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Comment 26 Apr 2017

What was the cost? A B1G title game and a possibility to lose and not make the playoffs?  That situation worked out great.  We Didn't have to play an extra game and risk losing or getting guys hurt.  We still made the playoffs but weren'tgood enough to finish the deal.  I reserve the right to recall this after we see how out punt game turns out this year.  Cam flipped the field so many times for us and didn't let people have a chance to return.  Do we get the same this year?

Comment 25 Apr 2017

And then continue to stay locked up after the draft because you are a bigger target after you sign the HUGE contract?  When does the lock up end?  When they retire and have multiples more accumulated?  I'm not saying I agree with what's happening but you have to expect these KIDS are going to enjoy their money at some point.

Comment 25 Apr 2017

The name calling of a potential victim is terrible.  But again, I think people forget that everyone is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.  Not the other way around.  Irish is guilty of being off his game today.  That has been proven.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Comment 12 Apr 2017

It is but when the pads pop and someone lays out over the middle for a great catch you know it's for the love of the game.  But when its a punt fest, its dreadful for sure.

Comment 11 Apr 2017

More symbolic than anything else.  It's not like we churn out a ton of 5 star talent in Ohio so the best player leaving doesn't look good for future recruiting.  I.e. Think about basketball recruiting. Kennard didn't stay home.  Now he's going pro after one year.  OSU has to have that fence up.  Build that wall, Build that wall, Build that wall!!!!!!!!

Comment 28 Mar 2017

Tyvis started over Hooker. Think about Hooker the Bell playing safety together?   We aren't in practice so we don't know what happened but when you see the product on the field and you see guys that play well and then the next year their backup comes in and balls out of control.  It makes you wonder. Maybe Meyer learned something from coaching at UF.  Youngsters get pretty cocky coming in being the man as a freshman. Or maybe these guys really make that jump when they know they are starting.