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Comment 23 Apr 2015

I might be wrong about this but I think Reuben foster has an auburn tattoo. One of their linebackers but im pretty sure it was him. He committed to auburn super early and changed at the last minute 

Comment 23 Apr 2015

The mods need to delete anything mentioning Braxton transferring.  You guys are getting way too sucked in by the media.... My lord people don't you understand this was all made up by Finebaum.... Why would he transfer to alabama over Oregon if he was going to go anywhere? Please wise up and stop spreading stupid rumors 

Comment 21 Apr 2015

Why are we talking about this.... Finebaum literally made this up for the sole purpose of getting attention and sucking up to butthurt alabama fans after he got on their team for losing . There is a zero percent chance Braxton transfers to alabama. Why would he leave an offense built perfectly for him to go to a pro style team that already has a QB competition going on anyway. Braxton will suit up for ohio state this fall.... End of story 

Comment 18 Apr 2015

People don't realize sometimes how messy spring football is especially on offense. Offensive lines aren't set yet and routes and timing aren't crisp. He was taking a lot of hits, looks like a tough kid. Hell have his time

Comment 16 Apr 2015

They don't get a ton of yards. But I will say I watched the season highlights yesterday and didn't realize how much we threw to them in goal line situations. We ran that play action with trips to one side and the TE going on a 5 and out route multiple times for touchdowns, including the one to vannett in the national championship. 

Comment 13 Apr 2015

I don't think he'll be the go to guy maybe even at the Z but he'll contribute nicely. It will be interesting to see if Jeff Greene does anything this year 

Comment 10 Apr 2015

I think even if he left tomorrow he would be a successful hire in my book. Any coach that wins a national championship and has a 38-3 record means a lot. Everything past these first four years is all just icing on the cake. That being said I think he will win atleast 1 more here and will coach a heisman winner. 

Comment 09 Apr 2015

I think you gotta move him outside. With Samuel Parris and Dontre all potentially making plays in the slot you have to put as many of them on the field at once as possible... How are you gonna defend thomas at the X Marshall at Z Dontre at H and Brown or Vannett at the Y..... I think well run some empty this year with Marshall Dontre Brown Thomas and Samuel or parris all on the field at once as well. 

Comment 09 Apr 2015

They said hell still be wearing 17 for practice but will wear 7 in the fall. Prob has to do with practicing different players on special teams or something