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Comment 19 Oct 2016
  • DaeSean Hamilton doesn't support Harambe 
  • A Penn State grad is still a bit underqualified to be a gas station attendant 
  • They say that when you bottom out there's nowhere to go but up, but I have confidence in PSU's ability to stay stagnant where they are
  • Hey Kyle Kalis, give me a call before you stop by so I can polish up the national championship trophy for you
  • Is there anymore of a pathetic excuse for a college football head coach than Brian Kelly?
Comment 17 Oct 2016

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Eat shit, Ric Flair.

  • This is epic, "Mic Drop" - could have been the entire Skully with one point. 
  • And yes, Ric Flair can eat a big ole' shit burger 
  • The thing about being a 16xWorld's Champ is you lost it 15 times. Sort of like his ex-wives. 

But then I harkened back to Socrates' 2008 declaration:

"You're a first-half team! We're a fourth-quarter team!"

  • 9/23/2006 - The look on JoPa's face right before he starts running, while pacing on the sidelines, says it all. This was a textbook "Southwest Airlines - Wanna get away" moment
Comment 16 Oct 2016
  • Lack of an effective vertical attack on offense will hunt this team towards the end of the season, especially come playoff time if the Bucks are fortunate enough to make the playoff.
  • It's a young team, there are lots of swings but with Coach Meyer I like my chances every time, record speaks for itself.
  • I honestly think Wisconsin came out on fire due to their bye week. Ohio State is going to have to deal with the same  next week, but thankfully a much less talented team. 
  • Everyone is going to give us their best shot, and the squad has to be ready for that from the get go. You can overcome it just based on raw talent most of the time but when Michigan and the playoffs/bowl teams come around, and the talent is virtually even you will get burned.
  • This is the lessons that a young team needs to learn, and I know they are because this is the best coaching staff in the conference and perhaps the country. 
  • The D only looked off once in the second half, and gave up a TD while getting gashed up the middle. Concerned but not worried. 
Comment 11 Oct 2016
  • I went down to my favorite bar in Ironton, Ohio last night to watch the Tribe game. 
  • We ran four deep all night in the city on the river, drank dry Boomer's Bar & Grille and met up with some ladies from Kentucky to cap the night off.
  • Ended up sleeping in a spare trailer in Meads, Kentucky but it was worth it.
  • HUUUUGE week ahead for Buckeye Football! 
Comment 03 Oct 2016

Does an undefeated PAC-12 Champ get in the playoffs?

Why wouldn't they?  I don't see a 1-loss CC leaping over them.

  • Some of the talking heads were suggesting that the PAC-12 is a weak league and might be on the outside looking in, even with an undefeated champ. The conversation ended with they would get in, and I, like you, would agree. I think if you have an undefeated champ of the Big 5 (ACC, SEC, Big 10, Big 12 & PAC 12) you get in the playoffs. Though it would be interesting if all five did in one year, who gets left out. Maybe that is what will be needed to spark an 8 team playoff?
Comment 01 Oct 2016
  • After a number of 3 loss seasons pressure started to mount on Coach Bruce. Many wanted him fired. But as long as Woody Hayes was still alive, Earle wasn't going anywhere.
  • The OSU administration complained that Earle was too casual on the sidelines during games. He didn't look like a head coach, not professional.
  • So, Coach Bruce decided not only would he "dress up" but he would wear his Sunday Best.
  • Can't remember the year, but Coach Bruce began to wear a suit coat, tie and the signature fedora to placate the OSU Admin. 
  • The fedora was in some respects a "screw you" to the stiffs in charge, and I love that he wore it today.
  • At the end of the day, the pencil pushers who drove him out, OSU President Ed Jennings et al. are watching as he dots the "I" in Ohio Stadium, almost 30 years later.
  • God Bless you Coach Bruce, last laugh is with you. GO BUCKS!
Comment 15 Sep 2016
  • I think the key to this game is in the trenches. 
  • If OSU can get pressure w/ 4 guys OK going to be hurting
  • If OSU can man handle and run the ball OK going to be hurting
  • I don't want a shootout, though I think some points will be scored
  • I was concerned about our D Line but less so now - though this game is a major upgrade in talent
  • A month ago I pegged this game as an L - now I think it's a coin flip
  • Not sure what to expect but I like Earle Bruce's motto when playing on the road, "Nothing like a quick 14 to quit the stands" 
Comment 13 Sep 2016
  • Dripping with talent from one position to the next - OSU is primed for a run at a dynasty.
  • Win or lose in Norman, these guys are good and if they stay the course championships will follow.
  • I'm more optimistic about this game than a month ago primarily because of D & O line play.
  • If OSU wins in the trenches, they win the game. OSU can't let Oklahoma sling it around and drop 30+ and expect to match them and pull out the win in a shootout. 
  • All in baby, all in