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Comment 08 Mar 2016

Unfortunately I didn't try the beta, and my video game budget has significantly dwindled since the arrival of our 2nd, who will be 3 this summer...that said I end up playing the crap out of games I do have the chance to purchase.  Titanfall is old news and I it doesn't get the attention anymore.  I've been playing SW Battlefront and would love to talk Buckeye football with any of you if you play!

Comment 19 Jan 2016

I know this post was only intended to be funny...That said, I'm adopted, and how dare you compare me to Jim!!!  :-) 

Adoption is just one of those topics, that isn't a protected class, that can be hurtful, even though you didn't intend it.  My adopted mother couldn't have children.  That simple fact, blessed me with the opportunity to become a citizen of The United States of America.  I was born in South Korea, to a mother and father who were teenagers, out of wedlock. Just imagine the kind of life I would have had in Korea.  I came to America when I was just 3 months old, my mom was my mom, my dad was my dad.  It didn't matter that they were Caucasian and I wasn't.  I'm reminded every time I go to the doctor, or my children go to the doctor I'm adopted. Because when the doctors ask if there's history of "X" in your family, I don't know.  

Please know, I'm not trying to be an oversensitive whiner.  I'm just trying to share my experience and let you know that being adopted isn't so bad.  Thanks for thinking about it in the future!  Go Bucks!

Comment 15 Nov 2015

This write up, as usual, was spot on.  I have had some concerns around Tyvis lately,  dropped picks are going to happen from time to time; that's not what has been worrisome.  It's been his angles and tackling that have been concerning for me. Anyone else seeing this too?

Comment 06 Oct 2015

Tater, if you had cannibalistic tendencies...in what form would you consume your kind in? French Fry, Tater Tot, Hash Brown, Scalloped, Baked, or Twice Baked?