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Comment 13 Feb 2012

Now that I have read thru these comments...yes I think the best guys should be on the field...yes I like UFM aggressiveness. Yes I went to YSU and love Tressel and hated when he was so nebulous all the time. What I'm saying is I don't like him treating players that haven't even played for him this way in PUBLIC!! There are other ways to kick their butt and bring their ego down other than saying things about them in public. He looks like a douche! Old school motivational style...outdated and it doesn't work with most. Do I think they should all get a trophy, NO...but at least give them a chance. Kick their butt inside the program and if they don't work out, then he can say...we had some marginal guys, not everyone makes it...that's the way it goes...I want the best. I also said I want the UFM here. I just don't happen to like these types of comments from him. It's just my opinion...that's it.

Comment 13 Feb 2012

OK now I have to say something. I DO NOT like this about UFM. First he says he'd take I think it was Kyle D over every other recruit, and now this. This old school thought of making others feel like crap hoping it will motivate them is so out of date. Going to YSU and watching Tressel  since the 80's one thing he could do is take mediocre teams and make them great. We all know it can be done. I think opening your mouth to say you're disappointed in many of your players is unprofessional and not what a coach is supposed to be all about. I know he's great...yes I'm excited to have him...and this activity really bugs me. FWIW- just my opinion.

Comment 04 Jan 2012
Not to be gross but this brady hoke thing is making me pee my pants!
Comment 02 Jan 2012
Well, I guess coaching really does matter...the only words I can think of for this year...predictable and boring!!!
Comment 02 Jan 2012
This is torturious!! We look do horrible. I hope new, coaching will be enough.. and some Awsome players. Many of these coaches will not get hired anywhere.. so frustrating!!!!f Worst coaching and playing...feel like I need a shower.
Comment 21 Dec 2011

I grew up in suburbs of Y town and wasn't very exposed to this. Then I went to YSU and met so many types of interesting people. Spending my College days there and loving football, you get to know these guys. Those who know how Tressel handled this, so amazing and it's heart wrenching. These kinds of things were so sad for us. Tressel was in the trenches with these kids and take it from someone who watched the aftermath of more than one football shooting incident at YSU, it's extremely scary!

Comment 21 Dec 2011

Of course you're not! I had interactions with JT many times at YSU and have spent many seasons watching him at YSU/OSU. I think these coaches live in a gray area. I think they all do. I believe he got a little caught up when he withheld info. We still can't be sure he wasn't protecting those players with the Fed investigation. I'm being a true homer but we really don't know.  So much gray area. In my heart I will always believe College football is better with him in it as I'm sure he has learned valuable lessons. We'll probably never know.

Comment 28 Nov 2011

I understand that OSU is meeting with NCAA today for final sanction verdict. I find it really hard to believe that OSU doesn't already know pretty much what's coming down the pike for them as far as sanctions. And Urban took the job anyway? Hmmm, can't help but think we are not going to get killed here!

Also very strange about the agent withdrawling that Urban officially accepted the job... Come on...isn't the first question an agent asks is : can I release the info?"  Seems weird.. I would think in the next couple hours, OSU needs to make a statement. With 24/7 media coverage, PR is important and ducks need to be in a row( players know, all coaches spoken to) before info is released by an official person, like an agent! Good for OSU for holding off but they don't have much time left...they need to speak.

I would never want to be under this kind of pressure...in high profile sports PR. Probably really tough to keep all balls juggling in the air and do it right!


Comment 27 Nov 2011
I've been waiting to hear about the Meyer thing all day. It just seems strange that everyone was getting scoop and now, dead silence. What's that all about, do you think?
Comment 02 Nov 2011

I read at least 1 article a day. This site really makes my day! Thank you to every contributor for your dedication. From: one of your female fans! :)

Comment 30 Oct 2011
That just felt like a mini 2002 natl championship game... Cannot sleep...brutal yet wonderful!!
Comment 26 Oct 2011
You mean a gender insensitive remark like- why don't you leave us boys alone and go bake a pie or something...LOL...kidding.. anyway... FYI...us ladies can bake pies AND watch football...muti-taskers. And BTW- we' ll take all the great 3 rd weekend in Novembers you want to give us! GO BUCKS
Comment 26 Oct 2011

I also am not male and not named Pam...there are a few more females on here than one might think! Can't wait to get the book! Thanks for the great blog!

Comment 22 Oct 2011
I went to ysu for 2 degrees and know many personally affiliated with Tressel from players to campus workers to alumni. I am just an acquaintance of his but I can truly say not one of those people that I have spoken to, believe he is without integrity. Unless Coach himself tells me otherwise I will go to the grave believing that there is much more to this than we will ever know. I can only go with my gut here which has been pretty accurate and that's how I feel. I hope tressel tells us in his next book in 10 or 15 years. I will try and read the ncaa hearing. I'm still not convinced that Tress didn't tell anyone. I've been watching him for 25 seasons and I'm still devastated. I hope I move on but honestly, having trouble with that.
Comment 19 Oct 2011

Ok that's it...now you've got me with the dog thing... I am the 4th female, I think, on this site. I love this site so much...read at least once a day plus comments...AWSOME! Hopefully you see my amazing dog set as my pic!

I always felt a little funny commenting but maybe I will every once in awhile! Thank goodness I am in an office with the door closed because I laugh out loud a lot when I read info here!