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Comment 14 Oct 2014

How do you feel about Roundtree?  Are you and Birm on the same page?

Comment 08 Sep 2014

I can somewhat understand being initially caught off guard with the defense they brought .... but the lack of adjustments throughout the entire game is what bothers me most!  Herman never seemed to be able to get one step ahead.

Comment 07 Sep 2014
It seems to me that every "good" team the Buckeyes play, the defensive coordinator is always one step ahead of Herman. I have yet to see Herman com out and put a good defensive team on its heels. Where was the bubble screen tonight? Usually run it 10+ times. Mix in a screen? Do the Buckeyes even have a TE? I'm also getting very tired of Urban saying that "player x" just has to play. Rod Smith earned carries with that block? Kwon has to get in? Also why not give Johnnie Dixon a chance to run away from someone?
Comment 27 Aug 2014

I completely agree on the shock.  It looks like every other position the "OR" guy that is listed first will be the starter.  Seems like Cam Burrows will start over Vonn.  Shocked, injury time related I assume?

Comment 09 Aug 2014
Looks like Rod is going to get his chance with Zeke going down for some time. Let's hop he makes the best of it, we all know how talented he is.
Comment 31 Jul 2014
I live between Murfreesboro and Lebanon and work in Franklin. Definitely going to catch a Ravenwood game this fall. Glad to see Buckeyes well represented in the 615
Comment 08 Jul 2014

Very excited about Michael Thomas ... I am still on the fence as to Braxton's consistent passing ability.  I know he puts up big numbers but I want to see the big time throws made on a more consistent basis.  Especially with a lesser O-line in 2014 and possibly not being able to lean so heavily on the running game.  I really hope he can breakout and get the ball all over to all of these weapons.  

Comment 01 Jul 2014
Who is this DeAngelo Funches that says he and Jashon will be announcing tomorrow? Responding to some pro ND stuff. Can't find much about him? Lists the same top 5 as Jashon