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Comment 20 Jan 2017

Can I also just say that it's hilarious to me that these guys put in CBs and then make a "premium content" article about it....

$$ for a guess that can't be proven wrong or right for 2+ years.

good work if you can get it.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

SMH. Just looked at all 4 sites, 2 list dobbins at 5'9.5" and 2 list him at 5'10". Every site I just found listed zeke at 6'.

Since when isn't an actual pic "proof"? 

But really, If that pic doesn't prove to you that he is 3-4" taller, nothing anyone says is going to convince you.

cool link though. Good day to you.

Comment 14 Jan 2017

He is a 2018 kid from GA. I find it hard to believe that any northern school is a true "favorite" for him 13 months before he signs. Even if he commits somewhere. 

Osu has a 2017 secondary haul for the ages. Don't think that won't effect some recruits in the 2018 class.