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Comment 23 hours ago

I'd love to figure out a system that does away with these silly polls.

It's not enough to win a game, it's not enough to cover the spread either - you gotta wax every team you play or hope others falter.

Beating a good Indiana team on the road by 7 is a pretty good win no matter how you shake it.

Allowing 30+ points against a middle of the road team doesn't matter so long as you put up 60+.

Somehow Bama' really sucked one week, Ole Miss was the second coming and two weeks later their roles switch.

Come on, enjoy the games.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Maybe he read Cardale Jone's twitter feed after going 18/27 and 245 yards and reading the reaction from what can only be described as an insane collection of idiots.

This young man is a junior in high school. I remember when I was a junior and after trying to figure out girls, I didn't have time to make a lot of sense on anything else. I changed my mind weekly on almost everything. I agree his parents might be playing a role but frankly, I don't blame him for keeping his options open for another year.

I do hope he picks the S&G at the end of the day, I have a feeling he will.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

End of the day, if Ohio State is 13-0 and wound up winning every game by one score or less, they still are #1 and going to the playoffs. Enjoy the games - especially with a win. Not every game is going to be 42-10. The Buckeyes have an 18 game winning streak, 25 game conference game regular season winning streak going and are the defending national champs. Life is good.

I think the AP , thus far, has the better rankings of the two out.

Comment 04 Oct 2015
  • The turnover issue reminds me of the defensive issues of 2013. Eventually they will catch up and cost you a game.
  • The play calling to start this game was bizzare. For a team that wants to come out quick and go 100mph, the Bucks were very conservative against a defense that isn't that good.
  • QB play is a head scratcher. The stats are not bad but watching the game you see over/under and otherwise bad throws. Timing seems an issue as well. 
  • The good news is this team has Ezekiel Elliott.
Comment 02 Oct 2015

The loss of Devin Smith as Cardale’s primary deep threat was a huge concern coming into the season and so far we’ve seen mixed results trying to replace his production. What are your thoughts on just how important a deep ball specialist is to the offense? Jalin Marshall and Curtis Samuel both got behind the defense last week. Do either of them strike your fancy? Can replacing Smith done by committee, if necessary?

  •  You have to be able to stretch the field vertically. You can't over state the importance of an offenses ability to not only go long (over 20 yards) but to also connect. This feature really puts the D on it's heels at certain points during the game. You can also open up the run game nicely or short underneath passes as well. I think both Marshall & Samuel can get the job done as a deep ball specialist, perhaps Jalin is the better option overall. In this situation I believe you can replace Smith by committee, and Marshall & Samuel are capable of doing that. I think as the season unfolds, you will see Jalin Marshall as the primary deep threat. Losing Noah Brown was huge in this regard but the Bucks are still in good shape depth wise. Now it's just a matter of getting everyone on the same page.
Comment 01 Oct 2015

Miami has a road game scheduled at Arkansas State in 2017 and at Toledo in 2018. Toledo!

Comment 01 Oct 2015

"You don't open your mouth around here unless you've earned it."

Land sakes, If everyone operated under this principal the world, especially the workplace, would be infinitely a better place.

Comment 01 Oct 2015
  • (In my best Jack Clark whisper voice) .... Today's password is "TOMBSTONING" 
  • I was a young Buck during the Ohio State/Notre Dame series, back when South Campus was on it's back nine of life but still the place to be. During an era when TUN bested our Buckeyes in every imaginable way possible, this was a shinning gem of the Cooper era. The campus area had a collective meltdown and legends were made on and off the field that night.
  • Bert Bielema is 11-18 at Arkansas (2-15 in the SEC) That makes me laugh out loud
  • Ask the Magic 8 Ball .... Will Texas Head Coach Charlie Strong survive past Halloween ? "WITHOUT A DOUBT"
Comment 01 Oct 2015

The Bucks are 6th nationally with 14 sacks (i.e. tackling the QB behind the line of scrimmage before he can throw a forward pass for those of you at the University of Nebraska) through 4 games.

This defensive line is pretty damn good right now, with some interior issues aside. At some point Bosa will unload, he is too talented to be held in check all season and when that happens this line is going to be down right nasty.

Comment 30 Sep 2015

As far as Braxton is concerned, I think the Bucks need to hit the pause button on the direct snap a.k.a. "Wildcat" packages, unless your going to actually have Miller hand off or throw it. It's getting a little predictable. 

Maybe more Jet Sweeps or screens would help ???

As for Indiana this week, I would try to shorten the game a bit. Keeping their offense off the field, at least early on, might help get them out of their comfort zone. 

Comment 30 Sep 2015

Interpreting "Coach Speak" ... 

Pat Fitzgerald (Northwestern)

 On the challenges of running the ball going forward, Fitzgerald said, "I think it's going to get harder in October, no question."

"We sure as hell can't pass the ball, so everyone knows what we are going to do. If we can't run, we are screwed."

