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Comment 21 hours ago

Haha. Semantics I suppose. I don't follow recruits or players personally. As someone else in this thread said, if a recruit says something worthwhile, one of the OSU writers I follow will tell me.

Comment 30 Jan 2015

ANY AD gif will get an uv from me!

that is one of the most classic lines as well!

Comment 30 Jan 2015

They can only count back to last class if the last class was under 25. ie: if there were 23 in the last class, 2 EE's can count toward the last class.

Comment 30 Jan 2015

My thoughts: 

it's a bad idea to tweet 16-18 year old kids you don't know 100% of the time.

Comment 30 Jan 2015

Just a reminder to fellow posters.

gustin is deciding on Tuesday morning. Birm said this mailbag will be posted on Tuesday. Gustin questions will be answered before the mailbag is posted.

Comment 30 Jan 2015

That guy just does stuff to do it.

he CB'd a guy last year basically to troll another fanbase. Can't remember the recruit.

Comment 30 Jan 2015

I would normally agree, but all 5 of osu's DL recruits have the (realistic) potential to play DT.