense. It consisted solely around him because they had no where near the playmakers on the team that they do now. Many games braxton had rb like numbers with over 20 carries. No way braxton would have had that kind of work load in last year's offense and no way he has that kind of work load in this year's offense especially has position that won't have him on the field every play. I mean, anything can happen, all it takes is one bad hit or getting hit in the right spot. But I think for the last few years it's been silly for people to question his toughness/durability when he's carried the team and shown his abilities
Comment 21 Aug 2015
I think it's hard to compare the two of them simply based off stats. Both were great in their own ways. What cardale came in and accomplished was unreal, absolutely remarkable. However, the entire team was playing lights out with a chip on their shoulder. True definition of 9 units strong at the end of the season. Cardale was grear, but so was zeke, devin smith, Mike thomas, Evan spencer, the TEs, the entire OL and the entire defense. The team was rolling. It's very hard to dismiss what JT did throughout the season. Early in the season, simply put they were not a good football team. You had a new starting qb, rb, 4 OL and several skilll players with minimal experience going into the opener along with new names rounding out the defense. There was tremendous growth throughout the season. JT was night and day difference from Navy until Michigan. His performance in OT at Penn state was pure grit, put it on your shoulders and win the game for the team type effort all while being banged up. MSU he lit the place up and made it look easy against one of the top teams in the country. Michigan, when the bucks were playing poorly in the first half he made the huge TD run as the half closed to tie the game and grab some momentum. Both guys need tons of credit for how they handled their business and led the offense. For me, I think the offense was just as capable of winning the title with JT at qb. Either way buckeye nation, we're in good hands with 2 incredible talents
Comment 20 Aug 2015
Met the guy one time. It was the very first game I had taken my wife too. She seen him in his goofy outfit and said he take a pic of me with him. So she went up and asked for a pic and he said yea sure I'll take a pic with ya for $5 or $10 whatever it was. Caught me off guard, I thought he was joking at first and said are you serious. He said yes sir I don't do free pics. I laughed, told him there wasn't any damn way in hell I was gonna pay to take a pic with my wife. He said everyone else does and I told him they were bigger fucking idiots than himself and walked off. Not had anything for the guy since
Comment 20 Aug 2015
Well said! Excellent post!... it reminds me much of my grandpa as well. I've never met a person more passionate about sports. Every ohio state game was either on the tv or radio. Every browns/Bengals game was on the radio or tv. As much as it bores the hell out of me to watch golf, you could bet your ass that if tiger was playing the tv was on lol. I've literally begged him to go to an ohio state game with me before he took a turn for the worse and he refused and always said there's no better seat in that stadium than this recliner in front of my 60" tv lol. For years my Saturdays were spent on the couch breathing in second hand smoke and listening to him bitch and complain until the game ended. Much like you mentioned, he had an old black wore out ohio state hat with a block O on it her wore for as long as I can remember
Comment 19 Aug 2015
As they replayed that run, I told my wife and 2yr old son, "I've seen this play a hundred times and I'll prob see it a thousand more in my lifetime. That was and forever will be one of the most iconic plays in ohio state history" ..It's one of those moments as fan that will always stick out to you and remember everything about it from where you were to what you were doing to the reaction you had to it. What a special season it was and it'll be hard to top it between what the team went through and the growth they had at the end of the season to make that run to a championship. Damn proud to be born and raised a buckeye! Props to my dad and grandpa
Comment 13 Aug 2015
To keep from starting a new thread I figured I'd give this one a bump and see if any of you ticket holders have received your tickets from the University yet?
Comment 12 Aug 2015
First game ever attended was in 2003 following the national championship. They played NC state led by then QB Phillip Rivers. The game ended up going to triple OT (first ot game in ohio stadium history if I remember correctly). The game ended with a silver bullets goal line stand on 4th down. Pretty awesome experience for a first time and the fact a friend sold me the ticket for 20 bucks lol
Comment 12 Aug 2015
My bad. I didn't completely go through the checkout process to check availability.....for those of you who live in columbus, I did see on champs website yesterday that the stores who were releasing this morning were champs at Easton and Polaris in columbus. Might give them a call and see what they have left and be able to go snag a pair
Comment 12 Aug 2015
I ordered mine from champs sports. I was waiting as the clock counted down and immediately grabbed my size and proceeded to check which was a 48sec wait lol. Literally I had them in my cart 10 sec after they released. Idk what sizes are available now but champs would be a place to check. I'm sure the team shops and have been hammered
Comment 11 Aug 2015
A friend of mine in high school received a full ride academic scholarship to osu and walked on the football team following his 1st semester. He was a heck of player in high school just not quite enough to receive big time offers. To make a long story short he made the team and earned a starting spot on special teams. He had the opportunity to travel all across the country and play in some of the top stadiums like beaver stadium, the big house, the coliseum. He played in both national championship games in 06 and 07 season and his last game as a buckeye was at the Rose Bowl against oregon. He has big ten championship rings and gold pants along with a life full of memories. The first question I asked him after he began playing was what it was like to run out onto ohio stadium in front of a 105,000 and he smiled from ear to ear and said man there's no words to truly explain it. That's why guys walk on. To be apart of something great
Comment 11 Aug 2015
I laugh at all the responses on this as most refer back to dad. It's funny to read now cause I have a soon to be 2yr old son who I've beaten OSU into his head since the say he was born with clothes, osu themed nursery/bedroom, stuffed brutus toys, brutus wall fatheads and such. I'm usually on the edge of my seat unless thr buckeyes are beating the breaks off teams. I guess I never really considered how I act until I read this thread lol. I remember during the sugar bowl being so frustrated with the first half turnovers and lack of red zone touchdowns in the first half that lead to being down 21-6 I told my wife f*** I gotta go out in the garage for a little bit and piddle with fishing gear and have a cigar. Came back in right as Zeke was putting one in and the buckeyes started grabbing momentum. She went on to bed while I was outside and I spent the rest of the night turning up with our 4lb Yorkie I may soon one day be that dad that my son is wonder "wtf is wrong with this guy" while watching games