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Comment 26 May 2015

Skyline "Chili" isnt actually chili...  its alpo slathered onto a pile of spaghetti,  & they throw cinnamon,  beans & onions on top of it to cover up the flavor. 

Is it GOOD?  well,  I DO eat it.   But, It IS somehow self-deprecating to do so....

Comment 02 Jan 2015

The yankee thing...  I keep thinking back to that fat kid from Clemson last year,  who used the term yankee with an intense as if its intended to be slanderous.   Anyway,  I can appreciate smack talkin among friend,  but when its from someone you dont know...  thats not always easy to do.     But,  I can appreciate Hoss & Lawtide manning up...

But BamaReed?   CRY BABY... I cant go on... booooo hoooo...   *grin*   I love it.

Comment 06 Nov 2013

This has to be the coolest one-liner I've read.....

Michigan arrogance is a resistant bacteria that no amount of humiliation can exterminate.



Comment 06 Feb 2013

What a schmuck...

But, I'm pretty sure thats something buckeye fans did to Stefon Diggs,  when he spurned us...


Anyway,  BOOYAH!   Welcome Home, Zeke!

Comment 10 Dec 2012

Gonna miss seeing you wearing Scarlet & Grey,  BUT,  I want to thank you for giving your all,  each & every down... & want to wish you nothing but the best,  as you continue your journey.

Comment 30 Nov 2012

Hmm,  as I read Drew's replies,  he certainly replies in a poised manner.  The content is intelligent & is already showing leadership capabilities.

Comment 16 Nov 2012

Thats pretty good,  but I thought they were talking about bielma or barbrady...  huh,  same difference.

Comment 15 Nov 2012

Bielmuh = fathead...  i hope he crawls back into whatever packing crate, he came from.

Can, Not, Stand, That, Guy!