Paul Cryst (Wisconsin)

Chryst on what quarterback Joel Stave has learned throughout his up-and-down career: "I think we all learn and grow from our experiences and Joel's experienced it all, I think. Who he is, his family, his character has helped him through it."

"It's a damn good thing he committed to a run first school. His Sunday's will be wide open next fall and beyond." 

Mike Riley (Nebraska)

Riley on the traveling fans Nebraska has: "I think that's kind of the Nebraska way. Our players are very appreciative of it."

"Have you ever been to Nebraska? What the hell else are these people going to do after the harvest comes in ? 

Randy Edsall (Maryland)

Edsall: "I've been very impressed watching Michigan on film this week. They're playing very, very well in all three phases."

"Look, we are up shit creek this week, not going to lie." 

Comment 30 Sep 2015

Dantonio later clarified he didn't have a visit policy, but rather a communication policy.

That's funny coming from a guy who looks like he is being waterboarded every time he talks - press conferences/halftime interviews you name it.

"I don't want to embarrass anybody in the whole situation, but communication is so important,” he said at that time. “And when you make a commitment to me, you've got to communicate. Doesn't mean things don't change, but you need to communicate in the process, so that everyone's on the same page. So when that communication didn't take place, we just went in a different direction."

Are you serious ?  Did he just break up with his girlfriend or something ?

Take some advice from Uncle Chopper Reid:

Comment 29 Sep 2015
  • I didn't know GameDay was still on the air ?*  The show is stale and the same routines are painfully predictable, not to mention the location choices. I hope Herbie doesn't have any pull at 11W because I might  get banned for this comment, but Desmond Howard is horrible. 
  • I'm not on the TUN bandwagon, but they will now be the "sexy" national pick. Their defense has been good for the past few years, this year they look a little better. Their game against Norhtwestern in a couple of weeks is going to be a good one, maybe Gameday will figure that one out ? 
  • Texas might just start 1-5 this year. I don't see how Charlie Strong survives, and it's a shame because I think he would work out if given a few years. Texas football is in a bad place, a place that so many of the big name programs have been in recent years. 
  •  * Italics added to indicate sarcasm - much like the old lady in Major League stated to Jake Taylor  she didn't know Cleveland still had a baseball team. Point being, both the Indians at that time and GameDay today is basically irrelevant. Just my opinion.
Comment 28 Sep 2015

Michigan will be the dark horse of the conference this year - and now will be the "sexy" pick for the national talking heads for the remainder of the year.

Comment 23 Sep 2015

[Hawai'i head coach Norm] Chow said Tuesday that he believes the Badgers are “probably a little more physical than Ohio State.”

Hey Norm, talk to Michael Brewer.

Comment 21 Sep 2015

I agree - stick with Cardale, at least through next week BUT, don't "bail" him out in the second if things aren't moving. Let him figure it out.

Second, I've heard people say that both Cardale & JT have similar skill sets and they have two very different skill sets, as you mention. I'm a bit confused because I see two guys that can both do the same things, but each a little better than the other on passing and running.  

Comment 21 Sep 2015

I tend to agree.

One thing JT had to deal with last year was the week to week grind as a starter. That requires a lot of adjustment, you have to do things differently sometimes in order to get the same result. The knock on JT though, was that when he faced more aggressive defenses, he didn't perform as well. Cardale is able to make plays that JT simply can not when under pressure. However, back to my first point, Cardale appears to be having some issues being THE guy week in and week out.

Western Michigan is no test, or shouldn't be a test. I say let Cardale start again but don't yank him. You can't have a guy feeling like the coach will bail him out. If it's 7-0 in the middle of the 2nd quarter, it's time for Jones to man up and get it done.

If the coaches are still not sold after next week, put JT in against Indiana. Not much of a test either, but it's on the road and it's a Big Ten team. Whatever the outcome, as I have said, it's got to be ONE QB, whoever at this point, and ride it out. 

Comment 21 Sep 2015

When you are the week to week starting QB you got to be ready, you have to be able to adjust and be able to accomplish the same thing but doing it differently.

When your role is the back up - you have to be ready to go on a moments notice and do it without the reps and practice with the starters.

Both guys are adjusting to their roles.

At some point, though, you gotta pick ONE QB and ride it out. Giving Jones a quarter and a half (as was the case the last two games) isn't going to work long term. Expecting JT to come in and spark the O w/ at most a quarter of play is just as counter productive.

Coach is trying to employ a two QB system without employing a two QB system. I'm not sure you can do that, and the early results seem to back that up.

I don't want to come across like this is easy, it's not. But the Buckeyes have two legit, Heisman caliber QB's who played lights out last year, and both are looking like the _ichigan QB. Maybe you can chalk some of this up to the coaching staff changes.? However I think the real issue is, neither one really knows what to expect, week in and week out and it shows.