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Comment 25 Nov 2015
  • Woody16111 is having nightmares leading into this one.
  • I've been up there, it's a disaster area, strange things happen as the game goes along. It's an awkward atmosphere. 
  • The BigMo is huge in this series. I expect TTUN to come out on fire, and play way above their heads for the first quarter and a half. 
  • The Bucks have to withstand that wave, energy from the crowd, hyped adrenaline from the the opposing team. 
  • Don't worry, OSU coaches, if the game is tight, don't try to find the ONE explosive play by getting too cute. Just pound the freaking ball down their throat. 
  • Defense, don't just hit em' hard, dammit hit TROUGH the opponent. Knock them down and drive them into the ground.
  • Then, when the time is right, and they are crashing from their high, be ready to strike, take advantage, play hard and flip the BigMo.
  • But don't let up, don't let the rat weasels back into it. Keep hitting them, keep pounding the ball. Strategically strike them down and pick them apart.
  • This is the biggest game of the year, the biggest single game in sports. 
  • I still am very nervous, I have confidence in our guys, but the writing might just be on the wall for a bad outcome.
  • So, only one thing left, prove me wrong. Take the prize, stun the world. Silence the crowd. 
Comment 22 Nov 2015

To your second point -

  • Clearly the QB situation was botched. 
  • I think Urban, like every other coach at any level for the entire history of football, fell in love with the big arm of Jones and didn't take into account other factors.
  • In the end, neither QB got comfortable because the coaches tried to get cute with a silly rotation, that EVERYONE said wouldn't work
  • Then the team captain QB got a DUI - that never helps.
  • And the play calling has sucked, bad, all year. Never a solid complete game by the offense. It's like the offense needed a C-PAP machine all year.
  • Don't forget the wide receiver unit has been decimated by  graduation, and injury. 
  • In the end, and I was and remain a JT guy, the problem wasn't playing Jones, it was trying to get cute with the position and not understanding how to use the talents of the offense around his game. Had JT started all season, we still would be saying the same thing about the offense. 
  • This entire mess is on the coaches, IMHO
Comment 22 Nov 2015
  • I'm just glad the Browns are not playing today. 
  • I have a hard time coming to grips that the coaches lost track of Zeke. 8 carries on the 1st TD drive and only 4 after ? That is crazy. Didn't someone say to Urban or Beck "hey what is going on here ?" and if so why the hell did they feel running JT draws was more effective ?
  • All year long I have kept saying "This will be the game the offense comes alive" and it's never happened. Next week is going to be a s.hi.t show if this type of play calling continues.
  • As Zeke said, Ohio State gets too cute at times and forgets what works - Zeke works and that should be the focus on the field.
  • It's time we start to shorten the game, and grind the clock. 
  • Ohio State doesn't have the outside weapons it did last year to be a quick strike offense. 
  • I hope everyone likes the Fiesta Bowl again, this time against Houston of all teams.
Comment 22 Nov 2015
  • I've been saying to myself every week "This is the week the offense gets going" and that has never happened to date.
  • The game against TTUN is going to be ugly. If the same script appears in AA next Saturday, as it has all season long, the Bucks will not win that game.
  • It's not so much that the play calling sucks, and it does, but at times things look good and it's rolling but then the coaches try to get too cute, as Zeke stated. 
  • Buckeyes wide receivers are decimated - this is causing a lot of problems. Noah Brown injury is really holding this offense back. 
Comment 22 Nov 2015

"It's kind of something we've seen all season, honestly," Elliott said. "We'll have some momentum, we'll call plays that work and then we'll try to get away from it and try to get cute and run some other stuff."

  • THIS x100
  • I've felt this way all season and I'm glad someone finally said it. 
Comment 15 Nov 2015
  • Bucks can handle ND - lines on both sides of the ball would give the Irish fits and I don't think they could contain Zeke at all. 
  • Clemson would be 50/50, honestly. Their QB is a dangerous player and the Bucks aggressive D could get out of position easily by losing contain opening us up for some big plays. 
  • I don't think at this point Ohio State beats Bama. The Bucks don't have enough WR talent to get downfield separation and the O line isn't protecting the pocket enough either. 
  • My outlook could change over the next three games, as it did last year about this time. 
Comment 06 Nov 2015
Pay attention to #4 on your list. I don't think the voters will count ND as in the ACC. If the Irish win out, and Clemson is the ACC Champ, somebody big is getting left out and I think that somebody is either a one loss SEC champ or any Big 12, regardless of record.
Comment 06 Nov 2015

In Monday’s presser Urban said he was still debating whether or not J.T. Barrett should still be a captain. Would he still be a captain on your team? Why or why not?

  • I would take the Les Miles approach on this issue and let the team decide. The team selects the captain so they should have final say on those matters. As a coach, I would certainly address the issue of OVI and being responsible and following the law. (I know that last point might be laughable to the younger generation.)

