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Comment 12 Aug 2014

I'll be there. My daughter got a Manziel jersey while in OH last week visiting family and she can't wait for the game. We'll be in section 120 right behind the Browns bench so maybe she'll get some airtime.

Comment 30 Oct 2013

I went to the game in Eugene earlier this season when they played Tennessee. The fans I sat around were clueless. One woman yelled at the offense to "tackle somebody" on one play. There were several other ignorant comments like that and I turned to my Oregon fan friend and asked him if this was real. He laughed and said they had a lot of bandwagoners recently and he wasn't surprised.

Sidenote - I wore my black Ohio State "Woody" hat for the tunnel walk Oregon players do through the practice facility as they head to the stadium. Got some good natured ribbing from the players and fans and it was a lot of fun.

Comment 27 Jun 2013

I was confused by the list for a bit as well then I saw it says "since 1989". Not sure why that's the year they went with, but it's an interesting article/study.

Comment 27 Jun 2013

I don't have a cool pic but I agree with everyone else so far. He may have Ohio State on his list but I doubt Ohio State feels the same. Big difference between where he'd like to go and where he'd actually be taken.

Comment 22 Feb 2013

I think there's a huge difference between Walmart in MD/VA versus Walmart in OH and the Midwest. The Walmarts by me in NoVa and MD are disgusting and dirty and I try to avoid them if at all possible and looking for love there ain't happening. In OH, going to Wal mart is just what you do to pick up things and I think you're much more inclined to bump into a potential date.

I've actually started swinging by random Walmarts when out driving to test my theory and the difference in cleanliness and order between the Walmarts in Ravenna, Millersburg, New Philadelphia, Canton, OH versus Alexandria, VA and Bowie, MD are huge. There's a drinking game in here somewhere...

Comment 01 Feb 2013

Ginn and Whitner are probably my two favorite Buckeyes but I had to go with Ginn by a nose here. There was a play against IL one year where Whitner hits a gear to make a tackle that I had to rewind several times because it just didn't look real but Ginn was just a once-in-a-generation weapon.

Comment 11 Jan 2013

This is measured before the bowls. ND gets credit for being #1 this year? Huh?

Plus Oklahoma continues to be exposed in bowl games. They may be #1 on this list but does anyone really think they're been the best team during the BCS era?

Comment 20 Nov 2012

Wow, I use big words, lots of hypens and hard to follow metaphors so it's ok that I come off as a condescending prick.

Comment 25 Oct 2012

I don't have a dog in this fight but would like to know if Herbstreit did actually "throw his weight around" and demand Torg be fired. Has that been officially confirmed and admitted to by him or is it just what everyone thinks happened? Sorry if I missed something obvious somewhere that spells this out but I'm very curious about this and haven't seen that explicitly mentioned anywhere yet.

Comment 18 Oct 2012

My reason for voting yes comes down to the comparison of the defensive players at Michigan versus Ohio State. Who can argue that Michigan's defensive roster is better and should be averaging a TD and 120 yards less per game? That's on the coaches.

Comment 18 Oct 2012

I know I still get to see it on ESPN2 but living in ACC country blows. I watch more college football than anyone I know and Clemson vs. Virginia Tech just doesn't move the needle much for me.

Comment 04 May 2012

My son's 3 and can start in an organized flag football league next year and then they start tackling in 2nd grade. He's pumped about it already and will randomly wear a helmet around the house. His grandpa had a full ride to Wyoming for football and I played small time basketball but I'd still put his odds pretty low of playing beyond high school. I'm not pushing anything on him but if he wants to give it a shot I'm all for it.

Comment 26 Jan 2012

If you're from OH and receive an offer from both schools but you choose UM then yes, I just don't get that. But I don't believe Burke had an offer from Ohio State. So if UM's his best offer and where he felt comfortable, have at it young man.

And I would definitely take Burke over Scott no question.

Comment 06 Jan 2012

LaVar Arrington has a radio show in DC from 2 - 7 PM or something like that. It's just absolutely awful to listen to him mangle words and consistently fail to put together intelligent and coherent thoughts. I'm not surprised at all about his reaction but I continue to be amazed by the denial that PSU fans continue to be in about their situation. Sad.

Comment 05 Jan 2012

I went to Hiland and had lots of friends I played basketball with amongst other IVC schools. Where'd you go?

Comment 22 Dec 2011

Illinois did get (or will soon) get the waiver. And you're right, no one cares...

Comment 19 Dec 2011

I say yes but the OL could mess it all up. The OOC conference is pretty weak and we get Nebraska, IL, Purdue and UM at home next year. At Camp Randall is always tough but I like our chances against them next year, especially if they don't pull another Russell Wilson out of their A$$.