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Comment 19 Dec 2011

"Does anyone see him beating us more than every 4-5 years while Meyer is running the BIG?"

Nope, not likely.

Comment 19 Dec 2011

Considering we're losing Bollman and the coaching there should be much better now (I hope), I'll still consider that one a plus for next season.

Comment 16 Dec 2011

Agree, 100%. If I have to read another article in the future that features a quote from the opposing defense along the lines of, "We knew everything they were gonna run against us", I think I'll go postal.

Comment 16 Dec 2011

EXACTLY! Even Rich Rod had a pretty good track record before coming to Michigan. It was just going to take some time to get them up to speed with his system, recruiting his type of players. Unfortunately (for him, at least) time wasn't a premium he was given.

Now take Hoke....what the hell has HE done? Squadoosh! He was a mediocre 47-50 prior to his first season with Michigan. Now maybe he'll do better since he's at a better program, but even then I just can't see him holding a candle to Meyer. No way, no how. I think Michigan F-ed up BIG time with that hire. I can only hope they give him more time than Rodriguez had. It's time for a new 7-year streak!

Comment 16 Dec 2011

Haha! We can only hope they keep him around that long - or longer! ;)