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Comment 9 hours ago

I'm tired of hearing the praises of the SEC from the talking heads, I'm tired of seeing seeing 8 SEC teams ranked in the TOP 25. Those are a couple of reasons why I'd like to see the conference rebound.

Comment 13 hours ago
  • Harbaugh and Franklin, like it or not, need to be successful if this conference is going to rebound. On a note aside, if Illinois gets its act together, they can land a quality coach and staff. That program is just begging to break out. Not to mention the rebirth going on in Nebraska. The Big Ten still has a long way to go, but there are some positive signs ahead.
  • Speaking of Illinois, their odds are +20000, how about an over/under on average viewers per game this year?
  •  No password today, but "crowdsource" was a close call.
  •  I have Ohio State, Auburn, TCU and USC in the Playoff Four. I can't invasion the ACC Champ getting in, especially if its NOT Georgia Tech.
  •  This brings me to Baylor. Their future schedules are a complete joke, frankly an embarrassment for a so called Power Five team, especially one that feels they got screwed last year. Google "future college football schedules" and look up Baylor, I don't think they play more then one power five team for the next decade. Add to that a conference with no title game and both anchor programs down a bit in Texas and Oklahoma and I don't see how you put in a one loss Baylor into any playoff discussion.
Comment 31 Aug 2015
  • (In my best Jack Clark whisper voice) ... Today's password is Pigeonhole 
  • Teresa's boyfriend can catch his flag football team at noon and still make it to Ohio Stadium for the prime time game. 
  • The comparisons to 1969 are numerous, and that is what is keeping me up at night. Well that and trying to figure out why anybody would date a _ichigan fan?
  • I caught "Scarlet & Gray Days" on BTN this weekend. If the Buckeyes are as close when the camera's aren't on, Ohio State will be in good shape this season. 
  • Also, after watching "Scarlet & Gray Days" - Kerry Coombs has to be the highest octane guy in college sports. I bet Coombs could catch a Sail Fish with his bare hands. 
  • I'm convinced Teresa lost a bet - that is the only plausable explanation. 
Comment 30 Aug 2015

From my survey - More podcasts, a variety of podcasts - daily, weekly, w/ variety of formats. Live podcasts w/ callers - see Blog Talk Radio.

This site is the premier site on the internet for Ohio State sports.

Comment 29 Aug 2015

Good thread.

  • Totally agree Taylor Decker is the one player we can least afford to lose
  • Gibson could be the surprise player of the year
  • On the H back question - Marshall may be played more as a WR w/ the loss of Brown. That would open the door for Wilson to finally have the season we all want him to have. So, I will go Wilson but Samuel will be a force as well.
  • You want to win the National Championship every year, and it's why you play at Ohio State. But I think you got to keep things to what you can control. Win the Big Ten East and the Conference Title, that is the goal. After that, if the chips fall the Buckeyes way, as they should, and they are in the playoff, then go for the sausage!
  • I've been a big fan of Vonn Bell. This guy is going to be the best DB in the country this year, and I think 8 picks are in play.
  • I'm hoping for solid interior D Line play this year, I think Schutt gets it done and we won't be worrying by conference play. 
Comment 29 Aug 2015
  • I deposited my "Excellence Fund" at the Bier Stube 
  • Thanks for the 1998 flashbacks - MSU is a home game this year as well 
  • Malcom Jenkins = "Pay Forward" GO BUCKS!
  • One week from today ... Michigan will be 0-1
  • The Magic 8 Ball says - "Will Greg Schiano be the next Head Coach at Illinois ?" MOST LIKELY 
  • My two cents: Tommy Tuberville has weighed in on withholding cost of attendance money for academic, and rules violations. I say good for him, good for Bud Foster and sorta good for Gene Smith. Folks, there is no such thing as a free lunch. This is a paycheck for playing football. With that comes responsibility and accountability. Unless we can just deposit the money in a "excellence fund." 


"We are holding them accountable," Tuberville told ESPN.

