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Comment 04 Jul 2015

I posted this before, but I read on an auburn site that they plan on taking 8 DL this year.


Comment 04 Jul 2015

He has visited auburn I think 11 times (as someone said). Most aren't going to change CBs with this list IMO. 

Watch what a recruit does, not what he says.

Comment 02 Jul 2015

The best part about this is the bama fans lauding praise onto their staff for being "geniuses" and innovative for doing this.

here's a tip bama fans: if your coach was a boss, he would do that before catching an ass beating from a team

innovative and smart coaches study innovators and improve themselves pro-actively, not reactively. Just another reason why Meyer is the best coach in America.

Comment 01 Jul 2015

This is a recruiting message board. IMO this is a 100% legit thread for this board. 

As much as I would LOVE another thread about Gary or harbaugh, this thread works here IMO.

Comment 28 Jun 2015

If a guy like hall flips to any program (much less Maryland) that will be the most I have been disappointed in a recruit since I began following recruiting. The main reason would be because The guys that osu had to stop pursuing because he had a spot are extremely good prospects.

edit: I am and have been completely meh on Gary. Kid isn't coming to osu and folks thinking he might are (and have been) dreaming.

Comment 28 Jun 2015

I didn't even read most of this nonsense, but this thread really delivers.