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Comment 22 Jul 2015
Great read. Now let's beat the shit out of *ichigan.
Comment 13 Jul 2015
If one of you tech savvy whippersnappers doesn't slap a Block O on that bull, I'll yell at clouds all day.
Comment 04 Jul 2015
Happy 4th. One of the two days of the year that I take down the Buckeye flag and put up the Stars and Stripes.
Comment 02 Jul 2015

That's one of my favorite plays of the game because #5 wants no part of trying to bring down Cardale.  "I'll just be over hear in case he gets away..."

Comment 20 May 2015
Upvote for defending the Stones . Saw them in '78 so now I look like Keith but without hair. Personally, I recommend Exile on Main Street. Anything with Mick Taylor, their best ever line up.
Comment 21 Mar 2015

I have my doubts about a Buckeye hoops victory, but a win would mean more Wilco, so they better win.

Comment 20 Mar 2015
Now I'm going to have this song stuck in my head all day, and I'm fine with that. Thanks!
Comment 19 Mar 2015
The more I read about D'Angelo being his own man, the less I'd be surprised that he'd stay another year.