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Comment 07 Mar 2017

I would think that Booker is not, and never has been an option in the middle. I have always thought of his skill set and body type as more of an outside guy. I would think that Worley, Baker and Jones would all be more likely middle guys, with Browning possibly the heir apparent for next year. 

Comment 01 Mar 2017

Cheers to the Dontre Wilson appreciation. Most people forget that the guy was pretty darn good before bravely and unselfishly playing on a broken foot against Michigan State. He was never the same, but he still wasn't bad.  He may not have played like Harvin, but he also wasn't as big of a dickhead as Harvin. Also he played for the Buckeyes, not the gators. So in a lot of ways he is better than Harvin. So thanks for not being Harvin, Dontre and good luck out there  

And he has a sick ass jean jacket. 

Comment 01 Mar 2017

Maybe the "Lattimer" pronunciation is a shout out to the movie The Program, with Omar Epps and James Caan. Lattimer is the roid rage guy who is head butting the windows out of cars at the end. In fact, Duane Davis (who is also in Diggstown, one of the finest films ever made) is also in it. And he happens to be new Buckeye Wyatt Davis's father. 

Comment 27 Feb 2017

I love the hell out of JT.  We should all be overjoyed that we have another year with him.  But the guy is getting some well deserved criticism.  His passing last year was flat out not good enough and certainly not accurate enough.  I get that some of the timing issues are equally on the wideouts, but we need better from our quarterback.  That being said, I believe that he can and will provide better this year.  His leadership, experience and awesome competitive drive are vital for what is still a fairly young offense.  I appreciate what the guy has done for the program, and hope that he can get better at the things that he needs to.  I also think that the coaching staff not emptying the backfield with no tight end on obvious blitz situations would not hurt.  As much as JT and the receivers and the line struggled, I think that the calling of games was just brutal.  Wilson and company being some fresh voices cannot hurt.  I cannot wait to see what the offense looks like this year.  I think that we will all be pleasantly surprised.

Comment 22 Feb 2017
I live in Alaska, where The Game starts at eight in the morning. I went out the night before and slept through the three alarms that I had set. I looked at the clock and said Oh Shit! I missed The Game. I sprinted to the television and turned it on just in time to see a michigan touchdown. And then they lined up for two and I was really thinking Oh Shit now. I could not bear the shame of Brady Hoke winning again. Then a timeout. And then I went from thinking Oh Shit to Oh Fuck and cock sandwich and whatever other profane thing I could think of as my alcohol injured brain tried to come to grips with the concept of Brady Hoke performing a victory dance and crying big crocodile tears of joy. They snapped the ball and TYVIS FUCKING POWELL happened and cured my hangover and saved my year in on fell swoop. Thank you Tyvis.
Comment 22 Feb 2017
I am happy to see the dude back in Columbus. Whatever his faults, John Cooper, created an environment that brought Buckeyes back to the school almost constantly. It seemed as though former Buckeyes in the NFL were fixtures in the weight room. I don't know if it is an evolution of league attitiudes toward off season workouts or liability issues, or what, but the more we can get those guys back on campus, the better.
Comment 15 Feb 2017
I could not agree more. We emptied the backfield on about eight million third downs, and it seemed like every time was a pick or a sack. There is a reason that the coaching staff underwent a huge shakeup on offense. I appreciate what Warriner did for the O line, but I was surprised that he became our coordinator. It was a mistake to put him there. Urban is human, he makes mistakes. Warriner as coordinator was a mistake. Continuously emptying the backfield on third down was a mistake. It's okay to say that. We still love him and think be is the best.
Comment 24 Jan 2017
And I would add that there was no player as integral to winning a national championship for Ohio State. We are all in his debt for that. He is my number one, and it is not close.
Comment 24 Jan 2017
In terms of career statistics, Clarett obviously is low on the list. I never saw Harley, or Cassady or Janowicz. But I have never seen a guy play with more heart than Mo. That strip of Sean Taylor is perhaps the best single play in Buckeye history. I know it is the best that I have ever seen. The best vision of any back that played here, and I don't have to go back a century to know that. An angrier, more punishing runner in college has escaped my viewing. A straight savage full of piss and vinegar who released his demons on the enemy. Whatever his flaws were, there is no other running back that I have seen play here who is his equal. And if I had to face The Ohio State Buckeyes on a football field no other player that I would fear more.