Cincinnati said that the plan, which Tuberville has considered long before Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster made similar comments Wednesday, would be subject to an appeal.

Tuberville said "effort" -- in addressing off-the-field shortcomings, not athletic performance -- would be a factor in determining any withholdings.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Herbie showing more emotion then BuckNut, KillerNut, BigNut or SuperBuck Mr.BuckIGuy or whoever else dresses like a clown and brings dolls to games. 

Those guys only  heer when the camera is on them, and Herbie is supposed to be unbiased.

Herbie be ballin Buckeye!

Comment 27 Aug 2015

I'm no expert - my thoughts on VaTech after looking at this depth chart thread:

I start JT Barrett game one - with/ Brown out, no Marshall, Brown or Wilson I don't see a heavy vertical attack at all, which is Jones' strength. I suspect Nick Vannett will get plenty of targets, Baugh will have to step up, Samuel gets the load at H Back and Braxton is available as needed and as can contribute.

I also think this is going to be the Elliot show on the ground, 3 yards and a cloud of dust.

With that said, if any of that makes sense, VaTech might approach this game not in the Bear Front like last year, not with the O Line 1k x's better. I think they stick their 2x All American on Thomas, on and island (big gamble but so was stacking the box with 8 guys last year) then play underneath - I think they get an attack they could be used to, Georgia Tech style. No need to blitz just stay in the lanes.

I don't mean to make this sound easy for VaTech, OSU still has a stout D that will be HUGE in this game, but our O could get off to a slow start with so many skill position players in new roles.

Just my thoughts at 3:21 while sipping on a Guinness.  

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Just go back to Jackson/Germaine - or hell not even that far back Zwick/Smith. 

This situation is a bit different then the above two, in that 1. Urban is handling this the right way and most importantly 2. The players are handling this the right way.

I worry about a dual QB system and it's effects on the locker room and to a lesser but significant extent the fan base. No matter what anybody says, we all have our favorite guy. When the other guy has a mistake, the rest of us will be saying "QB X would have been a better option in that situation." 

Next thing you know, the season blows up.

The locker room is no different. There are two camps, as long as they feel it's a fair competition all will be okay, and with strong leadership at the top, and we have that as well.

Trying to get cute, and fancy is not a good option and one I hope this squad doesn't employ. 

I have a favorite, but I recognize that both are good, very good. I trust the coaches to make the right decision on the ONE guy. If they do employ a dual system, a true dual system, that will be the first time I won't understand a decision by this staff.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

I knew a guy at OSU who was a big Metallica fan - when they cut their hair I guess he totally lost his S^it. I will take Floyd over these guys any day but this song is good. 

Comment 27 Aug 2015
  • (in my best Jack Clark whisper voice) ... Today's password is Pavlovian
  • I feel sick for Noah Brown.
  • I'd like to offer up the Imperial Death March as the anthem for the 2015 Ohio State Buckeyes
  • Cost of attendance is not nor should be untouchable. Let's get real, it's a paycheck for playing sports, specifically football. If you screw up, or slack off, it's not the coaches fault, look in the mirror. This is the other side of the coin. If you want paid, if you want to act like college is the real world, then be prepared to be treated as such. On the flip side, we could re-purpose NFL salaries as "Cost of being Drafted" to eliminate excessive fines. I'm sure there is a DB in Seattle that might be all in on that one.
  • Early 2015 Football prediction: TP is gonna be the QB for the CLE by the end of 2015
  • Back to drinking in college, I found this note while surfing the internet for my wife's name on Ashley Madison: 
    • "To Steve Sarkisian, Happy Hour Will never be the same! Your buddy, Gary
  • From the WMD's - Anytime I read an article about football associated with the New York Times I peg it as part of the War on Football narrative. That article reminds me of the 80's when one week X product cured cancer and the next week it caused cancer. All of this is designed to scare parents and have their kids play soccer. 
  • Almost game week - GO BUCKS !