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Comment 06 Feb 2016

Yeah no doubt man. I'd only consider the native pay software like Apple Pay, Google wallet or Samsung just because of the backing/protection those major tech companies offer. Leave the apps and stuff to them and not banking companies like chase. As the market grows and expands for epayment, all the major cards will be supported across the board. Just hang on -- they're good services for sure. I like them better than the new chip reader method of cc payment. 

Comment 06 Feb 2016

Use Apple Pay on my iPhone 6.  I haven't had an issue with it using chase cards. I like the convenience, especially with an Apple Watch, of paying like this. My complaint is that you still have to enter your zip code in the cc reader at the stores -- seems redundant since I have to use my fingerprint to get it to work. 

Both of my main cards were recent fraud victims and I hadn't used Apple Pay in quite some time, so for those old school guys who don't want to adopt new tech -- it's just as likely to be fraud victims swiping cards in NYC or ordering online than you are being hacked using Apple Pay. 

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Greenville is awesome, we have some close friends that just moved there.  SCB is right, its quickly becoming SC's Asheville, NC/Athens, GA -- plus with the upstate lakes about an hour away, you have plenty of summertime activities.

My wife and I are in the Murrells Inlet area of Myrtle.  We love it (and neither of us vacationed here regularly growing up either).  We originally intended to relocate to Charleston, SC because we adore the downtown area.  Regardless, ending up in Murrells has been a blessing in disguise.  The schools in MI/Pawleys Island/Litchfield Beach areas are some of the best in the Grand Strand and we don't deal with the summertime tourist traffic as much down here.  All the busy stuff can easily be avoided and we're only 5-10min to Garden City Beach/Huntington Beach.  I will say, our salaries are generally lower than the state & national average, but if you're looking for beach life, SC's lower state income tax and property taxes offer a nice reprieve considering the incomes are much lower than other places we considered, especially if you are a full time resident (they give us breaks considering all the out of state snowbirds/rental owners).  Besides, what better place to golf year 'round and ride bikes essentially year 'round than Myrtle -- we have tons of golf and a huge, very accepting biker community here.  I'll go against SCB above tho and say the cost of living is not very much different on the Grand Strand than it was in WV where I grew up, and its certainly more reasonable than Ohio -- our friends in Greenville built a 2600sq ft home for a little more than our friends at the beach who just finished a 2400sq ft construction.  I'd avoid Charleston though, its quite expensive and traffic sucks all year long in your downtown/mt pleasant/west ashley areas.

I have a good friend from OSU who relocated to Jacksonville, FL and he loves it.  Said he wouldn't ever consider moving because of the weather and the income tax thing, even though he is under the national average in salary too.  Jacksonville is an up and coming city with a burgeoning microbrew/craft brew scene.

Hope this helps.  Good luck in your relocation.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Moving from WV to low country/coastal SC, the transition to the bright sunlight here was brutal!!  Its always so gray and rainy in WV and central Ohio!  I wouldn't trade the sunlight for anything now tho 

Comment 27 Jan 2016

There is so much win on this thread. Hump day is a good day for a gif party

Comment 20 Jan 2016

Reading that section I can just picture ol' Andy Luck shirtless, chest hair becoming neck-beard, squeezing inordinate amounts of Helmann's on his ham sandwich.