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Comment 2 hours ago

21 things to do, and no mention of Columbus Crew? Shame. Bush league list. This is why readers switch to The Fake Lantern.

If you're going to list 'sports in Columbus other than Ohio State basketball and football' you've gotta list the Crew. Hell, I'd list the Ohio Roller Girls, Columbus Eagles women's soccer, and Ohio Machine lacrosse (even though they play at up at OWU). 

Comment 08 Mar 2015

Matta's got 297 wins. 298 gives him the school record. I thought after the Penn State game...we might have to wait until next year for it to happen.

But I'm optimistic this team has at least two more wins in them. One in the B1G tourney and a first-round NCAA tourney win.

Comment 04 Mar 2015
Watch the ND/OSU Fiesta Bowl, everybody. It is bizarre. The Oregon/OSU Rose Bowl, too. The way Tressel controlled the field and the game is so different from what Urban wants to do.
Comment 03 Feb 2015
Actually I think there are plans to build a new one. I think.
Comment 17 Jan 2015
I'd never treat my sister the way that Auburn fan said he'd treat his.
Comment 16 Jan 2015

The NCAA is an organization. They can do whatever they want within that organization. Official wins and losses by a program or head coach don't effect anything else. And if they do, that's not the NCAA's problem. The NCAA absolutely has authority to dictate official wins and losses by participating teams.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Steelers or Ravens should take him. Big, elusive guys with big arms. He'd fit in and learn a lot. Alternatively, get drafted by New England or where ever Peyton Manning ends up and learn even more.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Yes, sir. Do work, get paid, and provide.

Can someone get his daughter one or all of those Wexner Center blankets?

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Would anybody be upset if they charged for this one? I've watched the Spring Game on TV before, but this would be really interesting and fun to go to. I think they might need to charge something to keep down the sheer number of people charging the gates.

Spring Game after the first National Championship Playoff winners? With a QB competition? Who start the season looking for revenge for their one blemish? There may not be more hype for another spring game anywhere ever.