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Born Irish. Raised a Buckeye. Continuing the tradition with my son.


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    Oh and when the Bengals won the... Oh wait...
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Comment 29 Oct 2013

Yeah I don't care about about any game other than the one that features the Buckeyes. The rest of the country has no interest in OSU, so I have no interest in them. I'll be happy with an undefeated season and no NCG appearance because politics can not dilute what the Buckeyes have (and will have) accomplished.


Comment 23 Oct 2013

Oh come on, let's not turn this into one of those "things". Despite my poor choice of phrasing, I mean only to refer to guys who think that pink is a "girl" color that has no place in football or anywhere else that testosterone reigns supreme.

Comment 22 Oct 2013

I know, it was a long winded response. haha But I was raised by my mother and aunt, and have four sisters, and yet have turned out quite "manly" (whatever in the hell that actually means).

I do admit that the "awareness" aspect and the actual funding are skewed. Really, who doesn't know that breast cancer exists? 

I would like to see some advocacy in football/sports for illnesses that affect men predominantly. But prostate cancer just isn't as commercially aesthetic as "Save the Boobies!" And if Lance Armstrong wasn't such a lying liar who tainted anything associated with him "Aw, Nuts!" would be the perfect slogan for testicular cancer.

Fido - Great point, and great link! Thanks!

Comment 22 Oct 2013

In regards to the pink helmets:

They looked terrible. But who cares? It's for a good cause. And I would proudly support my Buckeyes if they ever wore pink helmets. The men of our society are so inept when it comes to evolution of thought.

BuckeyeDude - You referred to yourself as 'old fashioned' because you wouldn't want the Buckeyes wearing pink helmets. What would you consider 'old fashioned'? In what era would you consider men to have been the most manliest?

Perhaps the era in which men were comfortable enough in their own manliness to dress their sons in dresses? Oh, and this just happens to correlate with the era in which adolescent boys wore pink as a symbol of their gender, whereas little girls wore blue.


I mean not to attack you, fellow Buckeye, I am just trying to share some information and get your take on it as well. Because I think we as a culture (and a sub-culture of testosterone infused football fans) need to start recognizing that making way for the "feminization" of society/football (as Pink Freakout Guy put it) does not show weakness as a man, but rather it shows our strength to allow the women of our society to be equals so that we are stronger as a society.

Besides, our Buckeye sisters are screaming right alongside us every week. They deserve recognition too.

(Sorry for the diatribe.)

Great Skull Session Nick! 

Go Bucks!

Comment 09 Feb 2013

Am I wrong in thinking that Vico meant Battletoads was on the NES, not Super NES?
Either way...

Urban is on the war path. I love that he seeks out competition. He may not just be the answer to Ohio State's issues, but also the answer to all the issues to that face the B1G.

All hail Urbz. 

Comment 11 Oct 2012

Well, I had a dream Satuday night, after that amazing beat down of Nebraska, in which the Buckeyes destroyed Indiana 90 - something. Probably crazy, but hey, might as well...

The Ohio State Buckeyes - 90
Indiana Losiers - 10

Comment 09 Oct 2012
  • Ok, seriously, why does Community get no love?? It's one of the best shows I've ever watched. The "Digital Estate Planning" episode is one of my favorite episodes of any show. It's as nostalgic as TBDBITL's halftime show Saturday.
  • I was not sold on Braxton as a Heisman candidate until the second half of the Sparty matchup. Now... I see why smarter folks than myself have been putting his name into that hat this season. 
  • Likewise with Sullinger. I was really excited that he was drafted by the NBA team I root for, simply because he's a Buckeye. But I didn't know how effective he could be in the League. The Glen Davis comparison went through my head. I was never high on Davis. But Sullinger is the real deal. 

    Basically, I don't know sh*t. And I'm ok with that. GO BUCKS.


Comment 02 Oct 2012

What is it about Mike Doss that makes me feel like he IS that 2002 NC Team? He has always been the image that represents that season in my mind.

Comment 02 Oct 2012

Two things:
Brax did run all over their D. Score one for me. ha
That smell of TSUN? Bradley Roby had plenty to say about that: (as many of you already saw)


Just landed in East Lansing. Dam I hate the smell of this state!


Finally on the plane. Ready to get out of this smelly state and get back to some fresh air! Haha

Love those Buckeyes!

Comment 28 Sep 2012

I really feel like Braxton will be running all over the Sparty D. It's time for these guys to step up. Especially our D. After ND made MSU look silly, I think a good defensive effort and Braxton Maximus will take care of business.

Also, that guy in the elevator... just... I don't even... I guess, at least he knows now what TSUN smells like?

Comment 27 Sep 2012

It takes quite an ego to openly call people stupid (or, "not smart enough"). I can not stand Desmond Howard.

Comment 27 Sep 2012

Why, yes, I AM highly intelligent. Thank you for noticing. You must have read my bio, in book stores now. 

I did cut the guy some slack, for his performance on the field. Is he the dumbest guy to ever play football? Probably not. Is he kind of an idiot? Yeah, I think that we can assume that one of the guys who traded priceless personal items, that he earned, for some stupid tattoos might have one or two less synapses firing than the rest of us. He essentially ushered in (yes with other people) the downfall of a pretty wonderful Buckeye Kingdom. I thank him for what he did on the field. He was amazing. But I won't excuse his lack of intelligent decisions. He was young. I think we will see him grow, mature, and possibly become a useful back up in the NFL. I'd love to see that and hope for the best for him, no matter the past.

Comment 27 Sep 2012

Great googaly-moogaly.

By the way, You Make My Dreams is on my all-time play-list. So, yeah. It's Hall and Oats, wanna fight about it?

In real news:
Thank you for finally saying that conference strength is cyclical. Everyone wants to conjecture but no one seems to be saying that. And there's something to be said about Ohio State being down the two years that the B1G is really unimpressive. As Buckeyes go, so goes the rest of the conference.

The rest of the league really should be kissing our... well.

Comment 26 Sep 2012

Lucky for him (and us) he is a remarkably gifted athletic idiot. Ha

Comment 26 Sep 2012

Ehh... I dunno. I could be wrong, but...

You be the judge. 


Comment 26 Sep 2012

RE: The recruiting stories that mention T. Pryor:

Did anyone else cringe and taste something sour when Pryor announced that he was coming to "The University of Ohio State"?

No exaggeration, I felt a bad omen when he said that and expressed it to my father. He agreed.

Some horrible things came to pass, but overall I appreciate what TP did on the field. Just wish he wasn't such a bonehead in his spare time.

Comment 26 Sep 2012

Good points sir. I just use 'Hail Mary' in a general sense. Thanks for taking the time to break down the semantics of the differences though. 

Comment 25 Sep 2012

I said it on Twitter, but: The Maya were right! Umpocalypse!

Also, someone should remind Russell Wilson what a real Hail Mary Touchdown looks like:


BTW Sarah, as a fellow tv/movie nerd/junkie, I link you're my fave 11W writer. Thanks for making the last 30 minutes of my Monday night 3rd's shift fly by like Ted Ginn through the Notre Dame defense.