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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1.) 2015 Sugar Bowl
    2.) Santonio Holmes' Super Bowl winning catch and subsequent Superbowl MVP.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Iron King Cardale Jones, First of His Name, Poacher of Badgers, Controller of Tides, Slayer of Ducks
  • NFL TEAM: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NHL TEAM: Pittsburgh Penguins
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers

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Comment 14 Sep 2015

She's just pissed because Bert can't wrap his stubby little meat hooks around his ample sized gut to pull on hisself on live TV.

Comment 11 Sep 2015

Question is, where did the team get those neck ties.  Anyone on campus know if they're at the bookstore??

Comment 04 Sep 2015
Copious amounts of cocktails will be consumed.  Having a big cookout Saturday w/ some coworkers for the holiday/football.  Monday for our gameday, will be doing flank steak on the grill (garlic power, salt, pepper), and some lemon/parm asparagus on the grill as well.  Some tasty rolls to accompany.

Here's to football! Go Buckeyes!

Comment 03 Sep 2015

183, I'll take a medium shirt, thanks!

Edit: as a reminder from an earlier post, our first score is a sweep to right on 3rd and goal, Curtis Samuel.

Comment 01 Sep 2015

I see a lot of OSU and VT stuff down here admist all the USC/Clemson tags.  Need to all get together at Dagwoods or something for a game one weekend.

Comment 01 Sep 2015

The campus is really nice and the stadium is honestly really impressive considering the size of the school and location.  They've put a few players in the NFL too.

Comment 01 Sep 2015

Oh, I'd be interested in a 11W fantasy league, 12 team ppr, redraft preferably to minimize drama.

Comment 20 Aug 2015

I like Cooper alot this season.  Agholor will be very good as well, assuming QB consistency in Philly, but I think he'll be overpriced -- I like NA in the 6-8th, Cooper in the 8-10 range.

Comment 20 Aug 2015

Rubix, go Dez.  OP, it doesn't matter who you take at the 3 spot since its an 8 team league -- if your roster isn't stacked at the end of the draft, I could only assume you autodrafted (even then, Yahoo! should autodraft a solid team).  For the sake of posterity tho, I'd go Bell if he drops to 3, I'd also consider Charles, Lacy, Lynch, A. Brown in that order.  You're going to find great QB options later, 6 pts/td doesn't make THAT much of a difference unless its a 2 QB league.