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Comment 7 hours ago

Brady Hoke (Michigan):

"We get to start Big Ten play this week and it's a new opportunity for all of us and it's exciting."

Translation: " We S^!T the bed so far, the conference sucks balls so maybe we have a chance. Anybody have an extra Coke?"

Comment 15 Sep 2014

The answer to this thread is simple - Offensive Line Development.

Had Braxton played Vs. VaTech I think Ohio State wins. But that O-Line play was so horrible & the coaches showed no ability to make proper adjustments, I'm not sure even Braxton could have pulled that win off.

The identity of this offense will be known when the O Line gels together. Until then, good luck.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

To be clear - I'm not suggesting a " White Wash " of news or some sort of cover up. I agree with you in part, " Reality is, they are just like the rest of society." 

It's in order to report the news/headlines. When a guy/gal gets arrested, report it, discuss how it could impact the team. All of that is in order on a pre-game show. What I don't like, and I want to be clear, is the " politicking" from various groups/people/associations.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

I respect and mostly agree with what Cris Carter had to say in that video clip.

Problem is, that isn't the forum for the speech/lecture. I'm sorry but I don't want a life lesson on right and wrong while I'm watching a NFL pre-game show. This is why I haven't watch a pre-game show or post game show in over 2 years.

Sports is an escape from the doom and gloom of the real world, at least it is for me. If ESPN wants to do a show on abuse to bring attention to something going on, then do it w/ another show. I'm tired of the politics and lecturing during sports. We can't escape it, if its the Redskins name debate, drugs, domestic violence whatever it is, I don't need to hear someone's agenda on a pre-game show. It doesn't matter if I agree with the person talking or not.

Sports in this country is not the place for political debates or personal agendas.

The problem in this country isn't what Roger Goodell did or didn't do, it's what parents are NOT doing, it's what society allows to be accepted as " okay " be it music, or rough language, sex, drugs - it's all of that first. And until that gets addressed there is nothing ESPN, Cris Carter or anybody else in sports media can do about it.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

As was said on the post game report Saturday - " I'm tired of all the SIZZLE ! It's time to start playing tough football."

I couldn't agree more.

P.S. - The smoke entrance has to go. That was a cryAMI thing from a generation ago, when they were winning. That program is not what Ohio State is about, and better never be about in the future. If the young men want to come out of a tunnel like that go to cryAMI.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

The way things look right now, if we got rid of the polls until October Ohio State wouldn't be ranked at all this season.

Right now Ohio State stinks. 

O-line is absolute garbage. QB is still finding himself, and looks lost at times. The Dline is a beast but the rest of the D is either a work in progress (LB's) or spotty at best (DBs)

Now enter the field goal kicker can't hit water from the beach.

As it stands now, this team has a long way to go and looks like 7 or 8 wins. I don't know what kind of stuff they are smoking at the Woody Hayes Complex but if this was our best effort, as Urban said we would see Vs. VaTech at Skull Session, and if this is the re-tooled D we have been waiting to see - these guys are clueless. 

I'm not one to say we should run this formation or scheme on way or another - I can't really complain about the play calling. To me, I can see what Ohio State wants to do, frustration is right now the players can't get it done and the coaches are basically lost trying to figure this out.

These things happen, as another poster on another site wrote. Granted, but that is like a freebie to this coaching staff, a mulligan. Might I add to this WELL PAID, highly touted coaching staff. The last 5 games or so, it seems we are always saying "This just happens" - I remember after the Cal game Urban said the Cal QB would be lighting a lot of teams up. Cal finished 1-11, and Goff only had one other game better than his Ohio State performance.

Why do I bring that up ? Because you can make an excuse for anything, especially in the moment. This coaching staff is really high on themselves and frankly I'm kinda getting tired of all the hype about these guys with little to nothing to show for it. I asked in another thread what was Urban's "Marquee" win at Ohio State. You wanna know what I got back in reply ? Michigan State from 2012 and Northwestern last year, that's it. Now, if you are the head coach at Purdue that might fly - not at Ohio State.

It's not like Ohio State hasn't had it's fair amount of BIG games either. The biggest - The Big Ten Title game and the Orange Bowl - the Buckeyes blew it. We haven't had a solid D since Urban's arrival, and the DB's have been awful, flat out awful. Sloppy tackling, out of position, over pursuit, you name it, and add some stuff I don't know about.

