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Comment 15 Sep 2014

I haven't heard anything official. I was assuming it'd be a 3:30 game just cause we already got a bunch of other night games.

Comment 13 Sep 2014

I have no problem with one or two of these types of games. The team had pretty tough start with Navy and Vtech back-to-back. I think they deserved a cupcake mixed in there. I always say that every game can't be a huge game. There has to be some balance to the schedule. I understand it's boring, but it gives the team a chance to work on a lot of things. These type of games are still interesting to me simply because you get to see a bunch of different players.

Comment 13 Sep 2014

Yeah even though it was a disappointing outcome, the game was close for pretty much the entire game. I can't believe the crowd wasn't louder. The fans gotta bring it too. People should be standing and making noise every time the opposing team's offense is out there. I'll never understand why so many people won't make any noise. 

Comment 11 Sep 2014

The hit on Ben in the first quarter was as clean as it gets. And then the penalty on the Steeler DB in the endzone was horrible too. Why don't they just call these penalties for what they really are: personal foul for hitting too hard. That's basically the direction they're going.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

I was more talking about a RB screen not WR screens. Let the WRs run the coverage deep and then dump it to the RB. We tried it once and it was wide open but JT just overthrew it a bit.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

If someone in the NFL does go broke, it's their own fault. They make more than enough money. Rice should already have enough money to live on for the rest of his life.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

It wouldn't shock me if Illinois knocked off Washington. Washington's looked horrible so far this year. Then again, everytime I think a B1G team has a good chance to win they end up getting embarassed. So who knows.

Comment 06 Sep 2014

Really...SC's AD comes down on the field to complain to officials. What a bunch of entitled crybabies.

Comment 06 Sep 2014

Honestly, I think you have to have to some cupcakes every once in awhile. Not every game needs to be a big game. It balances out the schedule. From a viewing perspective, it kind of sucks, but that's the way it is. Really what the TV networks need to do is space the games out better. They shouldn't put all the big games at night. They need to have a one or two at noon, then a couple at 3:30, and then a few in primetime.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

The only problem with that ranking philosophy is that no one knows yet how good SCAR & Clemson really are. I'd wish pollsters would have less of a knee jerk reaction to games. Not that it matters though this early. Just sayin'.

Comment 30 Aug 2014

Yeah, the regular ones are much better. Too much white and the gold doesn't seem to be the right shade.

Comment 30 Aug 2014

It wouldn't surprise me if OSU dropped either (not that it really matters this early) even though they did what they were supposed to do and covered the spread.

Comment 30 Aug 2014

It was the first game of the year with alot of new players. Chill.

Comment 30 Aug 2014

They did struggle but not for the whole game. I'm not sure why the media is acting like OSU barely survived. If Bama ends up winning by 25, are they gonna say Bama struggled too? Probably not.

Comment 21 Aug 2014

That's why sportscenter is unwatchable. They don't talk about sports. It's all about off the field stuff nowadays. When you spend an entire show talking about Manziel, twitter, and Nick Saban, there's really no reason to watch. It's the same topics every day. I don't know if I ever watched an episode of CFB live where Alabama wasn't talked about at some point.

Comment 05 Aug 2014

That's how I interpreted it too. You could easily substitute any conferences' bottom feeders and make the same argument he made.

Comment 04 Aug 2014

Spurrier's right...not because ECU might be better than Purdue but because CFB needs more diversity than just the power 5. The power 5 concept would NFL-ize CFB and I don't think that's a good direction to go. You'll start having 3-4 loss teams in the national championship, which I think is dumb because the regular season would no longer be as important. Some of those teams from crappier conferences are legitimately good teams too. There's no need to cut them out the picture.