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Comment 23 Nov 2014

Anyone that gives up roughly 60 points in a game isn't elite. I don't care how good the opposing offense was. TCU barely beat one of the worst teams in the Power 5 and Baylor lost by a couple TDs to a mediocre WVU team. Therefore, OSU should be ahead of them. At worst, they're equal with Baylor. There's no legit reason both Baylor & TCU should be ahead of them right now.

Comment 23 Nov 2014

I've seen some SEC folk complaining they aren't ranked. I understand they're playing well right now, but you can't just disregard half the damn season. They got 5 losses (no, it doesn't matter to me if some were close to good teams). They don't even deserve to be in the discussion of being ranked.

Comment 22 Nov 2014

I don't have a problem with running the clock out. It was such an ugly game that at some point you gotta just get it over with and take the win. I don't think winning by 22 vs. 15 would make much of a difference anyway. If scoring an extra TD in garbage time makes a difference for some pollsters than their ranking philosophies are idiotic.

Comment 20 Nov 2014

I'll never understand the love for a 16 team playoff. What you gain in potential postseason excitement, you lose in regular season excitement because the games aren't as meaningful. The regular season should serve as playoff elimination games, not games that decide what seed someone gets in a tournament. I'd rather have an incredible 3-4 month regular season than an incredible month-long postseason. That's why CFB is far better than CBB.  The regular season for CBB almost feels like preseason. It's just practice for the tourney, which IMO is dumb.

Comment 16 Nov 2014

How 'bout we rank teams based on how good they look during the season instead of who has the best loss? I think looking at a team's wins would be more indicative of how good they really are rather than trying to compare losses. Why? Cause the loss is just one game.  Weird stuff happens sometimes. Shouldn't the other 8-9 games carry more weight in forming an opinion about a team? 

Comment 16 Nov 2014

I still think OSU is better than ASU, Baylor, and TCU. I'd put them 5th right now.

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Comment 15 Nov 2014

That was a fumble. Sick of this team pulling shit out at the very end.

Comment 12 Nov 2014

Honestly, I think getting crushed by a top 10 team (and no UCLA is not a top 10 team) is just the same as losing a close game to an unranked team. They're both ugly. I don't know where this belief came along where as long as you play top 10 teams, it doesn't matter what happens in the game. SOS only matters if you actually win the games. I think teams get way too much credit for losing to ranked teams.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

Agreed. It really sucks knowing that playing one awful game can ruin your season, but at the same time that's what separates CFB from all other sports. Every game matters. Even if you're playing a bad team, you better come to play cause a loss could end your championship hopes.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

Auburn should not be in the top 10. I'm not really sure how good K-State actually is and Auburn probably should have lost that game. They were also lucky to beat Ole Miss. Then they lose at home to a pretty bad A&M team who struggled to beat ULM and got taken apart by Bama. They just don't seem like a top 10 team to me. I'd actually put Ole Miss ahead of them even though they lost to Auburn, given the circumstances of the loss and since Ole Miss has a win over Bama.

Comment 08 Nov 2014

The problem is that people put way too much stock in the "resume". Just because a team has a bad resume, it doesn't mean they can't be one of the best teams in the country. It's not other teams' fault they don't get 4-5 games against ranked teams like SEC teams do. I feel like the committee puts too much value on playing ranked teams. It's almost like you're better off losing to a ranked team than beating an unranked team, which I think is totally stupid. # of wins should be the most important thing.

Comment 08 Nov 2014

And then people will clamor for LSU to pass OSU, even if OSU wins tonight. That's why I hate the SEC. You can never get ahead of them. One team gets upset, then the team that pulled the upset replaces the loser in the rankings. It's impossible to stay above SEC teams unless you go undefeated.

Comment 06 Nov 2014

I still think it's totally idiotic having Ole Miss at 11. It shouldn't matter who they lost to or by how much. Bottom line a 2 loss team should never be ahead of a 1 loss team. SOS is irrelevant at that point. Whatever though, this saturday is all that really matters.

Comment 04 Nov 2014

A few football related items:

1.The FG range line that ESPN uses during broadcasts. Really, do we need to know when someone's in FG range in the first quarter? Who cares?

2.Also, the resume thing that pops up nonstop on pretty much any sports talk show these days. Just gets really annoying seeing it pop up constantly. If people want to know an analyst's back history, can't they google it themselves? Do we need that information forced upon us nonstop?

3.The media and, particularly, ESPN's obsession with predictions. It just feels like a big waste of time. ESPN's been filling time by predicting the playoff since the beginning of the season. Wouldn't it be better until... I don't know, maybe the end of the season to discuss this?