Now the O looks like junk, specifically the O Line. That was a SPECIFIC area of priority for Urban when he got here. He did take an O Line that was junk under Blubber Bollman and made it into one of the best Ohio State has ever seen, so let's hope by the end of the year that happens. But to take such a GIANT step backwards like this year w/  guys he recruited and who did get significant playing time last year is a mystery. 

Enough with the excuses. These guys aren't cutting it. Coaches will certainly earn their money this year.

SIDE NOTE: The Big Ten stinks and due to this mess yesterday, it is without a doubt the new ACC and in the eyes of the media it's the new Big East. 

Four teams from the 7 team SEC West are ranked in the TOP 10. Not Top 25, THE TOP 10. The entire Big Ten Conference, 14 teams strong - doesn't have ONE. 

Comment 07 Sep 2014

The O Line certainly needs to improve, its bad REALLY bad at this point and didn't get any better from week 1 to week 2. 

I suppose you can say the QB held the ball too long causing a couple of those sacks. I noticed though he was almost going down before he was hit - if your a QB you gotta be able to take some hand slaps and tugs on the jersey. 

It doesn't take much to get into a QB's head and if the O Line can't hold blitzes and guys are flying in unblocked the QB is going to develop happy feet and I think we saw some of that as well.

Finally, if #84 is a main target for more than 2 passes moving  forward the O Coordinator needs his head examined. That guy couldn't catch a cold last night. Most of the 6 targets his way were there for him to catch.

To the point Ohio State was "Out Coached" - I tend to agree. When a team consistently picks up 3rd & long like the Hokies did, you gotta look at the coaching. On offense, I don't think the coaches knew what they were working with as the game went along. Nothing was working - Ohio State couldn't run up the middle, they couldn't get protect the pocket and the WR's were dropping the few passes that were able to be thrown. 

In the end - that is on the players but the coaches on the offensive side have to find/make adjustments. 

Kent State shouldn't be a problem - but Cincy could be a problem, even though its a home game. 

Moving forward, any road game with this offense is going to be suspect. @Maryland is no longer a lock, unless these problems get figured out. @Michigan State is a loss at this point, and @Penn State is a toss up at best. I think, at this point with what I've seen in two games, Ohio State is a 3 or 4 loss team.

On a positive note, the D line is great, the DB's look to be improved but that isn't saying much from last year.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

One thing is certain - we can finally put to bed the narrative about the "Shoe at night" being a tough place to play. 

2005 -  "Texas hasn't seen a place like the Horseshoe at night" ... Ohio State lost 22-25

2009 - "Frosh QB in the shoe' at night, not going to work for USC this time" .... Ohio State lost 15-18

2014 - "VaTech hasn't played in front of a crowd like the Shoe' at night" ... Ohio State lost 21-35

Comment 06 Sep 2014

Three things I want to see today:

1. Chance of rain during prime tailgating hours today in Columbus - Wet T-Shirt contest would be nice. {Man I miss Hineygate}

2. Dontre Wilson with a gigantic punt return in the 4th quarter to seal the deal.

3. Ohio State D Line - 5 sacks and a pick. Silver Bullets are back baby !

Game is going to be a lot closer than I would like to see - 24-17 Buckeyes ! 

Comment 06 Sep 2014

Michigan State +11.5 is a monster bet; I'm pulling for another school from that cesspool state as well so I would actually take Michigan and the points; Something tells me tonight's game is going to be close, though it shouldn't, I think Ohio State giving 11 is a lot - I'm thinking tonight's score is low - 24-17. 

I really like that Akron bet as well, but something tells me PSU will start hot this year and then fade so I will avoid that trap.

Comment 04 Sep 2014

Basically Bert traded single digit losses in for double digit losses - in 13 games at Pig U he has lost 10 times and by double digits 7 times - 4, 12, 20, 45, 52, 18, 10, 7, 4, 24 (Last week Vs. Auburn)

Comment 03 Sep 2014

They sure did, and if you ask me WAY too much. My point is, just imagine what it would be w/ out the ad revenue ?