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Comment 21 Jun 2017

Not sure this is on the new staff, or a misstep.

If Dane wants to go play in a lesser conference, maybe that's best for all involved, it's not like the big boys are knocking down his door to land her commitment.  Not like he is the cornerstone of an elite team.  Like a less athletic Jordan Siebert.  

Comment 19 Jun 2017

I know the off-season is slow and also that people have a lot of respect for the academy schools and football programs, but Army is bad and poses no threat to OSU.  

They played 3 major conference schools last year.  They scored 6 points against Duke, 21 against Wake Forrest, and 6 against Norte Dame.  Those teams do not have close to the defensive front 7 as we do. just do not see any way they move the ball on us with any consistency whatsoever. 

Comment 14 Jun 2017

The entire bench is bad.  Jefferson, Williams, Frye, Schumpert all should go, either cut or trades.  

I think you make a run at Paul George.  You need another athletic wing player who can score and defend. Maybe it's only 1 year, and he and Lebron will both be free agents after 2018, but it's better than going into next year with no major changes and little to no chance of winning it all.  Lebron is getting older, and you may lose him after 2018, which would cause rebuilding.  Take a shot next year, trade Love for PG and retool the bench with more athletic players who can defend.  If it works try to resign both Lebron and PG.  

Not going to beat GS with what we have.  

Comment 14 Jun 2017

These guys are pros, and in several cases,  veterans.  Practicing defense is not going to make them much better.  Several are just not good defenders, and never will be.  

Comment 11 Jun 2017

The 50th best player on tour right now is better than the 10th best player from any given time in the 60s and 70s.  

The talent pool that PGA pros have to beat, in particular in major championships, today is by far better than it was 30-40-50 years ago.  Several times better.    In Jack's day the bottom of the fields were made up of local teaching pro types. 

When you draw from a much larger population, you get more players of any particular caliber.  When a jack played golf was a white country club sport played primarily in America and Great Britian.

Jack is obviously great, and I have no problem with people arguing that he is the best player of all time.  I think it is very close and is a great discussion.  But to say he played against tougher competition is wrong.  Golf was much more of a worldwide game in Tiger's day with many times more professionals playing from all over the world than did in the 1960s and 1970s.  There are many more guys today (or in the last 15 years) who are capable of winning a major or a pga event then back then.  Those other hall of farmers also got the benefit of only having to beat a few guys who would even make the fields in today's pga events and majors.  

Comment 11 Jun 2017

Tiger will not beat Jack's record.

Tiger is the best golfer to ever live, in my opinion.

"Greatest" is a different than "best," and I would still vote for Tiger.  He was more dominant at his peak and transcended golf and even sports to a much greater degre than Jack or anyone else in history. 

These will not be popular opinions here, for obvious reasons.  Jack is a local and OSU hero, and, like MJ is basketball, has attained an unquestionable status at the top of the hill in his respective sport that many are simply unwilling to even question no matter what. I also imagine there is a strong generational bias in this conversation. 

Comment 09 Jun 2017

Definetely do not consider this a home run.  Might turn out to be very good, but a home in is a guy who puts us on the map with his name and coaches very well.  

Like I said, this guy really does not move he needle, so to speak.  Not saying we have landed huge name hoops coaches in the past, but you'd think we'd be able to get a bigger name than an unknown from a mid-major.  Heck, just two years ago Butler was hesitant to hire him, made him interim for a season (or part of one). 

We'll see.  A tad disappointing to me to be honest, while admitting that none of us know now how it will turn out.  Maybe he is great.  Maybe not. 

Comment 09 Jun 2017

I have serious doubts williams will finish his career here.  He just got passed by a true frosh, after getting passed by anyoehr last fall despite being an early enrollee (but also a true frosh). Thus, he dead last on the depth chart behind a a guy his class and a guy who has not even had his true frosh season. 

Comment 09 Jun 2017

Hope it works out for the best, obviously.

Definetely not a big name/big splash hire that in and of itself gives the program more credibility/cache.  He'll have his work cut out for him to recruit at a level sufficient to compete for Big 10 conference titles on a regular basis, which is what the expectation will be.  seems like he is a quality coach, but never at a school/program of this size.  