Though a one-game suspension is clearly the benchmark nationally for an OVI, what’s your take on Urban’s handling of the situation from a discipline standpoint which also included potential summer aid forfeiture? Did Meyer make the right call? Any chance he tacks on an additional game?

  • I don't see how Coach could have handled it any better, knowing what we know to be the complete story. I think Meyer made the right call, and he didn't mess around. The decisions were quick and direct without a lot of confusion. I don't think I agree with the scholarship loss at this point. Maybe eventually or certainly on a subsequent offense that should be on the table. The only chance an additional game gets tacked on in my opinion is if some other development surface or some attitude problem from J.T.

With Barrett on the shelf, Cardale Jones is back in as the starter and faces the league’s 6th best pass defense yielding 176 yards per game. What kind of outing can we expect from Cardale?

  •  There is this voice in my head that says we will see the free wheeling Cardale from last year. Maybe it's the thought of being at this game and simply getting excited to cheer uncontrollably at a rout in the Horseshoe. Whatever it is, I think this Ohio State team has found it's stride and is in that "November State of Mind" with a championship in sight.

When Ohio State enters the red zone on Saturday night it could very well mean Braxton Miller lines up at quarterback. What’s your take on Miller as the temporary red zone QB? Will it happen? If so, what might we expect? Any chance Braxton throws a couple passes?

  • If Miller at QB helps this squad win the game and score points, I'm all for it. However, based on my answer above I don't think this will be an issue. I think Cardale comes out on fire, and the team now in championship mode, hammers down on the gas peddle. In the event that doesn't happen, and the offense sputters under Jones, as it did earlier, I think Braxton will be the key player, in this game, to pull of the win. I don't see him throwing a pass during this game. I think that trick will come out in two or three weeks.
Comment 06 Nov 2015
  • Paul Brown didn't take any crap from anybody. Jim Brown only knew how to give crap to everyone, including in the form hurling closed fists towards women.
Comment 06 Nov 2015
  • I have a pretty good job, and know how to manage money. You will never see me pay over $200 for a football ticket. Never going to happen. 
Comment 02 Nov 2015
  • {In my best  Jack Clark voice} .... Todays' password is Bursar
  • Speaking of Bursar's Office - I had instant flashbacks to those long lines waiting for your "REFUND CHECK" that we never thought about paying back after graduation. The extra couple of hundred went straight to the Cornerstone Bar Friday "Drink & Drown"
  • Remember, for every Duran Carter/Louis Irizarry there are one hundred Joe Burger's in the world
  • I'm still at a loss on why Minnesota didn't kick the field goal, especially when they wasted 15 seconds trying to call a play before taking their last timeout.
  • You know, J.T. could have randomly dialed any Campus phone number and said " Hey, this is JT, I need a ride"  and the guy on the other end would have picked him up - no questions.
  • I would put the top three on the Big Ten up against the top three in any conference and feel good that OSU, MSU and Iowa would all win.
  • Is the new Minnesota coach the same guy who was eating a Dilly Bar on the side lines last year ?
Comment 29 Oct 2015
  • I will be watching WVU Vs. TCU but UNC/Pitt is a bigger game 
  • UNC or Pitt should be the Coastal rep in the ACC Title game vs. Clemson, most likely. I like Narduzzi and his defense schemes against Clemson in December over UNC. 
  • WVU / TCU I think has the potential for an upset tonight. I think WVU has one BIG game in the tank and this could be it, even though its on the road. 
  • What does it say when Notre Dame Vs. Temple is the game of the week ? It says Ohio State must be on a bye. 
  • Upset of the week, for Big Ten - I'm picking Minnesota to win the Little Brown Jug again this year. 
Comment 29 Oct 2015

Caller noted he spends every day listening to sports radio. Urban: "I'd rather step on rusty nail [than listen or talk on sports radio]."

On Nick Vannett's lack of touchdowns: "It's not like we're saying, 'Don't throw it to him.'" They're trying to spread it around as much as he can, but the two-tight end formations will continue.

  • I think you will see TE production increase during November due to J.T. getting a lot of attention. 

Urban Meyer: "I don't think Rutgers crossed the 40 until the end of the game."

Comment 26 Oct 2015
  • Nobody traveled in the Old Big East Conference. Poor bastard, tough learning new lessons at 70.
Comment 26 Oct 2015
  • Good thing there wasn't an on-side kick recovery or they would have gone plaid.
Comment 26 Oct 2015
  • Mack Brown's coaching career boils down to one name - Vince Young.
  • With that point in mind, Mack started Chance Mock over Vince Young.
  • The point of all of this, I don't think Mack Brown was a very good coach to begin with. Texas had everything and was the only game in town. Baylor was a joke, TCU was in the Mountain West.
Comment 26 Oct 2015
  • The Rutgers cannon crew looked like the revolutionary era version of these guys