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Comment 20 Jan 2017

If you rank them by impact during a season I don't think you could rank anyone over Clarret, Zeke, we don't win either Championship with out them if you look at best overall career I don't think Clarret is in top 5 Chic built the shoe, Archie is only two time Heisman trophy winner And lifetime ambassador. Eddie had what was probably one of the best seasons I have ever seen and won the heisman. Zeke  had a longer career with great Stats. There are so many I can't even list all of the running backs I've seen or read about. 

Mo will always have a fan in me for what he did on the field and what he has done after a very dark period of his life.

Comment 19 Jan 2017

I would think that the earlier official visits would benefit the guys wanting to sign in December that way they could get them all in without having a negative effect on their senior season.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

I would like to see a tight end coach so Wilson can concentrate solely on getting the entire offense up to speed and not have to take time away from prep. Seems to me if you have a coach with two position titles that would be the first option.  Of course a special teams coach wouldn't be a bad idea maybe a kicking specialist of some sort.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

lol I just looked him up on Wikipedia and someone already edited it to say he is the  qb coach. Someone may have jumped the gun. Of course I looked up Kevin Wilson and it is showing him as oC/ assistant hc. So it has to be true cause it's on the internet.

Comment 02 Jan 2017

Clemson just so I don't have to listen to the SEC homers and there are like 5 Bama fans I work with while only one Clemson fan. You gotta pick your poison in the south.

Comment 31 Dec 2016

I refuse to blame this team I blame the coaching staff JT has regressed and our offense is just plain boring and predictable. 

Comment 31 Dec 2016

Hate to say it but this looks like Florida after Tebow left. Defense was good but offense was bad.

Comment 31 Dec 2016

Players are not to blame for this the coaches have done the no favors and are completely unprepared.