Comment 09 Jun 2017

I understand.

I would take a 25 % chance of landing White even if it meant 0% on Teague over a 100% of Teague with 0 of White.

White is a difference maker, or at least has a much higher possibility of being one.  Teague, while a good prospect, seems very replaceable.  Not dissimilar to our pursuit of Akers last year.  You chase the top guys regardless of how that affects lesser prospects.  In our position, we are playing for national titles, not to filed a good major conference team.  Go after the elite of the elite first, then move on to lower priorities later.  

Comment 08 Jun 2017

Exactly.  This is a guy none of us wanted, all thinking we should do better.  But he turned us down.  Took Creighton over OSU.  

I do not believe we are anywhere close to as good a job as some have opined recently.  This guy chose Creighton over us, likely for considerably less money. 

Comment 04 Jun 2017

Big, athletic SSDEs are great in a 4-3 system.  i think we would be well served getting a guy who can play end at 280 and still move.  

Comment 30 May 2017

He was out driving on prescription meds at 3 am?  He had the surgery several weeks ago, you'd think if it was a fluke reaction it would have occurred earlier/be known to him how he reacts to the medication.

even if only his pain meds, still the same crime.  If you are impaired you cannot be driving.  His history of honesty leave me questioning  his explanation.  

Get it together, man.  You have no excuse for behaving like this.  Poor billionaire Tiger can't play golf anymore.  

Comment 29 May 2017

Like last year, I just do not see Oklahoma being able to hang with us in the trenches for 60 minutes.  While their OLnis good, our defensive front 7 should be able to limit their rushing game, especially without Perine and Mixon.  We should be able to keep Mayfield under pressure and running around all night.  Besides Westbrook they had very inconsistent WR play this year, and do not scare you on the outside with what heybha e returning.  

On the other side, we should be able to control the LOS and run the ball successfully.  Mix in a good variety of passing plays and we should  e able to move the call well against what should be a pretty average D.

I think Mayfield will make some plays, but he will miss his departed RBs and WR, and under constant pressure from our front 7 he will just not be able to keep pace.  I see him pressing and making a few mistakes as the game goes on and they are forced into a more predictable passing attack as OSU goes to the lead.  Add to that a hostile night crowd and I see OSU controlling the game and pulling away.

OSU 45

OK 20

Comment 29 May 2017

Tough saga to watch as he gets farther and farther away from his incredible golf accomplishments.

His extra-marital saga was bad, but he came back and got to #1 in the world after that, only to be derailed largely by injury since then.  Four surgeries on his back, you don't just get better after that as you get older.  Probably pretty tough to accept his place after being on top of the world. 

Best golfer in history in my mind, and became a global sports icon.  By himself made golf a sport for the masses(at least most than it had ever previously been), I think the decline in the sport over the several years since his dominance faded is no coincidence.  Hope he can find some peace in his life and get healthy.  

Comment 29 May 2017

I agree that Urban has a good chance to surpass JT In terms of accomplishments if he continues at the same pace he is going now, especially if he is able to bring home another NC.  But right now the scorecard is:


Tressel 1

Urban 1

Big 10 Titles: 

Tressel 7 

Urban 1

vs UM

Tressel 9-1

Urban 5-0

To me that clearly favors JT at this point.  

Comment 29 May 2017

I was responding to a post about Tressel never being able to compete for national titles again in this era, a complete hypothetical.  And in 2010 we lost 1 game, to Wisconsin, and under the current system would have made the conference championship against wiscy. Beat them and we are in a 4 team playoff.  No more hypothetical than saying we would have won it all in 2012 without the bowl ban. 

Not a hypothetical--Urban does not win a NC in 2014 in the BCS system.  We were #4.

Urban is great, but to me has has not yet accomplished what JT did.  Urban benefitted from the new playoff in 2014, and has lost 3 of the last 4 conference titles to teams we probably should have beaten.  Urban has done a lot of good things here, but has accomplished less than JT did in my opinion. We are a bit of a front runner and have lost multiple big games which cost us championships and chances for championships.  For some reason people just take for granted that what he has done is better than what JT did, and I just do not agree with that.  And frankly, 31-0 and the 2013 and 2015 MSU losses  were huge flops on the big stage.