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Comment 16 Jun 2015

I think it's going to be a tough game (3rd toughest on the schedule IMO). If it was at the Shoe in October/November, I'd say it would be a different story. It's harder to predict what will happen in week 1 cause teams come out rusty.

Comment 22 May 2015

UNC's gotta be the dirtiest school in college athletics. They've been doing shady shit for years without much coming from it. I hope they get hammered. The funny thing is that, despite all the cheating, their football program's been terrible and the basketball program's just been decent. It's not like they're winning championships left and right.

Comment 03 May 2015

I don't think they'd have a rematch since Floyd clearly won. Not nearly as many people would buy it the second time around because it would just be more of the same. Floyd's a defensive wizard, but his fights certainly aren't going to make people jump out of their seats from excitement.

Comment 21 Apr 2015

Does anyone know what the official transfer deadline is? I thought it was already over and done with.

Comment 17 Apr 2015

My hatred towards twitter solely stems from ESPN, and the media in general, constantly referencing it. If they never talked about it, I probably wouldn't hate it as much. It can be entertaining in moderation.

Comment 07 Apr 2015

So basically it's guaranteed to be a rematch. Seems kinda dumb. I've always been of the belief that conference title games should only happen if the teams never played earlier in the year. If it would be rematch, the team that won the regular season game should just be crowned champ IMO.

Comment 23 Mar 2015

I wish they'd do one or two non conference games scattered throughout Oct. or Nov. I feel like that would make the weather more of a factor. Doing a home and home with an SEC team in early Sept isn't really going to change the environment much.

Comment 15 Mar 2015

Basketball's harder to win once you're in simply cause there's so many games to play, but football's much harder in terms of just making the playoff. You have to be great pretty much all season which can't be said for basketball. I'd say football is much better at determining a true champ because you have to be great for a longer period of time. For CBB you really just have to be great for one month.

Comment 05 Feb 2015

I always liked having the NCG on a Monday just cause there's never anything else going on that day. I know I'll be able to watch it. I don't really care about casual fans anyways. They're the ones that could potentially ruin the sport (i.e. expanding the postseason solely to appeal to a bigger audience, even though said audience can't grasp how significant the regular season is to the sport). I agree though the semis should always be on New Year's, even on Sundays (make the NFL move).

Comment 16 Jan 2015

This also doesn't justify expanding the playoffs to 8. They didn't win their conference outright so they have no legit beef. How can you be the national champ if you're not the Big 12 champ? I hope the playoffs aren't expanded just to satisfy the fanbase that ends up at No. 5. That's not a good reason to me. The bottom line is it's their own fault for not getting in, not the committee. They screwed themselves.

Comment 07 Jan 2015

We already have something that mimics the first round or two of an 8 or 16 team playoff. It's called the regular season. No need to expand beyond 4 teams. I'd rather one team get "left out" every single year than let in a bunch of undeserving teams. With an 8 or 16 team playoff, you really risk losing the significance of the marquee regular season games. Those games basically serve as elimination games right now and under a bigger playoff they'd be more about determining what seed a team got rather than being outright elimination games. I really see no reason to expand.

Comment 31 Dec 2014

They didn't win their conference outright so they had no legit beef anyways.

Comment 27 Dec 2014

Well the BS calls have already started

Comment 27 Dec 2014

dumb move not letting that be the last play

Comment 22 Dec 2014

I agree with you. I appreciate the optimism, but this game will be more difficult than a lot fans seems to be expecting. I'm not expecting a loss at all, but I also try to be realistic. The Bucks will probably have to play a near perfect game, which is very possible.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

The NFL regular season (like pretty much all sports other than CFB) doesn't really mean that much so it's hard for me to care. You just have to be a half decent team and sneak into the playoffs and then anything can happen. There's not as much of a disparity among the teams like there is in college which I think actually makes the NFL more boring. The champ in CFB truly feels like the champ which is not always the case in most other sports (was UCONN really the best team in CBB last year; I think not).