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Comment 22 Nov 2014

Vegamite Sandwedge?

Comment 20 Nov 2014

Have to concede a point to a poster earlier in the season that said EE was our best RB and it wasn't close.  I disagreed, but have to say I've drunk the Koolaid at this point.

So many things to compliment, and many have been mentioned.  Just a snippet i saw today as I was on the rowing machine I started to replay the Rutgers game.  On a running play in the 1st quarter, he made a good block to spring JT.  JT was avoiding tackles downfield, and EE came back into the picture and creamed a 2nd would-be tackler.  The was the perfect encapsulation of 4-6 seconds...

Comment 18 Nov 2014

"There's nothing like a campfire.  And a can of beans."

Also, that mgoblog post is vile.  Very twisted logic and a very weird sub-topic to pick.

I don't see a whole lot of difference between people with the gall to blame the victim and those loudly proclaiming Clark a miserable waste of atoms.

The only topic to write about relative to football players and domestic violence is...#1)  it's wrong.  Those convicted should pay a heavy price.  #2) We pay people that excel at violence on the field.  Those that are good at it have an extremely bright future.  All that should go away, permanently, the moment a guy punches a woman in the face.  #3)  Innocent till proven guilty in a court of law, yes, but football programs (pro, collegiate, or high school) should drop a guy that is mis-representing the program. 

Comment 17 Nov 2014

What you say is generally true, but equally true specific to Jalin at this point is that teams are going to be trying to strip the ball from him at every opportunity.  They'll be putting their helmets on the ball and trying to rip it out.  Like blood in the water to sharks.

Take another look at the punt return where he almost turned it into a TD for the Gophers.  He caught it on the run at our 10 with momentum back towards the goal-line.  Instead of cutting up field, he tried to 'make a play'.  He almost ran himself into a safety.  The first would-be tackler tried stripping the ball.  He almost got it out.  If he did, that would have been a sure TD for the Gophers. 

If I were Michigan or Indiana, I'd be hoping he tries to 'make a play' on every one of the punts headed his direction.  A turnover on PR is a very dangerous type of turnover.  I don't know if there are stats, but I'm sure that PR turnovers dispoportionally result in a TD for the opposition.

Finally, how dynamic has he been?  I know there haven't been any TD's on our return team. 

Comment 17 Nov 2014

I think PR is a position where I value steady consistency over a slim change at dynamic play-making.  I'd like to see Spencer back there.  He's savvy.  He's steady.  Jalin has made too many brash decisions for my tastes.  Don't blame it on the cold, he did it against PSU as well. 

It's not a question of punishment, it's a case for a reasoned evaluation of risk/reward.  The risk has proven to be too great for the potential reward. 

Remember how quickly did Urban take our Curtis Samuel after his fumble early in the season?  He didn't see the field again till very late in the game.  I wonder why the change in attitude?

Having said that, I do love Doran Grant's tweet.  Hug him up, support him. 

Comment 02 Nov 2014

Fuck ESPN.  There, I said it. 

This is corporate strategy so they can control the narrative. 

Example, Ameer Abdullah has no chance to win the heisman...Why?   Well, because he plays in the B1G and if Ron Dayne didn't win it, no way is Ameer gonna win it. 

Example.  Before a single fucking game was played by anybody this season, they were already spinning the question of whether it was going to be the B1G, or the Big 12 that was going to go without a play-off berth so that SEC could have 2 teams. 

So fully expect them to talk about B1G bad losses, narrow victories, hollow victories, OSU vs. Florida/LSU.

I'm starting to hate ESPN with a hate that I reserve for Oracle, Dell, and cable companies.

Comment 28 Oct 2014

I thought the shrug was a tribute to Michael Jordan.  This is from the game where he had a cold/flu, whatever and drained like a dozen 3's. 

Comment 24 Oct 2014

Exactly Zona!  Also, I think it may be a win/win scenario for Baxton.  If he comes back and his labrum is healthy he gets a chance to show that off to NFL scouts.  If not, he gets to show his value as a RB/WR hybrid.  SlashXBrax!

Comment 24 Oct 2014

If the current trend continues, Braxton = Wally Pipp.  To me, this is more fodder for the opinion that Guiton was the better option last year.  2 out of 2 QB's run the offense better then Braxton.  Move him to H-back and watch us roll. 

It hurts to say that, but I believe it 100%.  Nobody has more heart then Xbrax.  He's given a ton to the program.  Represented himself and the school with nothing but class.  But, and this hurts, the program is better with JT at QB. 

Comment 22 Oct 2014

Re Fowler/ESPN:  They're promoting the SEC brand as that's their channel for growth.  They see B1G as a cash-cow type business that has low growth potential.  What what he say's may be technically true, it misses the reality of their bias, and that their biz prospects are tied to the growth and profitability of the SEC brand/network.